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    Mi Magia – Miquel Roman
    – Con este producto reciben de regalo God’s Creation del mismo autor.

    Todo lo que encontrarás en Mi Magia, ha sido pensado al detalle, para hacerte crecer como Artista, darte una visión de la Magia como Arte y tal vez cambiará por completo tu Vida. En Mi Magia encontrarás todo lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre este Arte, desde cómo aprender una cantidad de técnicas que te permitirán crear asombro, pasando por teoría mágica avanzada (nunca antes publicada), así como juegos ya preparados para dejar a todos boquiabiertos. Por último, encontrarás un amplio apartado donde me he encargado personalmente de darle la forma perfecta para tratar uno de los temas más complicados que existen en la magia, algo que marca la diferencia entre un mago normal y corriente, y un mago que hace Arte con su magia.

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  • Magia Para Enamorar

    Image result for Magia para enamorar

    Hoy te enseñaré un increíble truco de magia para enamorar. Es una bonita historia de amor donde buscaré a mi otra media naranja. Un truco con el que te aseguro un gran éxito. Ahora podrás enamorar al chico o la chica que te guste con este increíble truco de magia

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  • Paul Brook LIVE

    Image result for Paul Brook - Penguin Live

    What will he teach?

    Brook Test
    An any word ‘book test’ with the added twist that the book is genuinely borrowed.
    Pen Game
    A simple game with a ball-point pen demonstrates that maybe not all of your choices are as free as you might think.

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  • Apollo Ascending- Apollo Riego

    Apollo Ascending von Apollo Riego

    Levitation effects are one of the most powerful things you can ever perform.
    What if there was a practical way to levitate a signed card?

    *No Threads
    *No Magnets
    *Perform anytime and anywhere

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  • Valentine’s Day by SansMinds

    Image result for SansMinds – Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is Finally here! 

    To help you celebrate, we want to give you a free trick that you can do for any of your loved ones.

    Show how much you care by drawing a heart for your love and then instantly make it more colorful and personal.

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  • Series of Unfortunate Effects by Chris Mayhew

    Dealing with a mix of wacky personalities, including eccentric magicians and crazed card collectors, Chris and Ben go on a quest to learn the real secrets of magic.

    After witnessing an amazing magic trick performed by the world-famous Lee Asher, Chris enlists his friend Ben’s help to discover the secret.

    They soon discover though that learning the secrets to magic aren’t as easy as they once thought. Chris and Ben need to help Lee find something he’s looking for before he’ll share the secret with them. In order to do that they have to go through magicians Jeff Hinchliffe, Glenn West, and Chris Westfall, while avoiding destruction at the hands of crazed card collector Bill Abbott on a wild adventure filled with laughs and great card tricks.

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  • LINKCLIP by Steve Marchello

    ere’s a great way to magically link paper clips together and mesmerize your audience!

    Use ordinary, borrowed paper clips. Instantly and visually, link them together!

    You can perform anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.

    Simple and completely impromptu!

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