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  • David Regal – Perfectly Oiled

    Imagine doing an oil and water routine where the red cards are genuinely interlaced between the black cards before they separate. Now imagine that the black cards and the red cards have different colored backs. Now imagine it uses no gaffs and very simple sleight of hand. Now stop imagining because this is Perfectly Oiled.

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  • Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) – Intense

    10 cards are shown to a spectator with the instruction to mentally select ANY card.

    You make a prediction and then ask the spectator what card they are merely thinking of.

    You lay the cards out one by one and their selection is missing! For the KILLER ending, when you turn over your prediction, it is completely BLANK.

    – Very easy to do;
    – No sleight of hand;
    – Self-working;
    – Resets in seconds;
    – Can be a different outcome each time.

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  • Lee Earle LIVE

    Depending upon your point of view, Lee Earle is either Mentalism’s Johnny Appleseed, Pied Piper or Don Quixote. Lee refuses to applaud mediocrity. He rails at it. In his earlier magical incarnation, he convinced the Arizona driver licensing authorities that his middle name was the “Five of Spades” so that he could include it on his license and use it for card revelations. Lee has the temerity to comment on the magic condition without apology. To some, Lee reminds of a red-headed Max Maven or a beardless Eugene Burger. Each would be offended by the comparisons.

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  • Pablo Amira – At The Table Lecture Dec 2019

    At The Table - December 2019 - magic

    First up this month all the way from Chile, Pablo Amira brings his powerful mentalism At The Table. Not only is he a mentalist, but he’s also a psychologist, a creative consultant, and an author of several books and best-selling effects. He’s been passionately creating and performing for well over a decade, and hosts psychology workshops that teach people mentalism to help communicate their message. In this lecture, Pablo offers highly practical close-up mentalism routines that help illustrate the real secrets behind powerful performances. Applying these secrets will help you achieve more effective and compelling mystery routines for your audiences. You’ll learn routines with business cards, Rubik’s Cubes, phones, keys, playing cards, dice and even one you can do completely prop-less.

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  • Yarden Aviv – The Blue Illusion


    A BLUE Bicycle card box is picked up off your table. It is shown to your audience in the fairest possible manner; no cover of any kind.

    The box is opened, and a RED deck is slid halfway out. With just a wave, the ENTIRE BOX VISUALLY changes color to RED.

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  • Dani DaOrtiz LIVE 2

    “Simply super strong magic full of surprises!” – Juan Tamariz

    “His display of freedom and ease with a deck of cards creates a spirit of wonder every magician should strive to achieve.” – Dan and Dave Buck

    “His casual style disguises his deep understanding of fundamental magic principles and applied psychology. Any student of magic, at any level would do well to pay close attention.” – David Williamson
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  • Arnel Renegado – Inktious

    Image result for Arnel Renegado - Inktious

    A moving ink like never before, imagine you ask your spectator to select a card and write a mark together with their signature, and with a wave or blow their signature and a mark jumped into the other corner, The secret is in your hand learn it now!

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