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  • Greg Wilson Living Room Lecture 2020

    Greg Wilson Living Room Lecture

    In this highly anticipated upcoming Live Event, creator and performer Gregory Wilson shares his outrageously entertaining and astonishing ‘on the spot’ impromptu magic.

    Size : 875 MB
    Link : NFO
    Download : UPLOADGiG

  • Intersection by Hondo

    With Hondo’s Intersection, you can make one playing card melting through the other card or a borrowed bill magically. In the end, you can leave audience all the objects as the souvenirs. Intersection is so perfect for both live performance and stunning your friends on social medias!

    You will not only learn 2 different versions of Intersection (Card thru card or bill), but also learn how to re-build the gimmick by yourself with the extra materials included when it gets old and damaged by repeatedly using. Hondo will teach you everything details!

    Size : 329 MB
    Link : NFO
    Download : UPLOADGiG

  • The Pain Game by Jon Allen

    THE PAIN GAME is THE absolute 100% safe way to perform a Russian Roulette routine. Forget the horror stories and videos of people stabbing themselves on nails, knives, and other sharp objects. When performing THE PAIN GAME you will never run the risk of every doing the same thing. Why? Because the method and procedure are totally 100% safe.

    This is what happens: A six inch nail confirmed as being solid and indeed sharp. The nail is pushed through a hole in a block of wood so it stands upright. This is placed into a paper bag which is then closed and sealed. Three more identical bags are introduced. The bags are mixed up so nobody knows where the nail is hidden. An audience member selects a bag and you slam your hand down on it. This is repeated with a second and a third bag. The final bag is opened and the nail is revealed. Your hand lives to fight another day!


    Size : 490 MB
    Link : NFO
    Download : UPLOADGiG

  • Himitsu Magic – Clear Mystery – VIP

    I believe everyone has seen the classic building block puzzle magic. In this effect, the magician shows the building block puzzle and completes it piece by piece. But when the puzzle is completed, another piece of the block appears. And when the puzzle is completed again and the block appeared again, of course, magic. The puzzle is pieced together again! But what is incredible is not that the magician has a way to put the extra blocks into the original puzzle, but that this complete puzzle, which has been added with two blocks, can actually be put into the original box, which is not scientific! But Hush fans must break through and break through. Under this ancient and classic magic secret, Hush fans have done this a whole new way. You will no longer need to cover up and exhaust all kinds of methods to make the building blocks disappear (I believe this is in the magic circle — already a public secret). You can even show the box to the audience for inspection — it can’t be enlarged or reduced!
    Download Link . . .

  • Size Does Matter 2.0 by Juan Pablo Magic – VIP

    Size Does Matter 2.0 by Juan Pablo Magic

    In the last few decades Juan Pablo has been trying to find a way to change not only the value, but also the size of the bills.

    Now he found a way to do it adding multiple changes in the process.

    The result is: Size Does Matter 2.0 D.I.Y.

    Now you will be able to perform the classic Pat Page’s “Easy Money” with different size bills, and to do 3 changes with 1 gimmick!

    Imagine having small Monopoly bills and being able totransform their value and also their SIZE into one dollar bills! Then clearly show them, and instantly change them into one hundred dollar bills, showing each one of them! And if you want, you can go backwards in a more visual and instantaneous way as if everything had been an illusion!

    Includes a bonus video where he teaches Size Does Matter 1.0, where you can transform real Euro bills (or any currency with different size bills) by increasing the value and size of each one as well. Then, slowly and clearly go back to show that you can do it as many times as you wish!
    br>It’s a new method that is very easy to do, without angles. It resets in seconds and you can even bet small fake toy bills and transform them into real money!

    Download Link . . .

  • View To A Skill by John Bannon – VIP

    “This trick is going to fool you.” –John Bannon

    “View to a skill is my favorite self-working effect of all time! This is the perfect effect for a difficult audience. They shuffle, they deal, and they are astonished.” –Josh Burch

    John Bannon’s View To A Skill is a completely self-working fooler. No sleight of hand or gaffs are required for this effect that ends in a perfect prediction.

    A special game of War is proposed by the magician, with the audience member choosing whether they would like the red cards or the black cards. A prediction is written on the back of a business card and placed face down on the table openly before the game begins. After two rounds of the game, the prediction not only correctly predicted who would win each game but by exactly how many points they would win!

    John has revised the Stewart James Miraskill effect to require absolutely no sleight of hand. Once you learn this you’ll be able to do it forever from any shuffled deck.

    Download Link . . .

  • Nemo and Hansen Chien – E=MC

    E=MC2 by Nemo & Hanson Chien (5025)

    Change a bill into ANYTHING… at the speed of light.

    Nemo & Hanson Chien are known for stunning visuals and high quality gimmicks. After dominating the industry earlier this year with T-1000 it’s clear, they are unstoppable. E=MC² is their latest release.

    The ultimate bill transfiguration gimmick that can be used for:

    • Transpositions
    • Vanishes
    • Changes

    A QUICK LESSON E=MC² is the mass-energy equivalence by Albert Einstein. The most famous equation on planet earth. Put simply it states that anything having mass has an equivalent amount of energy and vice versa.

    But Nemo is using this ‘hook’ that everyone is familiar with to transfigure (or change) bills into their equal value in coins/candy/you name it.

    The change is open, motivated and INSTANT.

    Download Link . . .