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  • Build Your Own Illusions – (6 DVD Set) VIP

    First TIME in MAGIC history!
    No professional builder has ever shared his SECRET techniques…

    This 6 DVD set is a complete course in Illusion Building.
    Everything is explained in detail from expert Illusion builder Gerry Frenette!

    ALL of the information you need to know in order to build your own Illusions and box effects!

    • How to do everything from driving a screw to advanced building techniques in mechanics and engineering
    • How to get a great paint finish without spray equipment
    • How to build illusions right in your home (in a small space)
    • Complete video instructions building 3 illusion projects
    • Dozens of tips, ideas and techniques using proven, stage-tested measurements
    • What materials and tools to use
    • How to make your illusion as deceptive as possible
    • Everything you need to make SMALL stage props as well

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  • Jean Emmanuel Franzis – Le Souffle D’Eole

    DVD Le Souffle d'Eole

    Le Souffle d’Eole by Jean Emmanuel Franzis’

    Jean Emmanuel Franzis’ Le Souffle d’Eole

    Award winning:

    Championnat de France FFAP 2008

    Blackpool Convention 2009

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  • Impale by Jason Yu & Nicholas Lawrence

    Imagine having a sharpie marker gently touch a deck of cards, only to have it start sinking through the deck like a hot knife melting through butter. While your audience is in utter astonishment by the impossible visual, you pull the sharpie out and dump out the entire deck of cards from the tuck case. Everything can be examined by your spectator. Impale is a full illusion set that fits right in your pocket. Perform it anywhere, anytime.
    Gimmick Included.

    TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available from SansMinds.com only.

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  • Isolated by Kieron Johnson

    Isolated by Kieron Johnson - $4.99 : magicianpalace.com


    Object to impossible bottle is THE most talked about trick in magic. It sends audiences spinning.

    Dynamo did it with a phone, Jamie Grant became a staple of Ripley’s Believe it or not by putting a deck inside a bottle. Now Kieron Johnson is changing the industry by putting a signed rubiks cube in bottle.

    We’ll repeat that again. A spectator’s SIGNED rubiks cube to impossible bottle.

    Even with the power of 10,000 suns, it cannot be taken out. Let them shake, rattle or spin it to their heart’s content. It’s trapped for good.

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  • Ben Earl – Brilliant Basics – Week 1,2

    Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – Brilliant Basics – Week 1 (Video + pdf) – erdnasemagicstore

    This is the first week of a four week course on mastering fundamental card magic technique. Through six hours of online seminars, you will develop a deeper understanding of the basics and how to make all your card magic more deceptive. You will not only learn new sleight of hand techniques but new ways to apply and practice them. The ultimate goal is to inspire you, give you new tools and see the basics in brand new ways.

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  • Ben Earl – Flow Deal – Week 1,2

    Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – The Flow Deal

    • Classic positions
    • Flow Deal position
    • Natural transitions
    • Natural dealing
    • Second Deals (multiple styles)
    • Bottom Deals (multiple styles)
    • Timing
    • Psychology
    • Movement
    • Technical Drills
    • Gambling Demonstrations

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  • Ben Earl – New Theory Switching – Week 1,2

    Ben Earl – Deep Magic Seminars – New Theory Switching – Week 2 –  erdnasemagicstore

    This is the First and second week of a four week course in the art of invisibly switching cards for real people under real world conditions. Through six hours of online seminars you will learn a revolutionary system for integrating the Double Lift, the Top Change and the Second Deal into one fluid card switching system.

    You will not only learn more advanced techniques for the Double Lift and the Top Change but radical new ways to practice and integrate them. This system is designed to go under-the-radar—allowing you to switch cards invisibly in any environment.

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  • Greg Frewins Complete Course in Dove Magic Vol 1,2,3

    Complete Course in Dove Magic by Greg Frewin 3 Volume set - $4.99 :  magicianpalace.com

    Greg Frewin presents his Complete Course In Dove Magic DVD Set which will give you all the methods and information you will need to put together a professional dove act.

    DVD #1Will take you through all the things you will need to learn about caring for and raising doves and clipping their wings. He will touch base on cages and traveling as well as a discussion on props in dove magic.

    DVD #2Explores training techniques that are solid and used by Greg Frewin to achieve doves that are guaranteed to work. Then Greg will show you how to alter your jacket from start to finish for all types of productions.

    DVD #3Next Greg shows you many techniques for producing doves to give you a solid foundation in dove magic. With these tools you will be able to produce a dove for any creative idea you might have. You will also learn how to vanish a dove in your tail pocket. Greg will share with you some old techniques he used years ago. This DVD set will take you through everything you will need to be a professional bird magician.

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  • Ben Earl – No Shuffling Allowed – Week 1

    Benjamin Earl - No Shuffling Allowed - Week 1 - Deep Magic Seminar - $3.99  : magicianpalace.com

    This is the first week of a four week course on the art of False Shuffling. You will learn more than twelve amazing False Shuffles and how to apply them in the hands and on the table. You will learn all the technical and psychological details to make each False Shuffle practical and deceptive.

    Download Link . . .

  • Penguin Live Lecture – Axel Hecklau

    Axel Hecklau lives in Berlin, Germany. He has presented his lecture in more than 15 countries all over the world e.g. FISM, FFFF, The Magic Castle, Monaco, Barcelona, Magic Circle London, at the French National Convention Paris,Vienna, Rome, and more!

    Axel Hecklau has been doing magic for over 30 years. He is a well known working pro in Germany, competed at 15 magic competitions and won 14 awards.

    For the past 10 years you can see him in Berlin performing in his own weekly close-up show called Close-Up-Club.

    His lecture (parlor, stage and close-up) contains no “B” material. Everything is taken from his active working repertoire and proofed in hundreds of shows in front of laypeople.

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