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We created a new structure on the site
The site has two sections, free and VIP

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An online store will also be launched soon


Our friends, in general, we publish all the magic videos of the world and you had to pay for each of them, but on our site you can easily download them all by buying only Uploadgig and NitroFlare accounts. . If you protest, it is really unfair


The Devil’s Picturebook by Derren Brown

Derren Brown - The Devil's Picturebook 2002 FULL MOVIE *ENGLISH* - YouTube

We all recognize Derren Brown as one of the finest mentalists of our age. His critically acclaimed writings, television shows, and theatrical productions have made him a respected, household name all over the world. Everyone knows that.

What fewer people know is that years before his fame, Derren was an amazing magician. He released The Devil’s Picturebook in 1999, a stunning collection of material years ahead of its time. The magic and mentalism he performs and teaches offer a rare glimpse into how Derren thinks about his magic, and how he constructs routines. Then, as now, the audience’s emotions are always Derren’s primary focus.

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Chapter One by Asi Wind

When I started working on this project, I was searching for a title for this booklet that would reflect my viewpoint on magicin in a nutshell. The title I came up with was “Magic Evolution.” This title conveys the idea that magic, like anything else in life, is a process of evolution, where one thing evolves to another. In other words, almost every trick “invented” was based on someone else’s “invention.” We are just updating, upgrading and modifying (not always with success) ideas and thoughts of other magicians from a prior stage of the evolution.

Now, some might object to the idea that everything in magic is just a modification or improvement of another idea. That might be true to some degree, but I do believe that even “revolutionary new ideas” grew out of influence and inspiration.

Obviously, the title “Magic Evolution” didn’t make it to the cover, as it risked the implication of a historical treatise about the evolution of magic: therefore, “Chapter One” tooke its place. as this is the first chapter – for better or for worse – of my contributions to the evolution of magic.

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False Overhand Shuffle by Jason England

Step inside for a closer look at arguably one of the most useful and practical techniques for the professional performer: The Overhand False Shuffle.

Learn the ins and outs of controlling single cards on top, bottom, slugs of cards on top and bottom, Larry Jennings’ touch on the jog shuffle, a full deck control, and much more in 35 minutes of intricate detail.

It’s no secret that the Overhand False Shuffle has been published in many different sources spanning centuries of time. However, never before has there been a video resource consolidating many of the techniques scattered throughout literature while matching the expertise and technique of Jason England.

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From Nothing by Kevin Parker

Ask someone if they want some fruit for free. Hand them a plastic bag, they see nothing in it. You say “what’s wrong?” They say “it’s empty.” You say “No it’s not” and take it back and stick your hand inside…suddenly they start to see an apple ‘materialize’ FROM NOTHING right inside the bag, WATCHING right through the plastic and actually SEEING the apple slowly materialize! Apple is handed out for person to keep and eat! Sounds too good to be true. A Kevin Parker creation.

-Bag can be borrowed
-Visual manifestation
-Everything Examinable

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Confinement by Phil Dacosta

Confinement by Phil Dacosta | Magic Stream

A signed card is lost in the deck.

Having been unable to retrieve it, the magician forfeits all that he has in his pockets to the spectator. A business card, a wristband, a sharpie – and a sealed pack of gum.

As the spectator makes to walk away with his prize, the magician stops him, asking for a stick of gum. With a look of INCREDULITY, the spectator tears off the cellophane, opening the pack – and there, sitting amongst the sticks, is the SIGNED card.

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Dani DaOrtiz – ACAAN Project – Episode 5


The Multi-Information Card At Number

In Lesson 5 of The ACAAN Project Dani teaches you the powerful concept of Multi-Information which can also be applied to any effect that uses numbers or position to reveal a card. The Multi-Information Card at Number gets lots of spectators involved to create a powerful effect. The deck is divided amongst your audience for everyone to shuffle. A spectator removes and hides a card from their packet to be the blind card. The card is truly random, and neither the performer nor the audience knows its identity. One of the spectators shuffling a packet think of a card and then bury it into their packet and finally, the deck is reassembled. Three spectators openly remove cards from the deck and the sum of these cards are added together with the value of the blind card removed from the deck at the very beginning. The spectator then deals the number of cards equal to the value of the four cards and mysteriously arrives at the card the spectator is merely thinking of.

The lesson, over an hour in length, is focused on using lots of information to create a true feeling of randomness in the card at number effect. Dani also teaches you how to openly get information that feels like a secret that you can use to devastate your audiences. Key takeaways for the student are:

The Group Technique
Dani’s freewheeling and open performance style allows him to make bold and open moves. The ability to know the number of cards you hand to a spectator without anyone realizing is a significant advantage to any performer. You’ll learn the way Dani secretly gains this information right under the nose of even the most guarded spectators. This is the real work that elevates his magic to miracle status.

Controlling A Thought Of Card
Any magician can control a card when it is removed from the deck. Controlling a card that is in a packet the spectator is holding and the card is only thought of? That’s what makes Dani a master of card magic. A pivotal technique in the Mutli-Information Card At Number, mastering this will give you the ability to make your magic look truly hands-off.

Turning a simple effect into a dramatic show-stopper is what makes the use of the Multi-Information concept turn a trick into an experience. Dani DaOrtiz has consistently used the Multi-Information concept to build his effects into legends, and now he shares that concept with you. This is a masterclass in psychology and showmanship that you’ll apply to your own magic.

Lesson Five of The ACAAN Project builds upon the principles that Dani has already shared with you, while prioritizing the idea of Multi-Information to use as both a method and a dramatic device. In addition to learning the Multi-Information Card At Number, you’ll become privy to some of the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to go to school with Dani DaOrtiz in lesson Four of The ACAAN Project. Download Link . . .

ASCross By Alex Soza

In this DVD you can learn to perform two impressive and visual effects, ideal for close-up magic or street magic.

The transpositions from one hand to another that happen so visually and it looks really magical, and to give it a more impossible touch, the three coins are of different colors.

Viewers will be impressed !!

Learn this now! Download Link . . .

C-Life by Jérôme Sauloup

C-LIFE by Jerome Sauloup

Jérôme Sauloup, the creator of the Best-Sellers “Choice ” and ” Switch Cup “, returns with a poetic, visual and very easy to do trick. Magic Dream is proud to present “C-Life” exclusively.

Goldfish appearances have always been a magical and memorable moment for spectators. However, a number of parameters make them complicated to set up: a gimmick to have with you, fish in a very small space, often with little water and probably a few seconds or minutes of waiting much too long for your little helper!

Jérôme Sauloup thought about all his constraints and C-LIFE was born! His genius was put at the service of the comfort of execution as much for the magician as for the fish! The performance is so easy that you will only focus on the presentation and aesthetics of the ride.

Imagine, a glass is shown empty on the table, you slip a scarf over it and in a fraction of a second, a fish is now in the glass. Even louder, the glass can be given to spectators to verify that there is nothing but the fish! You show your empty hands every time and grab a totally normal prop. A real miracle!

The gimmick provided in C-Life can be adapted to many objects: scarf (even transparent!), Fan, iPad, restaurant menu, flag, slate, etc. You can therefore present the appearance of the fish as you wish and thematise your number at will.

You receive:

Polycarbonate glass, very resistant and with a glass appearance

The gimmicks

The scarf

Strong points :

Can be used with many objects

Fish are not abused with C-Life

Very visual

Easy to do

Although doable in close-up, this tour is intended for living room and stage

Very resistant glass

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Mist Coin Set by Jimmy Fan

Mist Coin Set by Jimmy Fan

The Matrix plays an important role in the coin magic. There have been countless versions of routines for hundreds of years. Each coin magician has his own style of performance, and there are many award-winning works.

Now I will introduce a new combination coin set “Mist Coin Set”, a coin matrix that can easily confuse the audience with almost no skills. Of course, this routine also uses some special coins. It is suitable for mid and close range, and it is easier for beginners to get started. You can also use this coin set to perform more routines.

Comes with three Walking Liberty Half Dollars, two special coins and video instruction. Download Link . . .

Vanishing Joon by Chris Mayhew

Vanishing Joon

Chris Mayhew’s Vanishing Joon is a playful performance piece that establishes your skill while also providing some levity to your routine. With Vanishing Joon it appears that a single card has developed a mind of its own, and a sassy penchant for stubbornness.

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