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  • Think, Feel, Cut by Giacomo Bigliardi

    Think, Feel , CUT - Giacomo Bigliardi,A++ New arrival today ...

    Welcome to Think, Feel, CUT.

    Here’s the starting point:

    I wanted to come up with new ways to cut to any four of a kind freelynamed by the spectator. Using no difficult methods and with just a borrowed, shuffled deck. And I didn’t want it to look like a demonstration of ability of any sort, it had to look like realmagic. To do that, I explored the theory, the psychology, the subtleties that can turn simple methods into memorable pieces of magic. It’s a three-year journey that I’m now sharing with you.

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  • Takeshi Taniguchi – Cycle Shuffle

    Impossible Co. founder and card phenom Takeshi Taniguchi is back again with another beautiful piece of sleight-of-hand, this time his wonderful Cycle Shuffle. It is the perfect mix of casual yet flashy, leaving your spectators not only convinced of your card skills, but also in no doubt that the deck has been thoroughly mixed.

    And as well as a false shuffle, this versatile move can also be used as a control, a force, a peek and more.

    With over twenty minutes of detailed instruction, you are bound to come away from this with a new weapon in your arsenal.

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  • Pau Glordon – Jack The Ripper

    Choose wisely, Yours Truly – Jack. Top-quality trump-size linen finish cards. Glorious artwork. Easy to do. (Only one basic sleight.) Free choice by spectator. Online video tutorial.

    Effect: Six cards are shown, and the spectator is told that each contains the name of one of the Jack The Ripper suspects. The spectator freely chooses one. All the others turn out to be BLANK! He/she wishes they hadn’t chosen the one they did! Spooky!

    Download Link . . .

  • Patrick Kun – Invisible Hands 2.0

    Invisible Hands 2.0 (Digital) – Patrick Kun Magic

    You display a four-of-a-kind to your audience. One-by-one, the cards jump from one to the pocket, to the other hand, instantly and right before their eyes! After the cards have traveled, they visually change in a split second into a completely different four-of-a-kind!

    • Visual, Simple, and Practical
    • No Gaffs or Gimmicks
    • 3 Variations, Plus Bonus Handling
    • Surprise Kicker Ending

    Download Link . . .

  • Hon Wong & Jay Noblezada ZAP

    Zapping is a type of “hypnotic induction” that utilizes techniques developed by Master Hypnotist Hon Wong and his son Gordon Fang-Wong. Hon and Gordon teamed up with Jay Noblezada to further refine the technique. Sought out by many of today’s top hypnotists and NLP practitioners, The Zap is the fastest induction ever created. The Zap enables the performer to perform an instant induction on a total stranger within 30 seconds of meeting. There’s no lengthy pre-talk, music, or lights. This is a hypnosis in its purest form.

    Imagine shaking someone’s hand and watching them hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, HYPNOTIZED!

    This process has been tested, perfected and kept secret for years!

    Download Link . . .

  • Virtual Out Of This World by Adrian Lacroix

    After Adrian Lacroix recently released “Virtual Triumph”, it went straight into the repertoires of some of the best working magicians in the world (Luis De Matos even performed it on national TV.).

    Now Adrian brings a revolutionary way to perform a totally hands-off version of one of the best card tricks ever published: Paul Curry’s “Out Of This World”.

    The spectator grabs a deck of cards, they shuffle it and then use their intuition to separate reds cards from black cards placing them all face down. At the end they find out every decision they made was correct! All this happens miles away in their own hands at their homes!

    The perfect addition to your live AND virtual performances!

    Download Link . . .

  • Andrew Mayne – Photosynthesis

    A spectator signs a card. They’re given an undeveloped photograph to hold. The card is lost back in the deck. Before their astonished eyes they watch as the photograph develops into an image of a hand holding their signed card.

    Photosynthesis is a powerful way to reveal a word, an image or a signed card.

    No special Polaroid camera required!
    No refills needed!

    Comes complete with the Photosynthesis gimmick and a 24 minute instructional DVD including several routines.

    Download Link . . .

  • Aldo Colombini – Packet Trick Picks

    An incredible collection of packet tricks!

    PREDICTION GONE WILD (Cameron Francis): A great trick. A card is selected. You show four blank cards with different names of cards on them. All of a sudden all the cards have the name of the selection. At the end the selection vanishes from the deck and appears in the packet.

    BOXING ACES (Aldo Colombini): An Ace-assembly that will have their jaws dropping. Four Aces vanish from packets of cards and reappear inside the card case.

    GHOST FLIGHT (Peter Duffie): Eight double blank cards and four Queens are used. The Queens trapped between two blank cards vanish and reappear under a ‘cover.’ Great handling, an incredible effect.

    OILS WELL THAT ENDS WELL (Stephen Tucker): A version of the classic “Oil and Queens” where at the end the four Queens vanish and leave four blank-faced cards.

    Download Link . . .

  • Alex Ward – Elegy Shift

    Elegy Shift by Alex Ward

    Super sneaky Alex Ward (you may remember him from such films as a Sealed, has finally tipped his top secret work on the underground ELEGY SHIFT (after much poking with sticks).
    Imagine a move that enables a signed selection to visibly rise through the rest of the deck, even though it is out-jogged and in PLAIN VIEW! Now imagine that the rest of the deck stays in exactly the same order. Now imagine that the move is NOT DIFFICULT! We repeat, NOT DIFFICULT!
    Can you imagine a move versatile enough to do this, as well as control a card secretly? Or even a big bunch of cards? How about a visual sandwich effect where the spectators can actually and literally SEE the two sandwich cards narrowing down their choices until they catch the selection?
    The full work on this devastating new move is fully explained in super detail on this brand spanking new DVD. (That’s right I said spanking *giggle*.)

    Download Link . . .

  • Carny Cartomancy by Lewis LeVal

    Become an INSTANT EXPERT at reading playing cards with the Carny Cartomancy system!

    CC can be performed with ZERO MEMORISATION, yet you will be able to instantly provide a detailed meaning or interpretation for every card in the deck. Once you understand how the system works, it will stick with you forever.

    You can use Carny Cartomancy for:

    General use – Single card readings to fill gaps in routines or effects.

    Outs – If you perform a psychological force and it fails, Carny Cartomancy can be used as an out.

    Propless Cartomancy – No deck? No problem. You can provide readings using a deck imagined by your spectator.

    Download Link . . .

  • Hugo Valenzuela – Mediun

    MEDIUM by Hugo Valenzuela

    “Everything that is invisible to the eye is often difficult to believe. For this reason, many people still question the existence of the spirits and energies…”

    Say the above during your performance, or perhaps the following: “Spirits do not show themselves where there is much light.” You could illuminate the scene with candles, or even the light emitted by cell phone screens, creating even more mystery.

    With such a creative presentation, MEDIUM can cause chills in your audience.

    Effect: A small object is placed on your hand. With your and your spectators’ concentration, the object slowly and visibly moves onto its side – and sometimes even flips over! Especially powerful when placed under a glass during this eerie demonstration! MEDIUM allows you to achieve this. Is the spirit making its presence known via the object?

    Download Link . . .

  • Chef Anton Penguin Live ACT

    What will he teach?
    King of the Con- A signed is card marked with a King of the Con ID Tag and magically changes under the most impossible conditions.

    Con Man Code- A deck is shuffled and half dozen cards selected. Using the “Con Man Code” the performer is able to identify which cards have been removed.

    Mugged by a Luchador- A twist on Rich Marotta’s classic effect where a magician is robbed only to have his belongings instantly reappear.

    Card on Forehead- You have never seen this classic effect performed this way before.

    Balls Over Head- Again, solving all of the problems with balls over head effect, this is a reputation maker.

    Unholy Grail- Chef’s signature trick using Three Jumbo Shells and an ending that you won’t see coming.

    Download Link . . .