• Andi Gladwin And John Campbell – Scott Robinson’s Pure Imagination

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    Scott Robinson creates some of the most interesting visual close-up magic that we have ever seen. In his hands, coins appear in three separate locations at once and cards dematerialise in ways that we never thought were possible. His magic is the rare complete combination: deceptive, entertaining, and visual. In his introduction, Steve Beam called him “one of his favorite magicians” — and we understand why.

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  • Double Snap Transposition by Billy Debu

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    Double Snap Transposition by Billy Debu

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  • Free Prediction by Samer Mora

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    The Magician Dealing The Cards.
    Until The Spectator Say Stop At Any Card.
    And Then The Magician Dealing The Card Number. And Then Take The Next Card.
    And it will be 100% Matching With Your Prediction.

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  • Guillaume Botta – Vision

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    Mon enfance/adolescence a été ponctuée par de nombreux voyages au cours desquels j’ai pu observer des magiciens mais c’est à 20 ans que je débute avec la VHS de Bernard Bilis «La magie par les cartes».

    À 22 ans, j’effectue ma première prestation rémunérée. Depuis, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir expérimenter la magie de proximité dans différents contextes :
    . Table à table, cocktail, mariages
    . Comités de direction internationaux, AG
    . Conférence/atelier en entreprise

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  • James Brown – Still Fancy A Pot Of Jam

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    Below are just a few of the eye popping routines that have helped earn James a very good living and the coveted title of “Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 2006!”
    It’s now time to take your performance to the next level
    Brainless Travellers – The routine James wanted to keep to himself! Two piles of ten cards…the spectator merely THINKS of a card from one of the piles…it immediately vanishes from this pile…only nine remain…the second pile is counted…there are eleven…the thought of card is shown to have travelled across…But Wait… another spectator thought of a different card…NO PROBLEM! With just a click of the fingers and without even touching the piles… the piles are counted (by the spectators) and one pile now contains only eight cards and the other twelve! The second card has now travelled across!

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  • Shift Spoon by Ellusionist

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    Shift’s audience-activated technology reacts to your spectator’s body-heat, agitating the spoon’s molecules and causing them to move and bend… by themselves.
    When you or your spectators touch Shift, it will bend.
    No “dirty” work or misdirection is required. You don’t even need to touch the spoon yourself, putting it leagues ahead of all other spoon-bending routines… Shift just does the work for you.

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  • Byron Leung – Cap

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    Are you looking for the perfect piece of magic that you can carry around in your pocket 24/7!?! Then “Cap” is the effect for you! Organic and practical magic using an everyday object you already have at home! This week, we discover why Michael O’Brien recommends this brilliant piece of magic!

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  • Gabi Pareras – Teoria y Practica

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    A LIVE full of authentically content. Gabi, as we are accustomed to, does not leave anything, and exposes a material that is well worth its weight in Gold. A review by his philosophy, conception and a range of effects and explanations that delight not only the attendees in the studio, but all the attendees who follow the LIVE from home, in strict direct.
    A second part guarantees an in-depth interview about the life and work of Gabi. Once again, with us at Gkaps, doing what he does best.

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  • ColOreo By Magik Time & Stefanus Alexander

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    ColOreo is a simple color change that you can do with the cookie and the wrapper..
    – Perfect for live on social media
    -you can use it with others tricks with oreos
    – gimmick really easy to do
    – explanation On subtiles … No talk and very details
    – edible cookie
    Fun, Visual and Organic! This is Awesome!- Nicholas Lawrence
    An Original and Amazing effect is really Cool!- Patricio Teran
    Thats a TASTEY Color Change – Seth Race
    Cant wait to have kids to show them this!! -Felix Bodden

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  • Scrambled Cards by Javi Benitez

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    JAVI BENÍTEZ is one of the most creative and recognizable magicians in the Spanish magic community. He was born in Sevilla and began learning magic at the age of 11. When he was 19, he moved to Madrid to study the structural conception of magic with the masters Arturo de Ascanio and Juan Tamariz. For many years, Benítez has been performing and lecturing in countries around the world including Germany, China, Spain, Japan, India, and in the USA at the world famous Magic Castle.

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