• DEAL OR NOT DEAL Red by Mickael Chatelain

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    A perfect close-up routine! An effect with multiple twists and turns!

    DEAL OR NO DEAL will surprise your audience every time!

    Take a deck of cards from your pocket and take the cards from the case.
    You now propose a little game to your spectator!
    Exlain that you have a prediction card in your pocket and that this prediction will match the card you will choose from the deck on the table!
    You are so sure of this that you offer your spectator the banknote if you are wrong! Interesting, isn’t it?
    The spectator immediately accepts this DEAL because he has nothing to lose!
    Take the deck in hand and deal the cards face down on the table one by one face down…

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  • Quick Switch By Rama Yura

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    with this trick, you can change the audience money just by shaking your hand.
    You can also play tricks switch bill, which money in the hands of the audience to switch places into your hands. even later both bills can be examined by the audience.

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  • Richard Ross – The Greater Magic – Video Library

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    “To the audience, magic is an illusion. To the performer, magic is a reality.” – Richard Ross

    Witness the spellbinding stage magic of the world’s only three-time FISM winner. He needs no bravado to mesmerize spectators. His cool elegance and exacting skill enchant thousands who see him yearly.

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  • Kainoa Harbottle – Misbehavin

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    Excellent magic takes moments to perform, but years to perfect. Lost Art has convinced the ‘Big Kahuna Of Coins’ himself, Kainoa Harbottle, to share his anytime, anywhere masterpiece: “Misbehavin”. This multi-phase routine is a dazzling display of artistry and impossibility where coins seem to appear and vanish right under the spectator’s nose. Kainoa teaches multiple handlings that will amaze you with their mixture of simplicity and complexity, providing different sequences you can customize to suit your level of awesomeness. Put down the cards, pick up the coins, and join The Revolution Of Coinistry that is “Misbehavin”.

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  • The Influencer by Lewis Le Val

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    This brand new download from Lewis Le Val contains 3 impromptu mentalism effects that require no gimmicks, minimal setup and can be performed with borrowed objects.

    The Influencer
    A prediction card is given to a spectator to keep in their pocket. They shuffle the deck and name a number. You immediately begin dealing the cards one at a time FACE UP. The card at the spectator’s chosen number perfectly matches the prediction card that has been in their pocket from the beginning! The best part is, they can change their number WHILST THE CARDS ARE BEING DEALT! They can even randomly call out STOP at any point. No matter what decisions they make, the card will always be at their number or wherever they stop.

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  • Vision Box 2.0 – Instructional

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    In 2016 Joao Miranda invented Vision Box, his original take on the classic card to impossible location plot.

    For the first time it was possible to perform an invisible switch not only to laymen but also to magicians.
    The prediction is in full view from the first moment to the last, without any strange looking moves, the switch is accomplished.
    Exactly four years later, Vision Box 2.0 is born and has several important technical details that have been improved regarding the first version

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  • Troy Hooser – 25 Amazing Tricks With Linking Rings

    Royal Magic 25 Amazing Magic Tricks with Linking Rings DVD Hosted by Troy  Hooser - Magic Tricks The Leading Magic Shop UK

    The Linking Rings is one of the best-known and most popular magic tricks of all time. On this DVD, expert slelight of hand artist Troy Hooser will teach you how to perform this classic trick, and many of its startling variations.

    With DVD technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames adn jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these magic tricks becomes simple and straightforward.

    Armed with a set of Royal Magic Linking Rings and this DVD, you’ll learn:
    Several deceptive methods used to link solid rings

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  • Mario the Maker Magician – Penguin Live Lecture

    Mario the Maker Magician LIVE Instant Download

    Shoelace- A shoelace from one of Mario’s shoe vanishes, changes color, flies across the stage, and reappears tied back on the shoe.

    Bottle Cap Award Ribbon- An award medal travels from my hand to my pocket and back. All the small bits are there to create big arguments between Mario and the kids watching. When revealing the secret, the award medal returns to the ribbon on his vest where it started. This is more than just a small trick. It’s the symbol of Mario’s whole show and philosophy. Accessibility. That kids can go home and build what they see.

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  • Click 2.0 by Valdemar Gestur – by Patrick Kun

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    A visual color change performed under impossible conditions. A face-up card is secured to the top of the deck under a rubber band wrapped tightly around the cards. With a snap of the band down onto the card, it instantly changes. Not only can you see it, you can hear it change too!
    Click is extremely visual with nothing to suspect. Use it as a color change, revelation or ending to an ambitious card routine. The possibilities are up to you.
    Click 2.0 is an updated, simplified handing, of Valdemar’s visual color change performed with a rubber band and a deck of cards.

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  • Kelvin Chow – Revolver Change

    REVOLVER by Kelvin Chow on Vimeo

    Kelvin Chow makes his theory11 debut with REVOLVER. In the motion of a guided spin, one playing card visually changes into another… then another, and another, and another – completely under your control.

    The card never stops moving, and the motion is precise, smooth, and natural. Taught in 33 minutes of detailed instruction by Andrei Jikh. Learn everything you need to know to perform it well.

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