• Alex Hansford – Gödel

    Vanishing Inc. Showtime

    Magicians have strived for decades to find a color change tha’t’s executed completely open and immune to every angle. Today, that pipe-dream becomes reality.

    Gödel is an innovative face-up color change from the mind of Alexander Hansford. With a wave of the hands, cards transform under direct scrutiny. Not only will you receive two additional routines with your purchase, Twisting and Sandwich, you’ll find Gödel to be an incredible utility for the effects you already perform.

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  • Alan Borg – Transpo au Retour

    Alan Borg - Transpo au Retour


    Alan Borg – Transpo au Retour

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  • Faith Hacker by Dr. Cyril Thomas

    “This looks like real magic I love it!” – Joe Rindfleisch
    “Faith hacker just shattered my faith.” – Hanson Chien
    “I can’t wait to learn!” – Bacon Fire
    “Beautiful vanish, get it and thank me later” – Danny Urbanus
    “Stop playing with these rubberbands, your dinner is getting cold!” – Mom

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  • Aldo Colombini – New Pentagram vol 1 -12

    Aldo Colombini – New Pentagram (12 DVD) – Magic22

    ANOTHER CHANGE FOLD (Sid Lorraine): A cute and original way to reveal a selected card. A piece of paper with letters suddenly folds in a way to show the name of the selection.
    I’LL DIE FOR YOU (Tan Hock Chuan): One of the most direct and effective book tests ever.
    PLATFORM HOFZINSER REVISITED (Francis Haxton): Four Aces are placed into glasses. One card is selected and sealed in an envelope. The Ace of the same suit of the selection disappears and the selected card is in its place. The Ace is found in the envelope.

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  • Amanjit Singh – Odd Choice + PDF

    Can a force be self-working? The answer: ODD CHOICE.
    The title say its all – ODD CHOICE!
    A spectator picks the only red card from a packet of 5 random cards.
    A spectator picks the only black faced card from a packet of 5 random cards.
    A spectator picks the only odd-backed card from a packet of 5 random cards.
    The possibilities are endless… once you know the method!

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  • INSOMNIA by Joseph B.

    “This is certainly an awesome magician FOOLER , but not only … This effect is also a weapon that you can use in other routines. Fast, powerful and surprising. Joseph B., one of the most creative minds I know, will teach you other variations of this effect as well. ”
    In his life Joseph B is a Lawyer. He worked in a magic shop in Turin and frequented the poker rooms as a dealer.
    Conditions are so impossible in this effect that you won’t be able to sleep at night. As in the style of Joseph B, a magician fooler.

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  • Jay Sankey – Firestarters

    Featuring 17 brand new MAXIMUM INTIMACY close-up and mentalism effects, this DVD is guaranteed to turn up the heat between you and your audience!

    At the same time, Jay teaches you exactly how to determine real prospects, communicate your interest and availability, encourage flirting, fuel chemistry and (most importantly) GET THAT PHONE NUMBER.

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  • Joseph B. on FALSE DEALS Vol.1 by Joseph B

    In this volume: Strike second, push off second, third deal and dozens and dozens of variations!
    Joseph B worked as a poker dealer and has been dealing with how to create game cheating systems for a long time. In this first volume you will find some false deals and many variations. You will learn strike second deals, push off second deals and third deals. In this volume there are dozens and dozens of variations!

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  • Kainoa Harbottle – Solo The Bachelor Coin Routine

    With this one-coin routine, you’ll be able to amaze ANY time, ANYwhere.

    Coins are everywhere. So to be able to do coin magic, is like having a passport to entertain, anytime, anywhere.. in the world!

    Kainoa Harbottle is one of the world’s top coin magicians, and in this comprehensive video, he’s going to teach how to do every single move in this incredible one-coin routine.

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  • Lewis Le Val – The Fall

    The Fall by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

    The Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val is a clever method for not only secretly discovering your spectator’s star sign, but also to give them a reading without ever having to memorise anything!

    You will be turning 12 of your business cards into an incredibly useful Astrology cards system, loaded with information to inspire content for readings, and with a secret system in place that will allow you to know your spectator’s sign without any effort required!

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