• Alex Hansford – Hessian

    Hessian - Alex Hansford - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    From the mind of Alex Hansford comes Hessian — an’ ultra modern handling of the classic General Card. Alex’s routine is what we love to see in magic: it’s aesthetic, streamlined, and minimalistic. Each move flows beautifully into the next creating an effect that isn’t just amazing, but an absolute joy to watch. Join us as we learn from Alex in over an hour of detailed instruction, not only an incredible trick, but two new moves that we knew we couldn’t leave out of our personal arsenal.

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  • Super Signature by Mauro Brancato Merlino

    Super Signature by Mauro Brancato Merlino video DOWNLOAD - YouTube

    Super Signature is a very visual effect. Your signature or any other signature will appear out of nowhere on the back of a chosen card. Incredible for your public show. The reaction is very strong. Construction is very simple, and the gimmick is very easy to use. Create an everlasting memory for your viewer.

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  • Paper Shed by Dan Alex

    Paper Shed by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD - YouTube

    A variant very cheap and easy to build at home.
    With this video Dan Alex tells you how to build this illusive gimmick
    and in addition, he will explain how to do the effect in the best way.
    Why buy an expensive gimmick when you can make it at home?
    The spectator will see the pen vanish!
    The shadow of the pen behind the sheet of paper will remain until it is gone.
    You can disappear totally a pen or it will simply reappear in your pocket.
    Practical, Fast, VISUAL!
    What are you waiting for??

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  • Smagic – My Jeans

    My Jeans - SMagic Productions - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    Imagine performing magic with everything, including your jeans! Here’s an effect that can fit your style, you can carry it everywhere, and perform for everyone – and it gets huge reactions! It super easy to learn, and you will fall in love with this effect. Everything has been premade for you, so you can be ready to rock n roll anytime, anywhere.

    Are you waiting for a real miracle? Here it is!
    Super cool effect
    Suitable for any kind of jeans
    Full gimmick included
    Easy to do
    Instant reset

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  • Mimic by SansMinds Creative-Lab

    Mimic (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds Creative Lab - DVD

    Who says a visual puzzle can’t be an amazing trick? Mimic is a visual card effect that can be performed beyond language barriers.

    The premise is simple. Tear any pips off any card, restructure its molecules, and visually turn that little corner into a full-size card that you desire, IN YOUR SPECTATOR’S HAND.
    It’s visual, it’s illogical, and it fools people so bad, it makes them cry for help!
    Mimic comes with a professionally manufactured gimmick that will last you a lifetime. Fool them now, worldwide.

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  • Ehrlich Brothers live! Fabrik der Träume

    Ehrlich Brothers - YouTube

    The Ehrlich Brothers live in their Wohnzimmer, the “Fabrik der Trume”, one. Here you will find the spectacular Illusions, with your Top-Fans selling their fans. Bei an exclusive Hausbesuch feiern die Ehrlich Brothers u.a. The world premieres of brand Illusions, look at the highlights of your career back and forth prominently Guest with Unique Talents.

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  • Zee J – Retention Z Revisited. Yan

    Retention Z: Revisited by Zee J. Yan | e-Magic Store

    I have a weird obsession with stealing coins out from my own hands, so I came up with numerous ways of doing that.

    Retention Z: Revisited is a compilation of 8 of my retention vanishes related techniques and 2 coin-thru-hand effects.

    After watching almost an hour of me talking and doing variations of retention vanishes, you will not only find your new favorite way of stealing coins but also will never look at sleight of hands the same way ever again.

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  • Debut by Abstract Effects

    Review: Debut by Abstract Effects |

    Debut is a visually surprising way to produce small objects at your fingertips!

    Utilize this clever gimmick in your pre-existing routines or a use it in a straight forward impromptu situation for friends and family.
    A great magician takes advantage of every possible situation and Debut allows you to turn ordinary moments into something captivating and impressive!
    Dry lips? Magically make a chapstick visually appear at your fingertips! Need a sharpie? Boom! Make a sharpie appear! It looks like real magic and can be done with an unlimited number of small objects.

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  • Alex Hansford – The Neat Review Issue

    NEAT Review (Issue Two) - Alex Hansford - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    Issue Two of The Neat Review takes us to New York City. This issue presents a stark contrast with Issue One, and with the opinions shared by our London group. With Asi Wind we discuss magic and art as time-constrained events, and blurring the line between the elements of magic that are seen and unseen by an audience. Tony Chang considers Ken Krenzel’s Mechanical Reverse in the context of performance, a study on examining the movements we make in creating and performing sleight of hand, and discovering a new challenge in magic’s instructional form. In a series of excerpts from her book Elements of Surprise: Our Mental Limits and the Satisfactions of Plot, professor of cognitive science Vera Tobin describes what goes on in our minds when we experience plot twists, and the nature of surprise as it relates to fiction.

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  • CSM Magic & Bacon Magic – No Card

    No Card by CSM Magic & Bacon Magic

    CSM Magic & Bacon Magic – No Card

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