• Olivier Pont – Imagination Box

    Imagination Box by Olivier Pont

    What could be better than being able to make things appear and disappear at any given time? Transform an object into another, change the value of a bill, restore a torn card or picture… or even better: TURN A SIMPLE DRAWING INTO REALITY!

    With this gimmick, everything is possible, and YOUR IMAGINATION is the limit!

    Don’t look further because it’s right here, in front of your eyes!

    Whether you are standing or sitting, outside in the street, at a cocktail party, regardless of your particular magic style, everything will be possible for you.

    Discover an endless flow of creative possibilities! Are your old tricks stale and boring? Freshen them up with the Imagination Box.

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  • Paul Belanger – Cigarette Through Quarter

    Cigarette Through Quarter - magic

    Considered by many to be THE finest version of one of close-up magic’s most memorable effects, The Paul Bélanger Cigarette Through Quarter (which can also be performed with a rolled bill) is finally available with a companion DVD featuring performances and explanations by David Acer!

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  • Peter Eggink – Mutation

    You remove one “prediction” card from the pack and the spectator is asked to sign her name on its back. The card is then isolated UNDER the cellophane wrapper of your card case. Next, the spectator selects a card – let’s say she picks the 3 of Spades. You show your prediction card under the cellophane wrapper and… it’s the 2 of Spades – the mate!

    Predicting the “mate” of the selection is pretty nice… and since there’s only ONE 3 of Spades in the pack, the 2 of Spades would be the next best thing… unless you’d be able to actually “clone” a mutation of their card…

    With ZERO MOVES the bottom pip of the 2 of Spades is now magically CLONING itself and ANIMATES across the surface of the card, creating the 3 of Spades!!!

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  • Peter Turner – Hack

    Hack gives you the power to know a strangers most personal info.

    Now you can perform this insane effect with anyone, anywhere, anytime and with any phone. These are the cutting edge methods that Peter has been holding back for years.

    Get this and no doubt you will have a reputation as a real psychic that will follow you wherever you go.

    Peter goes over every detail using multiple techniques to make this work with ANY phone.

    On This Download You Will Learn

    -Pass Code divination

    -Name Divination

    -Multiple Methods For Different Style Phones

    -How to make this effects method absolutely untraceable

    -How to repeat the effect using different methods

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  • Robbie Raccoon – The Magic Trick

    With a little practice, you can make Robbie appear to be alive! Let him eat out of your hand, wag his tail, nod his head, scoot up your chest, etc. Great comedy potential. Can also be used as a production item when using real livestock is not practical. Very expressive face with amber glass eyes! Made of real animal fur. He is about 13″ long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Robbie Video shows how to give him those lifelike movements.

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  • Robert Smith (B. Smith) – Salvation

    As you read this, you will feel the urge to lick your lips… shortly after you will be wishing you had the relief that only chapstick can offer. Your salvation awaits you as check your pockets only to come out empty handed.

    Onlookers see your desire as you slowly wave your empty hand and they VISUALLY see the slow, magical APPEARANCE of chapstick! A killer opener with a common item! Perform with or without saying a word! Easy to do – a very clever gimmick does the work for you. No difficult sleight of hand required – it simply materializes in your hand! Also includes an IMPROMPTU version!

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  • Quentin Reynolds – Warped in Space

    A signed Impossible Object that is left with the spectator. A real signature piece.

    Finish your Card Warp with Warped in Space or perform it on its own. Turn a playing card – that the spectator folded and signed by himself – into an impossible object while performing Card Warp.

    Quentin Reynolds teaches a gimmicked and non-gimmicked version. (Certainly only the gimmicked version is examinable.)

    Set contains necessary gimmicks for 20 performances, incl. card sleeves for giving away a souvenir at the end. Please provide a matching Phoenix Deck for the Card Warp effect. Includes English Online Video Instructions, with English, German, French and Japanese subtitles.

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  • Nicholas Lawrence – In The Clear

    In the Clear by Nicholas Lawrence

    This looks like special effects. Well, it does if you want it to. “In the Clear” is such a perfect switching device that you can do it secretly to switch an item without anyone realizing it, or you can direct everyone’s attention to it and perform JAW DROPPING transformations inches away from their eyes.

    It’s so hard to pick the single best part..

    THE BEST PART? Use ANY deck. As long as it comes in cellophane, it’ll work perfectly.

    Wait, no.. THE BEST PART? The box is normal and examinable. No cuts or slits are made in the card box so you can really use any deck. The cellophane is also fully examinable. Even after the gimmick is installed, you can remove it quickly & easily, and your card box is 100% unharmed and examinable!

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  • Roberto Giobbi – Further Than Ever

    Further Than Ever (Roberto Giobbi on Further Than That by Stewart ...

    Giobbi is a true connoisseur” –Lennart Green

    “A standing-ovation MACHINE.”

    Just when you think it’s over, it gets better. Again. AND AGAIN.

    Roberto Giobbi is THE card magic expert. He didn’t just “write the book”, he wrote the whole darn encyclopedia (Card College). So when HE thinks a trick is great, you better believe he knows what he’s talking about!


    * mind-reading
    * Finding a card at any number
    * poker demonstration
    * 4 ace production

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  • Woody Aragon – Instamt Memorized Deck Vol 1-2

    Woody Aragon Memorized Deck Set by Woody Aragon - DVD

    Get ready for Woody Aragon’s very first two-DVD set! With over four hours of new content, you will see Woody’s 40-minute memdeck show. You’ll also learn about his Instant Memorized Deck where you can perform many of your favorite memdeck tricks from a SHUFFLED DECK!

    DVD 1: The Show

    Woody Aragon is a master magician, and he understands the necessary components of a powerful act. Drama, variety, and a natural build are required to get people to leap to their feet. In The Show, you will possess all of these components, with each trick setting up the next.

    DVD 2: Instant Memorized Deck

    The Instant Memorized Deck is a new concept that is sure to excite card magicians. It begins with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Through a series of clever principles and a thoughtful selection of material, you slowly and secretly put the deck into an order that allows you to do MIRACLES. You can simulate tricks only possible with a memorized deck, without actually memorizing a deck!

    This is an entirely new approach and concept in card magic, and one that opens up many possibilities for stack work… without a stack.

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  • Sultan Orazaly – Nomad Coin

    CGI level visual magic has been taking the magic industry by storm lately, but it is either too angle sensitive or insanely hard to pull off in real life situations. What if we told you that you can perform a super visual and impossible coin change, that doesn’t require any knuckle busting sleights?

    We at Skymember presents are proud to be able to bring to you, NoMad coins! Imagine holding a coin by its edges fairly at your fingertips. Without any unnecessary movements, you simply release the coin and it VISUALLY TRANSFORMS into another coin in MID AIR! Oh and right, did we say NO COVERS? Yes!!! It is as it sounds. A visual miracle! Not only that, you are able to IMMEDIATELY show BOTH sides of the coins right after the change! You can hand the changed coin out if you really want to!

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  • Steve Gore – Trick Photography

    Image 1

    There are lots of i-Phone tricks out there, mainly apps, but we think we have the best trick ever!

    This trick is perfect for all magicians, equally at home on the street or as a stand-alone close-up routine for mix and mingle performers. This DVD features 5 routines using freely selected playing cards, bank notes, credit cards and even a borrowed driving license! All are easy to do and explained in intricate detail by the creator Steve Gore. Alongside is magician Shaun McCree asking all the right questions to ensure you learn this superb piece of magic almost immediately.

    Best of all, you don’t even need to own an i-phone to perform this trick… just borrow one! (Works on all i-phone models). 

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