Based by Agon Gashi

At first it seems like a simple card game, but at the end, everything changes.

Everybody knows about the “3 Card Monte” scam, so it will be easy to present the game.
You will start by producing two match cards, that you will play the game. You will mix those two, and turn one over, and leave it towards them. And the catch of the game is to see the second card, and get it BASED until you turn it over towards you. Pretty easy and straight forward.
You will play a couple of phases, which some will be won, some will be lost, just like a monte game.
But, with a snap, you will change the two cards with indifferent cards, The spectator is blown away from the magical change.
And… the kicker comes when you show that the cards that you played the game with, are in the middle of the deck, FACE-UP.

This is an easy and impromptu card trick, that you can add in your repertoire and do it with any deck laying around.

// So, BASED off of this trailer, will you download it?//
Special thanks to Dua.

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