Breezy Project Vol. 2 by Jibrizy

This Is very close interactive magic that I put together over my few years.

Why these effects work:

They are broken down in a fashion in which the spectator is not expecting. The moment hit hard. And cannot be traced back to. These tricks in-body flow and timing.

3 Effects:

Phone be gone: Take a phone and crush it while its on its case. Then pull a rubber band out and pull it out of the rubber band. (Spectators phone is optional under certain conditions)

Billy: Spectators signs their bill. You then place it into the box and have them select a card. The Bill then vanishes from the box wrapped around the selected card. It then vanishes off the card to your pocket. (Can be done in the spectators hand as a option)

Quick Clip: Take a regular ring and paper clip. Toss the paper clip up to the ring and have them link instantly.

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