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  • Eric Chien True Colors

    True Color by Eric Chien

    True Color by Eric Chien

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  • Stick To It by Shahrul Nizar

    One of the most crucial ways to make card magic strong, is to ensure your spectator understands their chosen card is 100% unique.

    More often than not, when magicians ask a spectator to sign a card, they worry about ruining your deck, so you won’t be able to play card games with it anymore.

    From our friend Shahrul Nizar in Malaysia, we bring you the perfect trick that takes advantage of this premise. Introducing, Stick To It.

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  • Pure Cards Across by Mark Leveridge

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    Two sets of 10 cards are counted out fairly and openly onto a spectator’s hand before being dropped into two glass tumblers where they can be clearly seen.

    One at a time three cards are invisibly moved from one glass to the other, and when the piles are counted back onto the spectator’s hand again, the first glass only contains 7 cards and the other 13.

    This is the classic cards across effect using a method that is completely move and sleight free. Everything happens at fingertips and there is no palming required, nor any special counts.

    Designed for a close up or intimate parlour show, this routine is so open and fair looking that it seems impossible that three cards could migrate from one pile to the other. And yet they do!

    This comes as a Premier E-Routine which is a downloadable pdf text file featuring detailed written instructions and which has a link in it to take you to additional online performance and explanation footage.

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  • Ollie Mealing – Archive Magic

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    We share Ollie Mealing Archive Magic File By Only

    • File Listing For Movie :
    • Accidental Force by Ollie Mealing
    • Clap Production by Ollie Mealing
    • Fan Production by Ollie Mealing
    • GOLIATH by Ollie Mealing
    • Mealerang by Ollie Mealing
    • Ollie Mealing – Chat
    • Ollie Mealing – Control
    • Ollie Mealing – Poison Control
    • Plummet Control by Ollie Mealing
    • Recoil by Ollie Mealing
    • Skip Switch Project by Ollie Mealing
    • Special_Blend_Control_by_Ollie_Mealing
    • Surf Change by Ollie Mealing
    • Sweet Dakota Change by Ollie Mealing

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  • REMATCH by Bob King and Kaymar Magic

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    One of the undisputed masters, Bob King, regularly creates and performs the sort of magic that not only destroys laymen, but also magicians!

    REMATCH is no exception. It is a feature routine, with a totally MIND-BLOWING kicker ending! Audiences love this because they get to make decisions throughout the entire routine.

    And it’s performed with just a few cards that can slip into your wallet.


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  • Dark Triumph by Nathan Kranzo

    This isn’t the Triumph you wanted, it’s the Triumph you needed.

    The spectator signs a card, it’s lost in the deck, then the spectator shuffles the cards face up into face down. The cards are immediately spread and all of the cards face the same direction except for the one bearing their signature.

    This fantastic routine from Nathan Kranzo puts all of the things we want out of this classic effect in the hands of the spectator. It’s extremely easy to do, and the presentation makes the method totally fly past your audiences. Best of all this can be done with a borrowed deck that is in any condition.

    The next time a friend hands you a dog eared deck that is beyond worn out, Dark Triumph is here to save the day.

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  • Sultan Orazaly and Sansminds – Fade Out

    Fade Out by Sultan Orazaly Magic is a treasure worth finding.

    But in order to find something, it must first be lost.

    And we believe to have found what we’re looking for.

    From the brilliant mind of our friend in Kazakishtan, Sultan Orazaly, we bring you Fade Out; a direct and visual approach to finding your spectators card.

    Imagine the molecules of the ink breaking down and sinking through each & every card until it lands on your spectator’s thought of card.

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