Card Tricks

  • David Regal – Perfectly Oiled

    Imagine doing an oil and water routine where the red cards are genuinely interlaced between the black cards before they separate. Now imagine that the black cards and the red cards have different colored backs. Now imagine it uses no gaffs and very simple sleight of hand. Now stop imagining because this is Perfectly Oiled.

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  • Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) – Intense

    10 cards are shown to a spectator with the instruction to mentally select ANY card.

    You make a prediction and then ask the spectator what card they are merely thinking of.

    You lay the cards out one by one and their selection is missing! For the KILLER ending, when you turn over your prediction, it is completely BLANK.

    – Very easy to do;
    – No sleight of hand;
    – Self-working;
    – Resets in seconds;
    – Can be a different outcome each time.

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  • Yarden Aviv – The Blue Illusion


    A BLUE Bicycle card box is picked up off your table. It is shown to your audience in the fairest possible manner; no cover of any kind.

    The box is opened, and a RED deck is slid halfway out. With just a wave, the ENTIRE BOX VISUALLY changes color to RED.

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  • Arnel Renegado – Inktious

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    A moving ink like never before, imagine you ask your spectator to select a card and write a mark together with their signature, and with a wave or blow their signature and a mark jumped into the other corner, The secret is in your hand learn it now!

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  • Zombie Monte by Alvo Stockman

    This monte card set from Alvo Stockman is a huge hit with spectators, and comes complete with both boy and girl zombies to customize your performance. An optional survival kit is also included.

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  • D & W (Dani and Woody) by Grupokaps (3 DVD)

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    In a new monographic work by Grupokaps, Dani DaOrtiz and Woody Aragon cover the fascinating theme of “magic with four hands.” Although these effects could be performed by a single magician, they are designed to be able to be done together with a magician friend, in any time and situation. This work covers the theme of “The magic with four hands”, from different points of view, whether the two magicians participate in the trick, helping each other, or even in the distance.

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  • Mirror Mirror by Think Nguyen

    Think Nguyen has taken the classic “Do as I Do” and given it a professional makeover, with a kicker ending that will surprise every audience. Magicians may also be fooled (I was), when they realize there isn’t a second card left in your pocket at the end.

    What you’re getting is a polished, professional routine with multiple handlings taught, from easy to advanced, plus bonus tricks that involve PIN codes, and phone numbers.
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