• KARATE CAP by Taiwan Ben

    A classic of magic reimagined for today’s street artists. One of the most powerful acts of force is taking an everyday object and transforming it right before your spectator’s eyes. Taiwan Ben has taken the Karate Coin concept to a new level. Imagine removing the cap off of your favorite drink (or from someone else’s), tossing it in the air and stabbing your finger through it! Then… giving the cap out for examination!!

    KARATE CAP would make Bruce Lee envious of your skills! The effect is extremely easy to learn and perform and will last a lifetime.

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  • Pegasus by Perseus Arkomanis

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    The Greek God; Perseus Arkomanis is back. Creator of some of 2015’s best-selling effects (Weak & Greek Switch), Perseus introduces his methods for some myths of modern coin magic.

    Based on a classic technique of coin magic, Pegasus teaches you full routines, applications and bonus ideas to help you construct metallic miracles.

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  • Oh So Juicy by Brandon David and Chris Turchi

    From the creative minds of Brandon David and Chris Turchi comes an effect so clean and visual that you’ll fool yourself in the mirror over and over again. Imagine being able to take a normal pack of gum and make the wrapper disappear right in front of your spectators’ eyes. This is the routine you open your walk around gigs with: it’s hyper visual, easy to do, and will have your spectators chewing for more.

    • Gimmick comes fully made and ready to perform
    • Really good effect for your social media
    • Easy to perform
    • An organic object
    • Hand out the gum pieces to your spectators

    It’s not just any gum magic, it’s Oh So Juicy!

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  • Chasm by Justin Miller

    Welcome to a revolution in the impromptu bill change with Chasm!

    Justin Miller has developed a new method for changing a stack of bills right under their noses. Even better, it’s impromptu and comes with easy and advanced handlings.

    So get ready to start getting some eye-popping reactions and download today!

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    The Marvelous Floating Sharpie is an extremely visual way to bring a Sharpie pen into play. Watch as the body of the pen detaches itself from the cap and then floats slowly and visually across, into the waiting hand. The pen can immediately be handed out.

    Comes complete with everything you need to start performing immediately. Full detailed instructions about how to perform this very simple effect are also included. BONUS! A detailed discussion into Matthew’s work on IT!

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  • Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

     A 2-phase voodoo trick where whatever you draw on one sleeve appears on the other. Completely examinable at the end

    Two coffee sleeves create a stunning sympathetic effect. Whatever you draw or doodle on one sleeve magically appears on the other. You then repeat the effect while a spectator holds the second sleeve. The method is crazy simple and the presentational possibilities are crazy fun.

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    The video includes six Close-Up magic routines from Pipo Villanueva’s professional repertoire.

    • Coins to the Mug
    • The Quantum Monkey
    • The Atomic Coin
    • Cutting 3 Aces
    • Reset 180º
    • MiniCup & Balls

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