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  • Gabi-Pareras-Afectos

    Gabi Pareras - Afectos PDF [download002139] - $1.50 : 52magic download store

    Gabi Pareras – Afectos


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  • Paul Voodini – The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes (Audible Audio Edition): Paul  Voodini, Steve White, MX Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

    New Year’s Eve, 1922, and a very special dinner party is being hosted by a dubious Sherlock Holmes collector. During the course of this mysterious evening, the host will demonstrate the peculiar mind-powers of Dr. Joseph Bell, the personality profiling prowess of the Great Detective himself, the esoteric attributes of a deck of cards rumoured to have belonged to Jack the Ripper, the haunted finger rings of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Cottingley Fairies, and much more! Part novella and part magic instructional book, this publication also teaches the reader exactly how to recreate these wondrous feats for themselves. Learn how to ‘fake it’ as a master detective, and be entertained by the haunting tale that surrounds this mysterious Sherlock Holmes-themed dinner party.

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  • Transparency by Boris Wild

    Zaubertricks, Kartentricks & Spielkarten - Transparency, The Boris Wild  Marked Deck Book by Boris Wild - Book 49827

    La version en anglais de ce best-seller de Boris Wild !

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    Unexpected Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer - Book

    The seventh book, features Stairway to Heaven, the amazing book test which allows you to use any Bible as a forcing book. Also, Robert Ramirez’s Casting the Spell, an amazing Spelling routine, Four Card Monte (a classically Impuzzle interactive effect) and stand-up tricks the Awful words Trick, Fresh fish Now, and My Word! These are effect using purely cards with words, and carefully disguised mathematical principles. Pure Evil is an amazing hands-off effect in which the spectator freely chooses a number, and finds the card at that number; believe it or not, the spectator is forced a particular evil card in the deck.

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  • Anthony Black – Santa Claws

    Santa Claws by Anthony Black - $5.00 :

    I’m very pleased to present you with one of my all-time favorite Holiday routines!

    Ideal for both close-up and small parlour type shows.

    You present the tale of the Krampus to your guests, a disturbing figure of legend and folklore, and select two of them to help you tell this tale…

    Have they been naughty or nice this year?

    You find out…impossibly…you find out…

    You then go on to reveal their truths and secrets in a unique way, whilst leaving them with a Christmas memory unlike any other to coincide with the disturbing truth behind the tale ofThe Krampus!

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  • Larry Jennings – The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings


    This rather large book contains lots of routines that are real gems. It covers coins, cups and balls, and cards. However, more on cards than the previous two. I won’t comment on the coins and cups and balls as I don’t have any experience with them, but I will give you an idea about how I feel concerning the card routines.

    There are definitely strong card routines you’ll find in this book. The sleights are so devious that makes it worth your buy. You’ll find a lot of useful sleights that will fool the audience. However, a drawback is that it contain many unwanted ideas that make the learning process difficult (some of them are based on opportunity). Perhaps if you have all the time in the world, but we magic aficionados want only the best material – in which is embedded within these pages but it is diffused among other less satisfying ones. You’ll have to plow into these pages and find great ideas here and there.

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  • Ali Foroutan – Voiceless

    VOICELESS BY ALI Foroutan & Bakore MAGIC – BaKoRe Magic

    As a magician or mentalist, we should always be ready to astound our audiences, even if we have nothing on us or anything prepared.

    With the ‘VOICELESS’ principle, you will be able to reveal thoughts with nearly 100% accuracy, completely impromptu.

    Playing cards, drawings, star signs, words, without your spectator ever having to say a word. They will remain completely silent, and you will be able to tell them their thoughts in just under a minute.

    This principle is so easy, yet so deceptive. When you discover the method, you will laugh at how simple it is. It has fooled many magician and mentalist that has seen it!

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  • Unknown Mentalist – ReDD Remote Drawing Duplication

    Unknown Mentalist – ReDD Remote Drawing Duplication (Original pdf) –  erdnasemagicstore

    ReDD is a remote drawing duplication effect which can be performed over a voice phone call, video call, virtual show and also, of course, in face to face performing situations. ReDD also qualifies as a propless effect as there are no props used and both the performer and the participant are only ‘interacting’ with each other, either over a call or face to face. A piece of paper which may be used to jot down a choice is just incidental and is not necessary.

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  • Lewis Le Val – Thought Theatre

    Thought Theatre by Lewis Le Val - $12.99 :

    One of Lewis Le Val’s best releases yet is finally here! This, is Thought Theatre.

    Why is it so good? Because everything you do in these routines is completely real.

    Yes, real!

    There is zero deception involved, yet you can perform this material without fear of failure.

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  • Bob Farmer – Bammo 666

    Bammo 666 By Bob Farmer - $6.99 :

    A couple of years ago, at the Genii and 31 Faces North conventions, I was showing some in-the-hands packet effects that used a new technique and getting amazed reactions quite out of proportion with what I expected. Though I reckoned I had little chance of fooling the cognoscenti with what I was doing (because the new technique was so simple), I noticed a lot of jaws dropping and exclamations of “Whoa!” as I demoed the effects, so I knew I’d hit on something really deceptive.

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