• Cut and Restored Silk

    A handkerchief becomes visibly restored after being cut in half and the halves held well apart to prove that no trickery is involved. Indeed there is no trickery in the cutting, for both halves are quite separate. The effect has proved a great hit also, in the act of Will Ayling who used a regular linen handkerchief for its performance.

    Phoa used to demonstrate and explain a version of this trick in the lecture he gave to Magical Societies and at Conventions, but the method he now uses and describes here is much superior. The first idea came from a version by Tan Hock Chuan published in the Sphinx magazine, but this was not self-contained and needed the aid of a top hat and a wand. Another version by Giampaolo Zelli required a thumb tip. Phoa has succeeded in eliminating all outstanding aids.

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  • Ghost Kiss Psychokinetic Touches & Psychic PK Touches Outdone

    Ghost Kiss Psychokinetic Touches &  Psychic PK Touches Outdone - magic

    You already know the basic premise of the effect. Somebody feels that they were physically tapped on the shoulder or touched on some other area of their body whilst you stood a major distance from them. As the audience confirms, you never touched the volunteer of the experiment at any time.

    No doubt you are also already aware that, in many other effects of this type, you ultimately do have to touch the volunteer — either yourself or using a gimmick under the cover of misdirection. (Such effects include Steve Banachek Shaw’s Psychokinetic Touches, Lior Manor’s Invisible Touches, Peter Turner’s Midas Touch on the one hand, all the way through to D’Angelo’s Touch and Morgan Strebler’s Touched.)

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  • Tenyo Complete 2020 Line

    The Tenyo 2020 line is now available for pre-order!

    Ultra Gravity Box

    4-D Cross


    Mystery Blade

    Miracle Fishing

    Super Prediction Card

    The line, as usual, will be released in two waves during November and December.

    However, if you order now, you will receive Super Prediction Card immediately with FREE shipping!  That’s right- pre-order the whole line and receive Super Prediction Card NOW!

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  • Ultimate Faulty Followers by Ken de Courcy

    Ultimate Faulty Followers by Ken de Courcy

    .Here is a wonderful routine that you can perform every time and everywhere. From an idea by George Sands, Ken developed a beautiful three phases routine that can be performed under all circumstances with eight unprepared giant cards. The routine develops the theme “You can’t do what I do”.

    Effect: Having enticed a spectator up to help, the magician hands him eight jumbo cards and says, “Please give me any four….and keep four yourself.” This done, both performer and spectator carry out some simple movements but, when the cards are counted over, all the magician’s cards are face down while the spectator has one face up. This process is repeated with exactly the same result.

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  • Direct by Bill Dekel

    Direct by Bill Dekel

    Imagine asking a spectator to think of a word, and then naming their thought. Without a process that they need to go through, without fishing, you can name what they are thinking of. Not only that, but you will have hit rates in the 95% range. That’s not just a number, there is a carefully calculated range of success for this. Direct thought reading is now possible, one on one or in front of an audience, after you absorb Direct.

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  • 250 Gags And Jokes For Comedy Magicians by Tadeu Magalhaes

    Image result for 250 Gags And Jokes For Comedy Magicians by Tadeu Magalhaes

    If you’re a magician and you’re getting tired of always doing the same jokes (like the one where people don’t take the invisible deck out of the box, or the one where you say things are gonna change places and change back)…

    Well, then I’ve got great news!

    Add these great 250 (and a few extras) gags and jokes to your arsenal so that you always have something funny to say! (that’s very useful to get yourself out of a tight situation sometimes)

    This digital booklet will not only help you increase the entertainment value of your show, but also give you hundreds of options for misdirection by humor.

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  • Gran Escuela Cartomágica (Vol 1 – 5) – Roberto Giobbi

    La cartomagia moderna condensada en cinco tomos. Juegos (de uno a tres con cada técnica) de los mejores profesionales, pensadores y ejecutantes de los años 90. Glosario español-inglés/Inglés-español. Glosario de términos técnicos. 1500 ilustraciones, explicaciones claras y precisas.

    Encuadernación cómoda, que facilita el estudio y la práctica (el libro queda abierto mientras tú, baraja en mano, lo lees).

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