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The 21st Century Haunted Pack PDF_5867

The idea of a spectator’s card slowly “crawling” out of the deck dates back several decades. Almost every method for it required some sort of thread, magnets or “secretly hitting the deck”. Then came along a few haunted deck variations that didn’t have these restrictions, but were limited in some other way.

The 21st Century Haunted Pack eliminates any need to worry about lighting or come anywhere near the deck. The effect could be performed behind a panel of glass or even in another room. There are no threads, wires, magnets or anything that’s ever been used in the Haunted Deck previously.

The gimmick for The 21st Century Haunted Pack is one that you probably already have sitting at home and allows for a Haunted Deck never before thought possible. And in this 30 page eBook, every possible difficulty you may have with the effect has been worked out so that you have no trouble performing the effect… But it doesn’t end there. 21st CHP is a principal that you can use for all kinds of different eerie PK effects.

Note from the author:

“I wrote this booklet a few years ago when I performed this effect more than I do now. It’s still one of those that I do occasionally, but it’s kind of fallen out of my repertoire recently.

That being said, I’m constantly coming up with new stuff to do with it, and with your purchase, you get exclusive access to a private forum where I’ll be answering any questions you have about it and posting all kinds of new performance ideas for it.

Hope to see you there!

-Chris Beason

PDF eBook, 30 Pages.

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What Lies Inside Sample by Florian Severin

What Lies Inside is the greatly expanded, updated English edition of a best-selling German book on mentalism (originally titled 13 Steps to Vandalism!) published by Vanishing Inc. Florian Severin is a respected mentalist in his native Germany. In this acclaimed collection, he details sixteen chapters of mentalism effects and theory.

His opinions and material are often shocking and always insightful. You’ll find a balance of methodological ingenuity, presentational inspiration, and technical innovation. And thanks to Florian’s casual, witty style, you will enjoy the journey.

With a foreword by Ken Weber and an introduction by the publishers (Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay), this is a beautiful, thick hardback book that will delight magicians and mentalists alike. Florian Severin’s approach is perhaps a little different to most mentalists and we think that his book will offer a brand new perspective to presenting mentalism.

Just a sampling of What Lies Inside:

  • Help a spectator meet the girl of his dreams!
  • Convict a gruesome slasher of beautiful blondes!
  • Perform brain surgery on yourself!
  • A brand new take on the classic add-a-number…with no adding!

“This cult book was a good reason to learn German … and now the new and strongly revised version is a good reason to learn English!”
– Christoph Kuch, FISM Winner – Mental Magic 2012

What Lies Inside contents

  • Imagination Is a Lemon
  • Verdoux Voodoo
  • Knock Knock
  • When a Stranger Calls
  • Fly into Your Head
  • Effect Overkill
  • Psycho
  • Lottery Limbo
  • Shroompledai
  • I Know What You Did…
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Conflict Resolution
  • I Hear White Lies Singing in My Head
  • Size Does Matter
  • The Fenwick Experience
  • Avada Kedavra

Pages: 340 – 6″ x 9″ – Hardcover – Black and white illustrations

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Some Advice By Tadeu Magalhaes (ENG ESP PTBR) – ENG

A 14-year-old student of mine asked me a great question:

What would be the best advice I could give other magicians if I only had 10 minutes?

I wrote down a few ideas and eventually gave him a handmade version of this booklet. Since I think it could be of help to others, I turned it into a digital booklet.

I hope you like it and feel free to share it with your friends.


Un estudiante mío de 14 años me hizo una gran pregunta:

¿Cuál sería el mejor consejo que podría dar a otros magos si solo tuviera 10 minutos?

Escribí algunas ideas y finalmente le di una versión hecha a mano de este folleto. Como creo que podría ser de ayuda para otros, lo convertí en un folleto digital.

Espero que les guste y siéntase libre de compartirlo con tus amigos.


Um aluno de 14 anos me fez uma ótima pergunta:

Qual seria o melhor conselho que eu poderia dar a outros mágicos se eu tivesse apenas 10 minutos?

Eu escrevi algumas idéias e, eventualmente, dei-lhe uma versão manuscrita deste livreto. Como eu acho que poderia ser de ajuda para os outros, eu decidi fazer uma versão digital.

Espero que goste e fique a vontade pra compartilhar com seus amigos.


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Seated by Amanjit Singh

SEATED is a trick that can be used as a piece of stage magic or parlor magic. The method is easy to learn and can be mastered in less than 15 minutes!


Effect :
A chair is placed on the stage. A volunteer is asked to join the stage and is asked to sit. A deck of cards is handed over to him/her and then is asked to shuffle it thoroughly. A card is then selected and placed back somewhere in the middle of the deck. You then read their mind and reveal the card which only the volunteer knew. For the kicker ending, the volunteer is asked to get off the chair – the chair is flipped and a prediction is found to be stuck under the chair which reveals the volunteer’s selected card.

This is Seated.

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End Of The World _project_6307

“ With the supposed end of the world, we, a small group of magicians and flourishers, have decided to entertain you, the community, with some magic before everything might turn into a TV Survival Show, or before we all just die.” EOTWP Artists.

This project is a collaboration between some top magicians from all over the world in anticipation of the supposed “End of the world”. This PDF is FREE so get it before the world is gone!

Artists include: Chris Wiehl, Andrei Jikh, Cristian Bizau, Dan and Dave Buck, Dennis Jin, Florin Ignatyuk, Henrik Forberg, Jeff Prace, John-Henry Larsson, John Stessel, Josh Brand, Keith Brown, Kevin Ho, Olivia Frost, Oliver Søgård, Shin Lim, and Stefan Eriksson.

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The Final Countdown by David Devlin

Have you ever wondered how many ways a single deck of 52 playing cards can be arranged? This treatise will discuss that number. It is a big number. A huge number. An almost unpronounceable number. Actually, there are no words in the English language or (arguably) any other language to express just how extraordinarily, frightfully, and tremendous this number is. This is a number so enormous and so long that we as human beings actually cannot comprehend its true nature. The number is known as, “52-Factorial”.

What David Devlin has done here is made reasonable, yet still difficult to truly imagine, comparisons of things that we can at least visualize to this number. These are things such as grains of sand, time, speed, distances, and single sheets of paper. While even the numbers involved with these things are so enormous that we cannot mentally interpret them, they pale in comparison to the number of ways in which a single deck of 52 cards can be arranged.

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MML_1.0 by Alvo Stockman_7657

Magic Modeling Language (MML) is a way professional magicians can abstractly describe and quantify the dynamics of a magic trick.

By looking past the presentational details of a particular trick, we can compare tricks that are seemingly very different in interesting ways.

Through effect maps, we can quantify elements of magic tricks that are sometimes clouded by presentation. effect maps are one more way that professional magicians can further analyze and refine their performances…

And it’s a free gift from Alvo!

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