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  • New Magic Of Japan 1988

    Back In Print!

    25 Japanese magicians each presenting one effect ranging from close-up to stage magic using cards, coins, silks, paper flowers, sponge balls, canes, wands, rings, etc.
    Pages 123 – Hardbound

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  • The Story deck Jermay

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    The story deck is a classic demonstration in card magic. It has stood the test of time. In thin short manuscript Luke Jermay provides all of the real information needed to put his story into your show.

    More importantly he provides all the insight into presenting the story deck to a modern audience.

    Including fresh new presentational points, a presentation especially designed for mentalists and a new approach to shuffling the deck during the story being told. This is a new way to tell a story with a normal deck of playing cards.

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  • Henry evans something more than an illusion

    Henry Evans - Something More Than an Illusion

    Henry evans something more than an illusion

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  • Lewis Le Val – The Fall

    The Fall by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

    The Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val is a clever method for not only secretly discovering your spectator’s star sign, but also to give them a reading without ever having to memorise anything!

    You will be turning 12 of your business cards into an incredibly useful Astrology cards system, loaded with information to inspire content for readings, and with a secret system in place that will allow you to know your spectator’s sign without any effort required!

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  • Mark Elsdon – Hidden Gems 2

    For several years, the last item in my occasional Newsletters was a ‘Hidden Gem’ – a killer, overlooked trick that’s already published somewhere; book, magazine, eBook, blog or very occasionally a commercial release. Never from a DVD or video download .These are tricks that define the very concept of ‘hidden in print’. In each entry I list the trick, where you can find it, why I love it and why YOU should look it up. I always describe the effect, occasionally the presentation, but never the method.

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  • Zee J.Yan – How To Get Kinda Famous

    An Open Letter to the Magic community from Zee J Yan
    I should be convincing you to buy stuff but instead, I am going to tell you what I think about this topic.
    Making money as a magician is something that we all dreamed of.
    Not all magicians want to become entertainers of laymen but legacies that will remain in the history of magic.
    The sad truth is, only a few of us can achieve that with pure raw talent in magic. Most of us will remain nameless.

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  • Henry evans notas de conferencia

    Henry Evans - Notas de Conferencia.

    Hoy quiero contarte brevemente algunas cosas antes que comiences a leer estas notas. Conocí al autor hace unos 30 años. Ya desde entonces él era un incansable lector y constante modificador de todo lo que aprendía. Nunca se quedó quieto o conforme con lo que le enseñaban: siempre intentaba dar esa “vuelta de tuerca” extra a cada efecto mágico.

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  • The Secrets of So Sato

    The Secrets of So Sato (Richard Kaufman, So Sato)

    So Sato is the amazing card man whose books published in Japan sold out almost immediately. He has somehow remained a complete mystery to those in the west. So Sato is reluctantly explaining 35 of his most devious creations with playing cards in his first English book… his secrets are out! A remarkable mix of difficult sleight of hand and self-working routines in one book that will devastate any audience.

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  • René Lavand – Magic from the Soul

    Magic from the Soul - magic

    René Lavand is without equal in his chosen field. He has held audiences around the world spellbound with his poetic and emotional style of presentation. Over forty years ago René Lavand, “the one-armed magician from Argentina,” created a sensation on The Ed Sullivan Show. Since then he has devoted his life to refining and performing his own brand of close-up magic. Luminaries such as Dai Vernon, Slydini, Juan Tamariz and Ascanio have referred to him as one of magic’s great treasures and an artist of the highest degree.

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  • Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost vol1-6

    This is the sixth volume in this series of easy-to-do, subtle card effects from master card trick creator, Nick Trost. As with the rest of the books in this series, Mr. Trost’s card magic is based on subtle moves and principles, rather than difficult sleight of hand – leading to audience astonishment. The majority of the material has not been previously published. There are over 100 tricks in 13 chapters, including Unique Card Effects, Coincidences, Court Card Capers, Blackjack Bafflers, Poker Puzzlers, Gambling Tricks, Divinations, Predictions and ESP Card Tests. Two chapters with new and different effects are also included: “Gilbreath Plays Poker, Part 3” and “Triple Dealing Effects…..

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