• The Audacious ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra

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    Here’s a great ‘Any Card At Any Number’ for stage and parlor performers.

    The performer asks someone to name a suit. The performer then gives them a note pad and a pen to write down all the choices, starting with their own.

    The performer then moves to the other side of the stage and asks someone to name a number between 1 and 52 and then asks another person to name a number between 1 and 10.

    Next, the performer invites one of the participants to deal the cards. Astonishingly, the named card lies at the named number!

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  • Sylvain Mirouf E-MMENTAL

    A divination effect based on an original concept: volumetric mentalism.

    The magician and the spectator each manipulate an object. At the end of the procedure, the objects fit together perfectly.

    Here, the viewer folds in the sense that he wants a sheet with several holes. Some holes line up and others become clogged depending on the direction of the folding of the document.

    There are dozens of folding possibilities that give different results.

    Once the leaf is fully folded by the viewer, the magician has predicted the number of aligned holes but also their positions.

    Easy to do and very bluffing.

    (Emmental, Emmenthal, or emmentaler for Switzerland, is a Swiss cheese with a hard cheese whose name comes from the Emme Valley, a region east of the canton of Bern.)

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  • Juan Pablo Ibañez – Body Mentalism

    From the fertile mind of Juan Pablo Ibánez: “Body Mentalism”

    “Body Mentalism” is an in depth study of an ingenious principle. You’ll find more than 16 extraordinary mentalism routines, using only spectators and almost no elements.

    • These routines are powerful, practical and extremely versatile.
    • You can amaze 20 people or a full theatre.
    • The principles involved allow you to perform one effect or a complete routine with a strong climax.
    • “ACAAN”, “Book test”, “Lie detector” and many more!
    • You’ll be ready to perform miracles anywhere and anytime!

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  • Gustav Kuhn – Experiencing the Impossible

    How the scientific study of magic reveals intriguing―and often unsettling―insights into the mysteries of the human mind.

    What do we see when we watch a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat or read a person’s mind? We are captivated by an illusion; we applaud the fact that we have been fooled. Why do we enjoy experiencing what seems clearly impossible, or at least beyond our powers of explanation? In Experiencing the Impossible, Gustav Kuhn examines the psychological processes that underpin our experience of magic. Kuhn, a psychologist and a magician, reveals the intriguing―and often unsettling―insights into the human mind that the scientific study of magic provides.

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    Gustav Kuhn – Experiencing the Impossible
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  • One Eye of God Fraser Parker

    One Eye Of God is a peek envelope like no other. It is an entirely self-contained, normal, and attractive gift card-style envelope. It can be shown completely opaque on both sides, yet you are able to always see clearly through it whenever you wish. In this manner, the envelope is able to reveal the secrets of its contents to you.

    There are no slits or moving parts. No use of alcohol to make the envelope transparent or any chemicals which need to be applied. In fact, nothing is added or taken away. There are no moving parts. The ingenious envelope does everything for you. It is self-working and resets on its own.

    No magnets. No thread. No elastics. No electronics. No holding it up to the light or placing it inside another envelope.

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  • Horror Magic by Jim Magus – Book

    Horror Magic is a fantastic resource for Bazaar Magic performers. Some of the effects included in this book are: Demonolastry, The Bottled Vampire, The Khaibit Serpent, Gargoyle, Shrunken Head, Hand of Kranus, Footsteps in the Dark, Goleum, The Hangman and, of course, Count Zartoff. Plus, much, much more. Very limited quantities available.

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  • Borrowed Time By Pablo Amira

    Borrowed Time By Pablo Amira
    Explorations in ungimmicked Mentalism with watches and time and theme.

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