Magic Trick’s

  • Mike Clark – Revise 5

    Revise 5 is a color changing pack of gum where not only the front of the pack changes colors, but the gum inside changes along with it. In fact, FIVE great changes occur! (1) The front of the package turns from blue to red. (2) The blue gum turns into red gum. (3) The front turns from red to green. Still with me? CRAZY!! (4) The red gum turns to green gum. AND (5) If that’s not enough, the green gum VANISHES!

    Revise 5 comes with several solid routines:

    Trio-Mint: Gum pack is entirely blue, and slowly and visually changes to red. Once it’s red, it instantly and visually changes back to blue. Just when you think the magic is over, the entire pack makes one last color change to green!

    Flash-Mint: A quick and visually stunning change from a blue pack of gum to a green pack of gum. This isn’t just a 2 color change trick — the way it happens so quickly leaves your eyes almost cross-eyed!

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  • TINT by Arief Nugroho

    Imagine showing a deck of cards in its case – and suddenly the case changes colors – on both sides!

    Here’s a color changing effect with the tuck box. It happens with a simple, yet acrobatic move. No switching needed! And, the box can be handed over to the spectators for examination.

    Most importantly, it requires only seconds to set up.

    TINT is the clean color changing effect – it can be followed by your suitable card routine immediately. Give your card routine a strong color-changing tuck box effect right from the start!

    TINT is the color changing effect you’ve been waiting for. And take note of this; everything happens using a real, examinable playing card tuck box.

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  • Memo Man by La Ville Magic

    Memo Man By Lars La Ville from La Ville Magic

    Lars has taken an old Bob Hummer plot and made a really nice memory Routine.Good work Lars
    – John Carey –

    Lars has come up with a fun and unexpected way to present this fascinating trick.Nice Work.
    – Dan Harlan –

    A Very impressive routine, and a real fooler.It got me.
    – Sal Piacente –

    Lovely Idea
    – Peter Nardi –

    Lars has formulated an excellent routine.
    Really good thinking.
    – Paul Gordon –

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  • Ben Salinas – The Reserve Magic Makers The Reserve with Ben Salinas - The ...

    The Ultimate Collection of Bill Switches and Beyond!

    Want to catch attention fast? Borrow Something…. Borrow money!

    Ben Salinas shares his expertise in bill switches. These effects are perfect for street magic, table-hopping, and more…

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  • Jamie Daws – VMRS

    Jamie Daws’s “Virtual Mind Reading System” is a series of miracles you can perform through the internet.

    This versatile method allows you to know with 100% accuracy whether someone is lying or telling the truth, in which hand they are holding a real or imaginary coin, a thought of number or playing card, or even which item from a list of 100 choices they have randomly selected!

    The best part is that VMRS is not just for online shows. The methods can also be used over the phone or in real life!

    This propless method will have your brain bubbling with creative ideas on how you can implement it.

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  • CSM Magic & Bacon Magic – No Card

    CSM Magic & Bacon Magic - No Card - $1.98 : Super Magic Trick Supply

    CSM Magic & Bacon Magic – No Card

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  • Edo Huang – Card Thru Box

    Card Thru Box By Edo Huang
    Created in 2018 while preparing for my asian tours.

    This Card Thru Box routines become one of my favorite routines that i shared on my lecture tours. There are 2 method that i came up with, one of them i released it on my previous project “Just a Few More Things to Share” and I’m happy to share with you this routine.

    Credit goes to daryl based on his routine called Knock Out on his Card Revelations series.

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  • Memo Demo By Gary Jones and Dave Forrest

    An incredible, completely self-working demonstration of super-memory!

    Regular deck of cards, Easy to learn, Easy-to-do, No actual memory work involved!

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  • Gary Jones – ESP-ionage

    Gary Jones’ AMAZING effect, ‘ESP-ionage’ from the ‘Automata 3’ DVD is undoubtedly the most talked about effect on the disk! It’s so good and so easy, it’s criminal!

    Three times you deduce completely random ESP cards! Each time more impossible than the last!

    Easy to do! Super-clever method and a stunning, three-phase effect!

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  • Mike Kaminskas – Klinger

    Michael Kaminskas has been out in the trenches crushing real audiences for decades. Now direct from his 30 city lecture tour is an updated handling of the magnetic wand that he features in his act at the Magic Castle. This is Klinger.

    Here’s what happens:

    Both a marker and your hands are thoroughly examined by the audience. With just a snap the marker clings to your fingers and then can be immediately handed out for examination. This can be done over and over again right under their nose.

    This quirky little effect is the perfect way to introduce your marker before you have someone sign a card, or even as a one-off moment in a longer routine. In addition to this little bit of eye candy Michael also teaches Escape. This is his no gimmick pen through bill that can be done with a borrowed pen and a borrowed bill. Both of these effects are easy to do and will drop right into your everyday repertoire. Surprise your audiences today with Klinger.

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  • Zee- Itoshito

    Itoshito - magic

    Our friend Zee took the coin magic community by storm with the release of Project Z and How to do Coin Magic.

    Many respected names raved about his modern touch on classic moves. Zee definitely sets a new bar for visual coin magic, and Itoshito, is the next chapter in his advanced visual coin work.

    This project consists of Zee’s bread and butter when it comes to routines that he performs professionally day in and day out.

    If visual insanity with a few coins in your pocket is what you are looking for, then you don’t want to miss Itoshito. Check it out.

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  • December Boys – Gimmick project

    Gimmick Project by December Boys,Magic Tricks| | - AliExpress

    We believe that modern magic should be either visual or dead. We see the future in eye candy magic and brilliant sleight-of-hand. Fortunately, our
     project requires minimal amount of skill: all 6 gimmicks are reliable and will perform most of the ‘dirty work’ instead of you. Hand-crafted by our very own Vitaly Chaban, these special cards are discreet, incredibly thin look almost exactly like regular Rider Backs.
    Gimmick – a trick or device intended to attract public attention. Gimmicks by December Boys are 6 special and flap cards, which will change your spectator’s perception of card magic once and forever.

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