Magic Trick’s

  • Simpatico Plus by David Regal

    David Regal is a top pro who understands method can only take you so far. Simpatico’s method is fail-proof and stunning, but what makes the trick unforgettable is the way it connects two of your spectators. They will never, EVER forget you and your performance.

    “I’ve performed this about 1,000 times” -David Regal

    Here’s What Happens
    A deck is freely displayed face up and face down.

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  • Kyle Purnell – Elimination Experiment

    Mentalism and Magic all in one mesmerizing effect!

    Kyle Purnell presents a powerful workhorse routine straight from his professional strolling repertoire. The magician presents the 5 standard ESP symbols and instructs the spectator to choose ONE and only ONE symbol to eliminate. After the named symbol is removed from the packet, the rest of the cards are immediately turned over to reveal an unexplainable and unforgettable prediction.

    When the cards are turned back over, they are all revealed to be completely blank!

    This strong piece of mentalism and magic uses no equivoque, no traditional multiple outs, no table, and absolutely no forces! It is super direct and multi-phased, making it an ideal opener for a mentalism set.

    Kyle then teaches his Calculator Cards routine, which is straight out of his formal close-up show.

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  • Diverter by Marc Kerstein

    Diverter by Marc Kerstein - Hijack and divert any number called ...

    Like something out of a CIA spy-novel, the spectator can dial any number and call it, but in a millisecond Diverter hijacks the call and sends it to someone else; your accomplice.

    Then, by the time the call ends, it cleans up after itself so there’s no evidence of your trickery.

    The crazy thing about Diverter is, the method is the least incredible aspect of the app. Imagine forcing a playing card and having a random stranger THEY called reveal it for them? A certified miracle… and that’s the most basic b***h thing you can do with this app.

    Because the person who actually answers is always someone you’ve prepared, the information they share can be as simple or complex as you choose.

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  • Marcelo Casmuz – Forzajes

    Forzajes (video Online) De Marcelo Casmuz - Bazar De Magia ...

    Una vez finalizada tu compra se gestionará un acceso al VIDEO ONLINE de forma permanente en la plataforma Bazar de Magia en VIVO y allí podrá disfrutar del material para estudiarlo a tu ritmo.

    Este video online totalmente en español, con 29 forzajes diferentes claramente explicados, desde los más sencillos hasta los más avanzados! Excelente video con una calidad impecable y una realización muy profesional. Incluye entre otros, el forzaje por bluff, corte en cruz, Hofzinzer, por enfile, bajo abanico, clásico y muchos más.

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  • Guy Hollingworth – Routines

    Four years after London Collection came the long awaited publication ofRoutines. Join Guy as he travels throughout England, elucidating the methods to eight of his most coveted effects. Each routine has been carefully designed to instill a deep sense of wonder in your audience. In addition, you will enjoy Guy’s updated thoughts and handlings on the effects within.

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  • GLITCH by Daniel Madison

    GLITCH - Free Card Trick Tutorial - YouTube

    In the action of flicking a playing card, it instantly and visually changes. GLITCH is a stunning new color change inspired by Dan Buck, Dave Buck, and Ed Marlo.

    A practical color change you will learn and use in every performance.

    Learn every detail of this beautiful sleight-of-hand card movement in nearly 10 minutes of comprehensive, high definition instruction from one of the most creative minds in modern magic.

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  • Gerti by Romanos

    GERTI by Romanos DVD + U.S. Gimmick

    “Gerti punched me in the face. I struggle to remember a time I was fooled worse than Romanos fooled me with one of these routines!!!” -Dee Christopher

    “A nice touch to the “which hand” concept with a simple and very well thought out method! Bravo my friend!” -Luca Volpe

    You have two coins; you ask a spectator to sign one of the coins. You invite the spectator to place one coin in your hand and one other coin in their own hand. Without looking you are able to reveal which of you has the signed coin. You can also tell which hand holds which dated coin.

    The gimmick is undetectable and makes for some amazing routines.

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  • Geraint Clarke – Revolt

    Welsh underground superstar, Geraint Clark, offers three brilliant playing card divinations from a shuffled deck in use. But these are far from your standard ‘pick-a-card’ trick. Each effect is more impossible than the one before, with the magician revealing the chosen card though there was no way to for him to have any idea what the card was. Each effect is diabolical, practical and most of all, potent for a lay audience. This is Revolt. 

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  • Geraint Clarke – Fate

    Image result for Fate by Geraint Clarke

    Fate is a modern mentalism miracle like no other.

    The performer borrows a spectators iPhone or iPod touch and has it placed on shuffle. Then whilst in the spectators hand you are able to reveal the next songs in a genuine shuffle.

    No Playlists or Apps!

    Then if things weren’t impressive enough you ask the spectator to think of an Artist and song title. You can then reveal what song they’re thinking of. Instantly!

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  • Extreme Burn 2.0 by Richard Sanders

    Extreme Burn 2.0: Locked and Loaded by Richard Sanders ...

    The MOST VISUAL Bill Change system EVER…and now COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE! 
    Extreme Burn is back WITH A VENGENCE!
    PLUS: Extreme Burn Wallet/Holder

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  • Eric Simmatis – Twitch

    Eric Simmatis presents a fast, visual color change, a deceptive switch, and a slick utility move, all rolled into one. Learn all 3 applications. This is Twitch.

    Display a card’s face in full view of your audience, held by the fingertips. With just a twitch, the card visually and impossibly changes. Make no mistake – this is NOT a variation of the Snap Change. This is fresh, and this is new. Learn it in complete detail – all in 13 minutes of powerful instruction.

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  • Eric Ross – Weapons

    Bicycle Weapons - ERIC ROSS - GAFF DECK - ARTECO PRODUCTION - YouTube

    WEAPONS is the BEST Gaffed deck to come along in years!

    The WEAPONS deck contains the BEST gaff card tricks and tools to have ever been released ALL IN ONE DECK!

    Gaffs that will kick your card magic up a few levels!

    Now you can get all these pasteboard miracles in one deck!

    Each deck contains red AND blue Bicycle Rider Back gaff cards!

    The Weapons deck contains classic gaffs (some long off the market) and a bunch of NEW ideas!

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