Free Magic Trick’s

Transit (Red) by Ron Salamangkero

The audience will freak out when you allow them to examine before and after you perform Transit. They can watch closely… there’s nothing to catch.

Ron Salamangkero is proud to present his latest creation. A variant of the traveling hole illusion.

The magician punches hole in three corners of a playing card using a puncher. A ribbon is tied through one hole and the ends knotted together. The card now hangs from the ribbon. With no dodgy hand or finger movement, the magician moves the ribbon from one corner hole to another by sliding it through the space between the holes. He does it twice.
It’s visual magic that looks unbelievable even when seen up close!
The magician the hands everything to the spectator for examination.
Transit comes with a gimmick card and a step by step in-depth video instruction.

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Hover Card Plus by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence

“Stunning visuals and an absolutely brilliant method. This takes a classic many of us are familiar with and truly catapults it to another level!! Had me saying how in the h#%&??” -Oz Pearlman

“At first I thought Nick was showing me an old standard, and then I lost my mind when he handed me the card. Brilliant update.” -Erik Tait

When the brilliant Dan Harlan saw what Nicholas Lawrence did to his classic Hover Card, he said “My vision of a self-contained close-up levitation has finally been perfected.”

Only available at Live Magic Expos until today, this is without a doubt the best card levitation of all time. It fools everyone.. ESPECIALLY magicians who thought they knew the secret. There’s no threads, and now seemingly NOTHING AT ALL.

Imagine a SIGNED card floating off the top of a pack of cards, and while it’s hovering in mid-air, you pluck it out of the air, show it on both sides, then gently place it back IN SPACE. IN SPACE, MAN!!! Then, as if that wasn’t already enough, you can prove it’s not connected to the pack by pulling the top card of the deck off, then the next card and the next card if you like. And if THAT isn’t enough.. with complete control, you make the card float back onto the deck AND IMMEDIATELY HAND IT OUT. Did I mention it was signed?

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Dr. Sawa – The New Coin Magic of Dr. Sawa Vol 1

The Professor, Dai Vernon, summed up Dr. Sawa this way:

“One of the most creative magicians I have ever known. As the saying goes, you have to see it to believe it-and even then, you won’t!” Find out why.

When Dr. Sawa burst onto the magic scene back in the 1970s, he caused an international sensation. His work with paper, seashells, ropes and especially coins, was simultaneously whimsical and astonishing. Some years ago, for private reasons, Dr. Sawa vanished from the magic world. Happily, he has resurfaced-his enthusiasm for magic not only renewed, but actually increased.

L&L Publishing is proud to present this multiple-DVD set, containing almost fifty new and astonishing coin routines on a total of six DVDs.

1. See-Through Pendant: A solid silver dollar, worn on a chain, transforms into a cut-out coin. Through a devilishly clever method, you end clean.
2. Silvers: Four silver dollars immediately change into four assorted denominations, and then return to their original form.
3. Mr. Feather-Light: Here’s something you haven’t seen before. Imagine an “Oil & Water” routine using coins-with an amazing Coins Across conclusion.
4. Submarine Coins: When rubbed against the close-up mat, coins invisibly move from one hand to the other in poetic fashion.
5. A Hand Slit: One by one, four large coins penetrate through the performer’s hand, with a whimsical presentation.
6. Head & Tail: Six coins are used. Instantly, five of them vanish, then the remaining coin also disappears-and then they’re all reproduced.
7. Cheers in Bretagne!: A charming “wedding ritual” using eight silver dollars and a champagne glass. Mystifyingly, the dollars merge into a single coin.
8. Pushman: A Sawa classic revised. Twelve coins are pushed into a standard-size Okito Box. Then, literally dozens of coins are produced from the box. And there’s an eye-popping climax that delivers gasps!

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APOLLO BLUE by Nicholas Lawrence

APOLLO is a unique and realistic Finger Through Card & Restoration effect, that’s ready toper form right out of the box!

You’ll LOVE performing Apollo LIVE and for Social Media. It is an excellent stand alone effect but also a great follow up to any Torn and Restored tricks.


Here’s what happens… Grab a playing card and with your finger start to push on the center of it… Push and twist until your finger bursts through the card!

After this small feat of destruction, cleanly display the ripped and frayed card impaled on your finger.

Show the card 360 degrees with absolutely NOTHING to hide!

It’s actually pierced…
Remove your finger and display the destruction again briefly, then with a quick twirl of the card it instantly restores itself…
Leaving NO trace of the hole on either side of the card!
Show the card front and back with nothing extra in your hands!
(This mechanical gimmick looks like a normal playing card from your audience’s perspective and only you know the secret…easily switched for an examinable duplicate card and end clean)

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2020 ON TIME by Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo’s new take on the hour prediction.

You have an image of a handless clock and ask someone form the audience to randomly choose an hour and minutes. You draw the hands with a marker on the clock, and immediately reveal that your prediction matches their selections!

A revolutionary multiple-out system that will allow you to gave them a lot of options, and even let them change their minds… This will fool magicians, too!
Really easy to perform.
Instant reset.
Use it as a quick opener, or in the middle of the show.
You can perform it seriously or doing comedy. Includes a gag that you can use in the middle of the routine.
It’s a killer routine for the mental performer

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Band on Fire by Bacon Fire and Magic Soul

This DVD presents rubber band magic that will amaze you and your spectators. Rubber band magic has evolved!

The author, Bacon Fire, is from a new generation of magic creators from Taiwan. He has an unusually rich idea for performing impromptu magic. He creates magic using his own unique style, breaking through many classic effects, while ensuring that every trick is effective. It is strong, visual, and practical! You will learn 6 effects of rubber band magic, each having evolved utilizing Bacon Fire’s incredible way of thinking about magic!

These include:

Infinite Jump

The Jumping Rubber Band is a classic effect, and has evolved with time, from the most classical single jump to the recent BJ4 four-hop jump of Hanson Chien. Once the industry feels that it is impossible to break through, Bacon Fire has created an infinite jump!!! Learn this principle — the rubber band will be able to jump between fingers infinitely, as many times as you desire.


Adapted from the rubber band single stroke process published by Magic Caul Morelli on theory11 in 2010 – TRANSIT, this is a non-props version of TRANSIT. It uses only a normal rubber band to almost recreate the entire performance. It is worthwhile to learn this trick.

Easy Come Easy Go

The penetration of rubber bands between solids is a very common effect and often requires a few settings to complete. Easy Come Easy Go, however, allows you to pick up a pen and a rubber band and get close to it when you have no settings at all — you can directly and continuously make the pen go inside and outside of the rubber band!

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Crowdpuller by Peter Wardell 1-2

“The street is where it all began both historically and personally. I’ve spent over fifteen years making a living performing magic to crowds that didn’t know they were going to be a crowd. Providing the unexpected to the unsuspecting. Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage” and if the police don’t stop you then that’s pretty much true. No matter where in the world I’ve been, and I’ve been around, no matter what language people speak, the magic works” – PETER WARDELL



Behind the Scenes – An exclusive look into the world of street performing filmed around Covent Garden and the South Bank in London.

Getting a crowd – Learn the real secrets of building a crowd and apply these techniques to your magic.

The Pre-Show – Watch and learn from a true master as the techniques are put into action!

The Magic – Explained in detail for the first time… Peter’s entire pre-show performance! Featuring his versions of The C&R Rope, Coins thru table, Ambitious Card and The Peter Wardell Coin Load (revealed for the very first time).

The Knotted Silks – One of Peter’s featured routines and worth the price of the entire DVD set!

Bonus Pickpocketing Techniques – A masterclass in boldness and technique.

The Cups and Balls – Peter’s trademark routine featured on DVD for the first time! First watch the complete routine in a live performance from the home of street theatre, Covent Garden in London.
Learn the correct props to use and where to get them!
The complete routine revealed in intricate detail – nothing is held back!
The One-Cup variation – A fantastic seldom seen move!

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The Ben Blau Project by Ben Blau

The Ben Blau Project by Ben Blau | Paradize Magic

This project includes some of Ben’s wonderful thinking on Mentalism with Cards. The trailer shows you one example (HOTOAC, described below) of the phenomenal effects you’ll learn here. This download includes that effect AND MORE!

Here’s a peek at what’s on this download:

HOTOAC – Hand’s Off Think of Any Card – Including multiple handlings that make this a devastating effect sure to become a classic.

Polygraph – A killer lie detection routine.

Helstromism – A card is divined through muscle reading.

E.C.F. – Easy Card Force.

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours – A powerful “do as I do” coincidence.

B.B. False Cut – A utility multiple false table cut that will be of interest.

Zodiac Signs – Divine a sign of the Zodiac.

Emotions – Divine the emotion a subject is remembering.

Scratch and Sniff – Ben shares a method to divine which scratch and sniff card a subject is thinking of AND the exact fruit on that card!

Childhood Memories – Another killer application of Ben’s favorite principle.

Advanced ESP Test – A new set of ESP cards make for an impossible demonstration of telepathy.

Plus, Ben sits down with Patrick Redford — they discuss Ben’s approach to mentalism and magic as a social performer.

Run Time: 180 minutes

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Mike Powers – $185 challenge

Give your audience a chance to win up to $100 of your money in a super fair board game. They make all the decisions, and all you have to do is follow the instructions. Even though the audience has complete freedom you win every time. This is the $185 Challenge by Mike Powers.

Here’s what happens:

A board with six spaces and a small stack of cards with instructions on it is introduced, along with $185 dollars. All the audience member has to do is put up a dollar. The audience member gets to place the bills on the board in any configuration they chose. Once the audience member has made their choices both the magician and the spectator follow the instructions on the cards with the understanding that if at any time they have to hand the dollar to the magician the game immediately ends and the spectator gets to keep all of the money on the board. Even though the spectators have multiple opportunities to make completely free choices; in the end, they come away with only the dollar bill.

The $185 challenge has the feel of a fair and honest board game, but with astonishing results. There is no sleight of hand and no equivoke. Mike Powers’ extremely clever method allows your audience to make truly free choices while you are still in complete control. You can play even play the game with spectators multiple times, and you always win. Put your money on the line with Mike Powers’ $185 Challenge.

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Asi Wind – Time Is Money

“The best thing I saw at ‘Magic Live’.” -Paul Harris

“It’s a doozy… a real reputation maker.” -Richard Kaufman

“You totally, totally fooled me.” -Chris Kenner

A borrowed bill vanishes and reappears under the spectator’s watch. Featuring bonus presentations.

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