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Ben Earl – Trade Secrets Bundle

If you want to make the act of controlling a card to the top MUCH more deceptive, then this download is packed with expert touches, technique, and psychology to do just that-turning a very simple approach to control into something masterful. The best part is…only beginner skills are required!

Ben Earl has fooled Penn and Teller, amazed David Blaine, and is a world-renowned performer, creator, and teacher of magic. Now he wants to share his trade secrets with you. In this Trade Secrets project by Studio 52, Benjamin Earl will share his YEARS of experience, techniques and psychology behind his innovative magic.

“Ben Earl has turned his analytical mind toward the fundamentals of sleight of hand and we all benefit. His clear vision, fresh approach and articulate explanations are a level above. When Ben speaks, I listen!”
– David Williamson

“Trade Secrets are a must have if you want to take your magic to the next level. Ben is a great teacher and a true magic master. This a no-brainer…get these!”
– Bill Malone

“Trade Secrets represents a deeper level of thinking and analysis on the impeccable execution of sleight of hand. Who better to be our coach than Benjamin Earl. This new series is simply outstanding.”
– Michael Vincent

Trade Secrets by Benjamin Earl is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to INSTANTLY learn card magic from a master. Key moves that will make any routine better including: The Combination Shuffle, The Overhand DPS, Finessed Frank Thompson Cut and the False Swing Cut.

In Trade Secrets, Benjamin Earl goes meticulously through each move; not only showing the hand positions — but also the psychology of the moves AND how to maximize impact for your spectators. He will give you the tools to choreograph YOUR sleight of hand moves so perfectly that they will become undetectable to your spectators. True magic.

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52 B’Wave by Iñaki Zabaletta (VERNET)

52B Wave by Vernet - Trick - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. - Wholesale Magic

This is a terrific stand-up mentalism routine that can be used as part of an act or as part of your Emceeing repertoire. Can be done live or as a virtual performance.

It basically combines the effects and part of the methods of the Brainwave Deck and Max Maven’s B’Wave.

You introduce a blue backed jumbo boxed deck which is in view the entire time. A spectator or group of spectators are instructed to select a color, a suite, and a value of a card.

The deck is removed from the box and shown to have one card face up… it is the spectator’s selection.

The selection is then reversed to show that it is the only card with a red back.

As a finale the rest of the cards in the deck are shown to all be blank.

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Olé Juan Luis Rubiales

The astonishing stand-up and close-up magic of one of the finest magicians in Spain. Juan Luis Rubiales, reveals in OLÉ his favorite effects and most closely guarded secrets. His distinctive take on classic plots make for some of the most baffling magic you will ever see.



4 Discs DVD Boxed Set


Almost 10 HOURS of wonderful magic!

Closely guarded secrets, new original sleights, classic plots revisited and several multi-climax routines never before explained. All in four amazing DVDs titled: PARLOUR MAGIC, SIGNATURE ROUTINES, CLOSE-UP MIRACLES and CLASSIC PLOTS. A masterclass that you’ll own and relive forever!

A warning by Eric Mead…

“Pay close attention when my friend Juan Luis Rubiales begins to show and tell. Wonderful original magic presented with great passion and genuine humanity that shines through it all. A session with JuanLu is a treat not to be missed.”

A confession by Paul Wilson…

“JuanLu was once one of Spain’s best keep secrets. It’s always a pleasure to see such a wealth of original, magical ideas. Don’t miss your chance to explore his ideas and imagination.”
What the greatest are saying about Juan Luis Rubiales OLÉ…

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The Intuition Test by Larry Hass

Image result for The Intuition Test by Larry Hass

As the dean of the McBride Mystery School Larry Hass knows what powerful magic looks like. An open prediction where the audience shuffles the cards, makes all the decisions, and there is no equivoke or sleight of hand is about as powerful as it gets. That’s the kind of power hidden in The Intuition Test.

Here’s what happens:

A deck can be borrowed from your audience who also shuffles it. The performer places two business cards on the table, and the audience freely chooses which business card they would like to use. The performer deals down through the cards until the audience tells them to stop. The cards are shuffles, divided, and then the audience member genuinely and freely chooses which cards to swap between the two piles. Once they are satisfied the prediction is turned over. The conditions of the cards in the piles are compared, and they match the prediction 100% of the time

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Fisher’s Dream by Iñaki Zabaletta and Vernet

“The Lasso Card Trick” is one of the favorite classics of all time. Now imagine you can do it anytime anywhere with a freely selected card and signed by the spectator. This is the most practical, fooling and amazing version of the classic “Lasso Card Trick” you will ever see! This is the version for you!

A shuffled regular deck of cards is handed out to a spectator. A card is freely selected and signed. A regular paper bag is handed out for examination. The selected card is lost in the deck and all the cards are thrown into the paper bag. The magician shakes the paper bag shuffling all the cards inside. Now he takes a rope by the end and introduces part of it into the paper bag. After a few seconds the magician raises the rope taking it out of the paper bag. Surprisingly, the signed card appears tied on the rope. And it’s not any card but precisely the signed selection!

  • Packs small and plays big.
  • All the materials fit in the pockets, extremely practical.
  • No table required.
  • A regular shuffled deck of cards is used (not provided).
  • Any paper bag can be used.
  • No change of ropes.
  • The same signed card is catched by the rope.
  • Perfect for parlor or stage.
  • Ideal for adults or kids shows.

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World’s Greatest Magic – Card Fanning Magic 1

In a manipulation act, nothing elicits oohs and ahhs from an appreciative audience more than playing cards displayed in elaborate fans that change color, size and even magically divide seemingly at the magician’s will.

This DVD is an information tour de force on the arcane subject of creating elaborate fan displays using playing cards. First, master manipulator Alan Shaxon supplies all of the basic information you’ll need to know to get started, including the types of cards to use, their preparation, and the elementary techniques. Then, Jeff McBride, a modern master of card manipulation, goes into even more detail on the fine art of fanning playing cards. Finally, the godfather of street magic, Jeff Sheridan, adds some more touches and ideas to round out your education.

Henry Hay, in his classic The Amateur Magician’s Handbook, said of card fanning, “More than any other flourish, fanning has to be taught by example rather than precept.” You’ll soon be discovering that, short of personal instruction, this DVD suits Mr. Hay’s intention perfectly.

The Technique of Card Fanning – Alan Shaxon
Treating The Cards – Alan Shaxon
The Standard Fans (Forward & Reverse Effects) – Alan Shaxon
One Hand Fan Closing (With Presentation Tips) – Alan Shaxon
One Hand Fan (Opening) – Alan Shaxon
The Blank Deck Fan – Alan Shaxon
Color-Changing Fans – Alan Shaxon
Splitting The Fan – Alan Shaxon
The Giant Fan – Alan Shaxon
Giant Fan Variations – Alan Shaxon
Giant Fans With Two Decks – Alan Shaxon
Gimmicked Giant Fans – Alan Shaxon
The Loyal Burke Stripped Fan Deck – Alan Shaxon
The Diminishing Cards – Alan Shaxon
Normal To Jumbo Fan – Alan Shaxon
The Fan-See Card Trick – Alan Shaxon
Words Of Wisdom – Alan Shaxon

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Imagination by Geraint Clarke _ Peter Turner

Imagination is five years in the making. A compendium of ideas from two of the most innovative minds in magic… Geraint Clarke and Peter Turner.

During Magic Live in Las Vegas, G and Pete sat down and began to swap ideas back and forth on routines, concepts and techniques they use in their own personal repertoires that completely shatter a spectator’s sense of reality. The effects that feel like someone has entered your mind.

Being able to know what someone is thinking is one of the strongest feats in magic. This definitive guide to psychological forces will put you in the driver’s seat, in complete control of your spectators from start to finish.

Get immediately download Geraint Clark & Peter Turner – Imagination

You will learn:

The complete Imagination routine
Hear G & Pete’s personal touches on classic forces
Plus, how to develop your own performance

G & Pete have been mastering and perfecting these skills across years of practice and performance. Their tips, techniques, and ideas have the ability to take your mentalism from super to supernatural.

Start learning now.

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Mario López introduces us to the Magic with Cigarettes. In this detailed explanation we are going to see the Hinge and the Spike aplied to the Magic with Cigarettes. It includes a vast Applications section: Cigarette Recomposition, 3 type of False Breaking tecniques and the Steal and Breaking of 1/2 Cigarette directly from the packet
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La baraja Stripper (o biselada), es una de las herramientas de la magia más ingeniosas que se haya creado jamás. En este DVD, el experto cartomago Luis Otero te enseña sus secretos y cómo utilizarla, para realizar increibles efectos como si fueses un predigitador profesional.

APRENDERÁS : Carta al Número – Caras Arriba, caras Abajo – Escalera de 13 – Cortando por los Ases – Separación de Colores – Cartas Magnéticas Carta Apuñalada – Cortando a Ciegas – Estimación Perfecta – La Huella Dactilar.

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