Old Magic Trick’s

COPTER By NubzMagic

This flourish is simple and enjoyable. There is a beginner version and an advanced version taught. (The advanced version is not very advanced). You also select the speed of the flourish when you perform it. Download it today! Welcome to COPTER!

If you have any questions and/or concerns about this product, please do not hesitate to contact me via private/personal message on YouTube. My email should also be available on the channel home page.

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Color Change 4×4 (excerpt from Shin Lim At The Table Live Lecture)

4x4 Color Change (excerpt from Shin Lim At The Table Live Lecture)

This is by far one of my favorite lectures it may be my favorite! Its between Patrick Kun’s and his! Im going to start off by saying this is mainly for card and close up magicians. There is some move monkey stuff. Also if you like gimmicked visual card magic, this is amazing. I love it, so here is an in-depth review!

52 Shades (FISM ACT)- Shin teaches his 52 shades of red act the fism version. If you own 52 shades of red, he goes over the stuff he did not teach such as all the card vanishes. This is the ultimate companion to 52 shades as it will put the finishing touches on the act. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED 52 SHADES OF RED DECK OR DVD to perform all of the stuff he teaches on here. This is great!!!!

How to make Flap Cards- I have been in long search for this, I have tried many methods, the best for me was flap cards by Alexis Delafuente, until… I saw this. Shin teaches his methods and touches on how to make flap cards, it is very very easy to do and will last you a while! His is by far the best flap cards as he teaches how to do a 4 card flap change with one card and his doesn’t have a gap like most, as he uses something that I can not say due to exposure that fills the gap, and it works beautiful and makes the cards last longer.

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Coin-Thru-Box – by Tom Phoenix

Drop some stuff out of your card box, make a coin go from your palm, into the box, and then produce an entire deck – from the same box which previously contained the other objects!

This an easy, clean method of fitting more stuff into a box than it should be able to hold.

A couple of the moves will take some practice, but this is not difficult to do and the angles are great!

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Christian Grace – Instinct

A unique membership for Magicians

Each month I’ll be sharing TWO of my greatest effects with you.

There are currently 11 Tricks in the membership.

Join Now for only £10+vat and you will learn:

The Knowing Principle ˗ THE fairest and most fooling Impossible card location

The Bet ˗ One of my absolute favourite go-to card openers!

Drunk Prediction – A close look at an underused and deceptive card switch by Ed Marlo and a casual routine using it.

Pinned Prediction – A Do As I Do flavoured card match routine using two packs. Simple but fooling.

HC On the Fly – A hands off card force with limitless applications using a borrowed shuffled deck.

Stopwatch Shuffle – An impossible ACAAN where everyone shuffles the deck before the card and number are generated. Special thanks to my friend Ollie Mealing for letting me tip and teach his core effect here.

Cross Cut Considerations – My personal handling of one of the best card forces of all time.

INSTINCT – A ‘hands off’ style trick whereby the spectator blindly cuts to a random card that they are then able to somehow know using instinct. This is a direct piece of hard hitting magic/mentalism that’s simple and easy to do.

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FREE By Stefanus Alexander

Free by Stefanus Alexander video (Download) | Twin Cities Magic & Costume

This is an impromptu effect and surprisingly effect for remove the card from inside the box..
This effect is very easy to play..
No need additional tools..
No gimmick needed..
Everything examinable..
Can be checked after played this effect..

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Coin in Card In Their Hand by Jibrizy

The difference between this coin in card is the psychological belief that goes on. And makes them believe the coin appears in the card.

-Ends up in your spectators hand
-End Completely clean
-In depth explanation
-Great for gigs or close up
-Easy to make gimmick
-Can carry in your deck at all times
-Self contained

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Alan Rorrison – Prohibition Monte

Prohibition Monte - magic

Beloved magician, inventor and TV consultant Alan Rorrison has taken one of the most famous card scams, The Two Card Monte, and combined it with The Anniversary Waltz and Torn and Restored Card to making a mind-boggling prohibition-themed effect that you’ll want to perform at every event.

Inspired by Alan’s love for classic street cons and legal loopholes, Prohibition Monte offers the perfect blend of an intriguing story and powerful magic.

Prohibition Monte starts by explaining how during the prohibition era, back alley gambling games using poker-sized playing cards were illegal. So, in an effort to circumvent these laws, con artists would often rip cards in half and just use half-sized cards.

You then remove two different torn half cards, show them front and back, and invite the spectator to play the classic con game of “Follow the Queen”. After showing them how it works and baffling them with your ability to make a Queen, which was fairly placed into your pocket, appear back in your hand, you allow them to up their chances by signing the face of each card.

After the cards are signed, you repeat the challenge. Despite how fair you make everything seem, the spectator will be unable to truly follow the location of each card—ultimately proving the power of this legendary scam.

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