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One Hand _ One Card (Excerpt from Sublime Self Working Card Tricks)

Renowned card worker John Carey has a stellar reputation for creating practical, powerful card magic. Tricks that play brilliantly, and shock audiences, but are eminently DO-ABLE. Carey is known for employing clever thinking and choreography rather than complex moves and techniques, but on this project he has distilled it down even further and crafted 10 routines that require NO sleight of hand AT ALL!

Often entirely impromptu, these routines are simple in method but staggeringly impactful. You’ll be able to perform all ten routines immediately and really concentrate on engaging with your spectators and creating magical moments.

The TEN sleight-free tricks include gems like:

Yes, You CAAN – a brilliant self-working ‘Card At Any Number’ routine that requires NO DECK! Everything you need will slip into your wallet, and you’ll be prepped for a total mindblower anytime/anywhere!

Sync – a thought of card routine that seems utterly impossible – a card ‘constructed’ by your audience is divined with almost zero procedure. Super clean. Super awesome!

One Hand & One Card – a card is selected, disappears from the deck and then appears in your pocket. ALL WHILE YOU HAVE ONE HAND STUFFED IN YOUR POCKET! Super clean. Ridiculously easy.

Plus seven more stunning examples stuffed with cheeky ruse’s and deceptive routining in place of difficult sleights to make you look like a mega-skilled card shark.

Featured routines –

1. Opening Time
2. Think as I Think
3. One Hand & One Card
4. Yes You CAAN!
5. Scattered
6. A la Goldman
7. Dice CAAN
8. Sync
9. Make Believe (a coin effect!)
10. Redford Unplugged

“John Carey is quickly dethroning the greats and becoming king of effortless card miracles!”
– Ryan Schlutz

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Designing Miracles Audio Book Sample by Darwin Ortiz- designing-miracles-chapter-1

Designing Miracles Audio Book - magic

We are huge fans and appreciators of Darwin Ortiz’s words and material. That’s why we embarked on a “first” in magic: to make an audio book of his acclaimed Designing Miracles, to be used on your phones, iPods, in your car, or just about anywhere. Why should learning magic be relegated to your study at home? Why not improve your skills on the plane or at the gym?

The response has been fantastic. It’s Darwin himself reading the entire Designing Miracles book, and it’s ready for INSTANT download right now. Within minutes you can be learning from Mr. Ortiz. What’s more, Darwin expands on his concepts from the book with bonus material he has never written, published, or shared before.

Download Chapter 1 for free and then purchase the rest of the Designing Miracles audio book on download or CD.

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Cagey (excerpt from The Omega Mutation) by Cameron Francis

Cagey (excerpt from The Omega Mutation) by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

CAGEY – A FREE effect from the Omega Mutation 3 volume set. Cagey is a stunning card transposition with an ending that will slay your spectators. This is visual, fun, and employs a truly engaging presentation.

THE OMEGA MUTATION “Bottom line, if you are lookin for a TRUCKLOAD of fantastic killer material, PICK UP THESE DVD’s.” – Richard Sanders

“Cameron’s magic is captivating and full of surprises. You will like this material!” – Aldo Colombini

“I’ll sum up my thoughts on this DVD set in two words ‘BUY IT”. – Craig Petty

“The most exciting dvds magic has seen in a long time!” – Justin Miller

“I know how much this is selling for, and I would have gladly paid double that.” – Donny Orbit

“Stunning. Well filmed and fantastic effects… if you love close up, you’ll love these.” – Alan Rorrison

“This is absolutely superb.” – Jamie Badman

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The Movie by Mario Daniel and Gee Magic

The magician shows a case with a virgin DVD inside and asks the spectator to sign it. Then he shows his collection of cinema tickets containing his favorite movies of all time. The spectator chooses one and when the magician opens the case, magically the DVD appears with the label sticker on it, with the chosen movie on the signed DVD.

The final kicker is when the magician puts the DVD back in the case (after the spectator examination) he says that he likes to have his DVDs with the original cover and the case appears with the chosen movie printed.

“The Movie” comes complete with all the gimmicks that you need to perform it. It is extremely easy to do, everything is 100% examinable and you can do it in close-up or stage work.

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Panic Shuffle by Mohamed Ibrahim

A new method of fake shuffle that allows you to keep the cards at the same place as they were from the beginning.

Imagine if you could mix the cards in front of the audience, but secretly you have the cards at the same stack.

• so easy
• can be done on a table
• looks pretty good
• new and deceptive

From the mind of Mohamed Ibrahim Gado

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Mixup by Christopher Wiehl

Christopher Wiehl presents his third “Wiehl Free Magic” download. This week you won’t just learn a new trick, but you will learn how to IMPROVE your magic! With more than 30 minutes of information it makes this “Mixup” his longest download yet! So what are you waiting for? ADD TO CART.

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