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Espon J by Mago J

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Una idea original de Mago “J”, rodado y producido por el Estudio jmalcazar.com en exclusiva para Undermagic.

La magia con esponjas es una magia curiosa, diferente, altamente divertida, interactiva y muy directa. Con grandes dosis de SORPRESA. Los espectadores quedan maravillados al ver como simples bolas de esponja desaparecen, se multiplican, cambian de lugar, tamaño, color e incluso forma… ¡Y en sus propias manos!.

Con este DVD, el primero de la serie Espon J, descubrirás las mejores técnicas para lograr un gran dominio en el arte de la magia con esponjas.

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Anything by Ben Williams

Mentalism is an amazing form of entertainment and one of the last true believable feats of mystery entertainment left.​

Anything is a piece of mentalism Ben Williams has been using in his professional repertoire for many years now. It ALWAYS gets a HUGE reaction, and the best part is that Anything is so easy! Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, we are absolutely sure you will LOVE performing Anything; it is one of those routines that is so simple, yet so devastating for an audience that you can’t help but smile inside whenever you perform it!

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Dice Man by Andy Nyman

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Andy Nymans Diceman Fantastic trick from Andy Nyman.Go google the reviews & then place your bid 🙂 Full DVD instructions from Mr Nyman. Basically, you explain how you have started making your decisions based on the throw of a dice.You don’t have a dice on you but you have 6 laminated dice cards.You show the cards, each showing a different dice number. You ask your spec to choose any number, totally free choice. You then turn all the cards over one by one, each card shows the words, Kill on the back. Except the card / number chosen which has Be Nice written on the back. Very easy, full instructions.

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Standing Room Only by Aldo Colombini

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Standing Room Only by Aldo Colombini (DVD)

With magic for the stand-up and walk-around performer, this 90-minute video features effects that don’t require a table. Everything can be performed in the magician’s or the spectator’s hands. Fifteen routines with cards, coins, rubber bands, sponge balls, rope, finger rings, bills, jumbo cards…even a carpenter’s ruler! Contains:

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Self-Working Packet Tricks by Aldo Colombini

Easy packet tricks performed with regular cards and with virtually no sleight-of-hand.

MERELY THOUGHT-OF CARD MIRACLE (Paul Gordon) : A card is mixed in a packet of eight cards, yet you reveal it!

BUBBLE SORT (Werner Miller) : Three face cards capture two selected cards!

WEDLUCK (Peter Duffie) : Cupid (a Jack) couples the Queens and the Kings!

CHANGE IN MIND (Howard Adams) : A great routine using cards torn in half and three coins!

CHILD’S PLAY (Karl Fulves) : Two selected cards appear together while two packets are dealt at the same time!

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Rope Classics by Wild-Colombini Magic

Ten stunning rope routines.


ROPE-EN-KNOT (U. F. Grant): A spectator ties knots on a rope. You drop the rope in a paper bag leaving the end protruding. The spectator pulls on the rope and the knots are gone!

ROPE THROUGH (Marconick): A piece of rope mysteriously penetrates your neck!

SILK ON ROPE (Hans G. Witt): You show a length of rope and tie a knot on it. Suddenly a silk appears in the knot!

LOOPED (Aldo Colombini): You tie several loops on a piece of rope. You then pull one of the loops removing it, while all the others disappear!

LINKING ROPES (Rink): What a great effect! Two lengths of rope are shown and in a blink of the eye they link together. You will love the great method!

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Confabulation by Alan Shaxon

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Da staunen Leser des Zauberblog STAUNEN nicht schlecht. Der Showtaschendieb Pierre Castell verschenkt Bücher und Zauberrequisiten. Glaubten manche noch an einen Scherz, so haben bisher schon 2 Zauberfreunde wertvolle Pakete erhalten. Danke an Pierre Castell, dass er sich unseren Blog für seine Verlosung ausgesucht hat.

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Praemovo by Alan Rorrison

What would you do if you could create a few frames of simple animations on the back of a phone? No fancy technology, just you and a marker.

You can make the magic happen with Praemovo.

Alan Rorrison has created a moving ink effect that allows you to create a short animation for a brief moment. It is an extreme, cute and magical effect for all ages.

Everything is included and the effect is 100% customizable to any drawing you like.

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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Novo by Alan Rorrison

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Novo is Alan Rorrison’s ungimmicked, incredibly visual and fully examinable in-the-hands bill switch. We’re very excited to be able to offer you this from one of the UK’s finest creators and are sure you’ll be performing this in your set. Check out the video demo above, which has no cuts, no fancy edits and no messing about – shot in one take, live.

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