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baraja invisible explicaciòn

Baraja Invisible - Hecha con la Mejor Técnica Roughing + Acceso Área Secreta con 1 Hora de VideoTutorial Online por Magos Profesionales - Trucos de Magia Profesional - Juego de Magia

  • Efecto: El espectador nombra una carta que pensó, y al abrir la caja de la baraja, se muestra que la carta nombrada es la única que está cara abajo en todo el mazo. El efecto funciona con cualquier carta pensada por el público y se puede repetir cientos de veces.
  • Trucaje preparado a mano, utilizando la antigua técnica de roughing, que hizo famosa esta baraja por su seguridad y facilidad de freno y desplazamiento de la carta a voluntad del ejecutante. No usamos aerosoles.
  • Video Tutorial Online más de 1 hora en castellano, grabado por magos profesionales deRecontramago
  • Caja ‘cerrada’, que permite que el público abra una caja nueva en la primera presentación de la baraja.
  • Juego de Magia hecho con Cartas de Alta calidad. Si compraste el truco y te gustó háznoslo saber y te enviaremos un Regalo, una carta trucada para que puedas hacer el truco de magia que engaño a Houdini y el link al área secreta con el vídeo que te explica como hacer el truco.

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AJ Stouse – Ring Wraith(EMS)

Ring Wraith is super visual, easy to master, and the ring can even be examined.

The Glide: As you outstretch both hands, fingertip to fingertip, a ring is seen to glide across one finger and onto another.

Balance: A ring is seen to impossibly balance at the tip of your finger.

Vanish/Reappearance: A ring completely vanishes then reappears in your hand at a moment’s notice.

This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know on crafting the gimmick, as well as 3 unique effects you can achieve with it. This effect is best for lower light environments and online performances. Though with enough practice and with the tips in the download can be done anywhere at any time.

Download the video and learn now!

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Christian Grace – Twin Peeks

Christian Grace – Twin Peeks

Twin Peeks – No, this isn’t a Paul Gordon trick… Here I will be teaching you my personal and treasured handlings of two secret card peeks. Firstly we take a look at the very foundation of using the correct technique and I also share my thoughts on language. Learn these handlings now and I can guarantee you’ll be using them forever.

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Agustin – Hostage

Borrow a small object from your spectator. Tie it with a rubberband on a playing card.

In this condition it’s impossible for that object to move anywhere, but in just the blink of an eye it can visually vanish.

Hostage is a innocent looking gimmick that allows you to vanish an various object openly. It’s fun to build and practical to use. You can easily perform it as a stand-alone effect or on your repertoire.

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4K Color Vision Box by Magic Firm

The ball & vase. The silk vanish. The penetration frame. All classics, all simple, all found in magic kits around the world. These classics didn’t reach that status by having the most clever methods, they got there because properly performed they will fool the %#$# out of people.

With 4K Color Vision, Brent Braun takes a magic kit classic to new heights. Whether you’re performing for magicians or a lay audience, if your audience thinks they’ve seen this before, they’re about to have their world turned upside down.

This incredible update to the classic color vision box is a multi-phase jaw-dropper with a simple prop that you can perform anytime, anywhere.

A simple toy die with colored spots on each side is placed inside a box by the spectator and you can name the color every time! Each phase becomes more impossible, as you continue to divine the color out of the clear blue sky without touching the box! You can even name the color when the spectator has placed the die into the box behind their back and closed it without anyone watching!

And the best part… there are no electronics, batteries, remotes, bluetooth, WiFi, apps, stooges, mirrors, magnets, or other gadgets & gizmos. This is analog magic at its finest – pure, simple, and direct.

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Juan Pablo – Rubik Go

Rubik Go! A modern version of a classic using a Rubik’s cube.

You can make a real Rubik’s cube travel super visually from one paper bag to another.

You can also make the cube disappear inside a paper bag and then reappear inside a woman’s purse, inside a hat or anyplace you prefer.

The method is simple and the magical effect is very visual and direct.

It can be performed in children and adult shows. It can also be a part of a longer Rubik’s magic routine.

You receive a real Rubik’s cube plus a gimmick that will allow you to create this miracle.

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Inject 2.0 Webinar March 2020 by Greg Rostami

Inject Webinar 2020

This one of a kind, online event, focuses on the most requested, and most important Inject concepts.
The latest developments in Inject will be covered.

From beginner to advanced:

* The basics – What are transmitters, receivers, and how to use them.
* How to perform – The subtleties, patter, and the technical details that will make you a MASTER Injector!
* Inject for pre-show – How the pros use Inject in sneaky ways (includes a mini lecture from professional mentalist Ryan Edwards).
* When, where and how to use it – how to integrate Inject in your repertoire or casual performances.
* Using Inject with P.E.P. (Thom Parkin’s email prediction system) and Steven Ng’s S.C.I.
* The NEW features of the Inject website.
* Multiple methods of auto-pairing (including the new ReaList method).
* Using QR codes and NFC (SO excited about this)!
* Hiding Inject – drawing duplications, time misdirection … including a diabolical integration with ANY book test!

This is a 5 to 6 hour webinar that is ideal for anyone who wants to get the most out of Inject where all your questions are answered, one-on-one, by the guy who created it!

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Gregory Wilson – Revolution

Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all that?

Revolution shortcuts the years of practice and allows you to look like a Shaolin Spin-Fu Master in just minutes. Spin any standard deck or standard playing card on the tip of your finger in a mesmerizing display of playing card dexterity.

Part sportsmanlike skill and part unsportsmanlike gimmick, you’ll have everything you need to get instant attention, including trick playing cards for tons of routines, expertly taught by Gregory Wilson. Greg will teach you how to spin like a Globetrotter in no time.


  • 90 minutes of video instruction from top pro, Gregory Wilson.
  • Specially designed and precision-engineered gimmick for weight, balance and spin time.
  • 3 special trick playing cards to turn Revolution into a full magic routine.
  • Easy to learn, easy to do, looks incredible.
  • Instant Reset
  • Makes a stunning ice-breaker

How hard is it to perform? Just check our degree of difficulty scale:

1. Broker Peace In The Middle East
2. Build A Suspension Bridge
3. Translate Sanskrit
4. Hit A Major League Fast Ball
5. Solve A Rubik’s Cube
6. NY Times Crossword Puzzle
7. Train A Ferret
8. Raise One Eyebrow
9. Ride A Unicycle
10. Juggle
11. Hang Wallpaper
>>> 12. Spin A Card Box On Your Finger
13. TV Guide Crossword Puzzle
14. Tie Your Shoelaces
15. Build A Popsicle-Stick House
16. Connect The Dots
17. Gargle
18. Use A Stapler
19. Chew Gum
20. Breathe

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