Old Magic Trick’s

Julio Montoro – Midas Touch

Skymember Presents Midas Touch by Julio Montoro

Pull out an object from the drawing/flyer like a real wizard! An effect based on 3D Advertising by Henry Evans.

In 2017, Julio Montoro was assigned a mission to create an opener magic effect for Ms Dania Diaz’s America’s Got Talent appearance. Imagination is the foundation of everything. When the imaginary is so strong, it will turn into reality.

Enter Midas Touch by Julio Montoro.

After 3 years of working and manufacturing at Skymember Presents, we can finally bring you the Midas Touch.

Midas Touch comes in two variations for a different presentation.

First is the Sketch Edition, where the performer turns a drawing into reality. The paper is laminated, water-resistant and has low transparency. The paper is also erasable, meaning that it can be fully customisable for each performance.

Last is the flyer edition, with eye-popping colors that will guarantee to catch your audience’s attention. You may immediately hand out everything for the examination. The flyer is custom designed and printed in high resolution to look like a standard flyer.

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John Bannon – Bandwidth Zoombaya

Bandwidth: Zoombaya by John Bannon

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD – ‘Zoombaya’ is the first of a series of releases from John Bannon featuring virtual, internet-friendly stunners you’ll also want to do live, up-close and personal. This incredible routine allows you to determine which of eight random cards your participant is thinking of, all whilst turned away, or on videoconference, over the internet or even over the phone. And you never see or touch the cards!

  • Totally self working. Totally impossible!
  • No angles, no gimmicks, no sleights, no off-camera shenanigans
  • A remote miracle where you never touch or see the cards
  • The eight cards can be from a borrowed deck
  • No elaborate pre-trick nonsense, start immediately from a shuffled deck
  • Works over video call / phone call / in person / on stage!
  • Perform from the other side of the world

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Coat (excerpt from Out of Sleight) by Cameron Francis

Coat (excerpt from Out of Sleight) by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

Employing both ingenious construction and the cleverest of devious methods, the material in ‘Out Of Sleight’ requires no sleight of hand skills, yet is utterly fooling. Using just some playing cards, a pen and a few business cards these ten routines will arm you with miracles! And with no worries about complicated sleight of hand, you can just concentrate on presenting your magic like a rockstar.

Cameron Francis, your genial host, will not only train you up in the required handling for each routine, he will also unleash performance advice and show you how to improve your magic.

So let’s get OUT OF SLEIGHT!


Out Of This Packet
Sleightless Sightless
Find The Kings
Humming Words
Gemini Annihilator
Date Fate

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Joel Dickinson & Andrew Dean – Fab Board

Concept & effect by Joel Dickinson. Designed by Andrew Dean.
AVAILABLE IN A5 (black, blue and red) AND A4 (black, blue and red)
“This is an ingenious tool and will become my no.1 forcing method”
– Harry Robson
F.A.B Board is a new and amazing piece of apparatus that enables you to force ANYTHING from a list of written words.
A force that allows your spectators to see what they really could have had!
It happens right under your audiences nose and goes completely undetected. A tool so flexible that you will be creating customised routines at the drop of a hat.
100% reliable; Giving you confidence to perform with no need for any additional outs.
Your spectators believe they have a free choice of anything, however their choices are completely under your control.

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How to Print on Playing Cards By Alex Robertson

How to print on playing cards - magic

Ever wanted to create your own playing card gaffs without having for fork out on expensive print runs?

Well, Alex Robertson has a solution for you. This handy guide (and accompanying templates) give you all you need to print onto playing cards using your home printer.

Includes instructional PDF, Photoshop file, and templates.

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Yu Huihang – Backview 3 Fly

Backview 3 Fly - Yu Huihang - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Invite the audience into your world with “Backview 3 Fly”. Talented Singaporean Magician Yu Huihang has flipped the script on “3 Fly” by allowing the spectator to watch over your shoulder. The coolest part is that you get to have an audience view on your own magic trick!

“Backview 3 Fly” works well on its own or as part of a larger routine. While it’s clearly a great video magic trick for social media, the angles are also very manageable allowing you to perform this in-person as well. It’s well within the range of any intermediate coin magician.

It’s also important to note that “Backview 3 Fly” is just a ton of fun. You’ll love practicing and performing this one. No gimmicks needed.

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Apple Watch by by Zee J. Yan

Modern Mind Reading Magic Zee - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Impromptu mind-reading without any previous preparation at its best.

Apple Watch is a multi-phase mind-reading routine that you can read thought of time and a city with borrowed phones.

Without any peeking or apps, you can know what exact time your spectator is thinking of down to minutes. The second phase is reading a thought of a city from foreign countries without any extra steps.

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