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  • Franken-Doh by Roddy McGhie

    We fell in love with this the moment we saw it. An instant sell-out at Blackpool 2019, it’s finally available.

    Charming and miraculous, this is the most original trick of the year.

    Perfect for ANY age group, in any language, Franken-doh feels like real magic.

    Works with any currency.

    Comes complete with everything you need to perform.

    Inspired by the very clever Little Hand idea by Bob Farmer

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  • The Bouquet by Bond Lee & MS Magic

    Visually stunning, meticulously crafted, yet requires very little practice to perform. A perfect effect for working professionals and stage performers. The Bouquet is inspired from the classic blooming rose effect and we made it extremely portable for you.

    Effect: The magician holds a bouquet with no roses at the start. Then, magically, numerous red roses begin to emerge until the bouquet is filled with beautiful roses.


    – Size: 23cm x 20cm x 42cm
    – Contains 9 red roses

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  • Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano

    Image result for Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano

    Developed over 10 years – Perfect Cents gives you the ability to make a perfect prediction using ANY currency.

    You ask someone to name any number. You immediately show your hands empty and reach into your pocket. Everything is pulled out, and every coin is placed into their hands. Your pocket is shown to be empty – it’s that fair. They slowly count the coins to find the number they named is the EXACT amount of change in your pocket. To the penny. Every. Single. Time.

    Perfect Cents comes with a precisely engineered, custom-made gimmick that has been refined over ten years of development. It resets in seconds – and, unlike other systems on the market, the gimmick works with coins from ANY currency. The best part? It’s a fraction of the price of anything else like it.

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  • WOW Money by Masuda & Lloyd Barnes

    Image result for Masuda & Lloyd Barnes WOW MoneyEveryone knows WOW, everyone can perform WOW… but not everyone wants to. Putting a playing card inside a sleeve looks odd to most audiences.

    With the 2019 WOW Money gimmick, because it’s introduced as your slimline RFID wallet, you can now perform WOW without causing suspicion.

    Take advantage of these flawless visuals with something that looks natural to your audiences.

    This is just one idea for an impactful presentation…

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  • Go Back by Uni Kim

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    This week on MOA. Go Back by Uni Kim
    A little tug to the heartstrings but I think I was truly amazed.
    Don’t you think? Even works with signed coins!

    Go Back by Uni is a cleverylu constructed two-coin routine which is the perfect trick to do on the fly. It’s quick, fun to perform, and easy to learn.

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  • The Fog by Arnel Renegado

    The Fog is a mysterious and unique way to reveal a signed or any chosen card!

    Imagine this. You ask your spectator to choose any card they want. You borrow their bottled water and ask them to hold it. They see nothing on the bottle until an image slowly appears on the bottle — it’s their chosen card! And with a shake, it vanishes.

    Download the video and discover the secret of The Fog.

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  • RD Insta by Henry Harrius Ft.Vincent K

    Image result for RD Insta by Henry Harrius Ft.Vincent K

    CGI effect that you can perform LIVE.
    “I hate that toy! I hate Henry! And and I won’t change my mind until he gives me a box full of this wonder!!”
    – Mario Lopez

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