Penguin Live

  • Lee Earle LIVE

    Depending upon your point of view, Lee Earle is either Mentalism’s Johnny Appleseed, Pied Piper or Don Quixote. Lee refuses to applaud mediocrity. He rails at it. In his earlier magical incarnation, he convinced the Arizona driver licensing authorities that his middle name was the “Five of Spades” so that he could include it on his license and use it for card revelations. Lee has the temerity to comment on the magic condition without apology. To some, Lee reminds of a red-headed Max Maven or a beardless Eugene Burger. Each would be offended by the comparisons.

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  • Dani DaOrtiz LIVE 2

    “Simply super strong magic full of surprises!” – Juan Tamariz

    “His display of freedom and ease with a deck of cards creates a spirit of wonder every magician should strive to achieve.” – Dan and Dave Buck

    “His casual style disguises his deep understanding of fundamental magic principles and applied psychology. Any student of magic, at any level would do well to pay close attention.” – David Williamson
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  • Michel Huot LIVE

    Michel Huot is Montreal’s busiest corporate magician.  He has been doing corporate magic for the past 20 years.  He did not received a magic kit when he was 6.  He started at age 23, years after seeing a magician at an event.  Michel was dealing with personal issues at the time (the death of his mother and father) and realized that time stopped while he was being entertained by the magician.  He did not think about his parents for the 10 minutes the magician was there.  For him, THAT was the magic.  The next day Michel had bought a copy of Mark Wilson’s course in Magic.

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  • Richard Osterlind Penguin LIVE 2 Pocket Mentalism

    Richard’s first appearance at Penguin LIVE was a three-and-a-half hour, five-star, knockout performance with rave reviews and now he’s back for more!

    As you already know, Richard is truly an encyclopedia of mentalism and you never know what he will do next.

    He has so much material, it’s hard for him to narrow it down and pack it all into just one lecture. So we asked him to come up with a few of his favorite things that don’t require too much work and are not hard to make, yet still have incredible impact.

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  • Alain Nu LIVE

    Alain Nu, “The Man Who Knows”, has performed all over the world, headlined at casinos in Las Vegas, amazed people on cruise ships, given talks and demonstrations for leading scientists, staged his own program at the Internatonal Spy Museum in Washington DC, entitled The ESP in Espionage, predicted the Academy Awards on Las Vegas TV, and has even starred in his own four-part network television mini-series for TLC called, The Mysterious World of Alain Nu (2005).

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  • Menny Lindenfeld LIVE

      • Award-winning, international paranormal entertainer, Menny Lindenfeld , AKA, “The ParaMentalist”, has been performing for both the private and business sectors for over 15 years. He speaks fluent English, German and Hebrew.​
      • He is highly acclaimed by his colleagues as one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of telekinesis. His strong ability to shift and deform metal objects without touch has astonished audiences in 22 countries – both on live shows and on national television.

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  • Jay Sankey LIVE ACT

    “Jay Sankey has established a strong reputation as one of the top creators of innovative close-up magic.” -Max Maven

    “Jay will go down in history as one of the funniest, ground breaking, and most creative magicians of all time.” –Nathan Kranzo

    “Jay’s bar-raising efforts have helped produce a generation of magicians with higher expectations.” –David Acer

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