Penguin Live

  • The Amazing Johnathan LIVE

    Who is he?

    The Amazing Johnathan is an eccentric comic magician whose bizarre humor and unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original and unique performers today.

    The Amazing Johnathan has performed for audiences all over the world, including countless dignitaries and high-profile officials like President Ronald Reagan and the president of France. His fan base stretches across the globe from the U.S. to the U.K., Europe, South America and Australia, where he is a household name.

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  • Bizzaro and The Shocker LIVE ACT

    “So Good!”– Penn & Teller

    Bizzaro is Brilliant! One of the top creators in modern magic” – Jeff McBride

    “Amazing!” – Drew Carry

    “Throughly Entertaining!” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

    “All around clever mother f*&@er” – Dan Sperry

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  • Alexander Marsh LIVE ACT

    “Alex McAleer is one of my favourite mentalists. He knows more about presenting entertaining mentalism for real world audiences than almost anyone else I know.” – Ian Rowland

    “It’s hard to find your own voice in mentalism without sounding like you’re trying to copy Derren Brown but you succeeded splendidly.” – Martin S Taylor (the Hypnotist who inspired Derren Brown)

    “Again Alex proves how to construct and present contemporary mentalism.” – Marc Spelmann

    “Alex’s Head Wired manages that rare feat: material that’s both very creative and very practical.” – Oliver Meech

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  • Carisa Hendrix – Penguin Live Acts

    “I’ve seen her delight and I’ve seen her amaze. When Carisa is performing at Lucy Darling, anything can happen” – Rob Zabrecky

    “Lucy Darling is one of the most exciting, hilarious magicians to come along in the last ten years. And some of the smartest
    things I’ve heard a magician say are in Carisa Hendrix’s lecture.” – John Lovick

    “Lucy Darling has figured out that rare technique of of being in the moment. Her magic is good, plus she is funny and cute. All of that makes her a force to be reckoned with. ” – Max Maven

    “Carisa Hendrix brings a breath of fresh air to a stale magic community. She is a talented magician, improviser, and creator of new effects.” – David Kay

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  • Lu Chen Penguin Live Online Lecture

    What will he teach?

    In this Penguin Live lecture, filmed at the prestigious Magic Circle in London, Lu Chen shares his thoughts and experiences from his incredibly successful career. Plus, he performs and teaches some remarkable routines that demonstrate his latest ideas and performance philosophies.

    Tossed-out Deck- Lu Chen reveals the first four cards one-at-a-time by using a truly weird ability. Then he’s able to name all the rest of the thought-of cards, plus a PIN number, and a random animal from someone’s mind. After naming a few more cards without even using the deck, he shows that the last card thought-of has been predicted from the very start.

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  • Doc Docherty LIVE ACT

    What will he teach?

    Close up restaurant style performances that are easy to learn, and most of all makes the spectators feel like they did the magic!

    Narlo’s Invisible Palm Aces- The spectator is the magician as they palm and transfer invisible Kings from one pile to another. To make it even better the spectator turns them into four Aces!

    World Famous Salt(Sugar) Trick- a restaurant favorite where sugar vanished and reappears in a napkin. A great TT steal is used to create a stunning effect that can be recalled during the entire walk around set.

    Card at Unknown Number- A random number is created but unknown until the deck is out of the magicians hands. Then the previously selected card is at that number!

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  • Jibrizy – Penguin LIVE ACT

    What will he teach?

    The MAXIMUM ACT: A 30 Minute Act that uses mostly borrowed items and is suitable for all professional performances.

    Vanishing Bottle- You will see how I am able to get the most I can out of this classic prop and how you can make this routine not only hilarious but also extremely impressive.

    Ring Magic- A borrowed ring changes places with a ring in my pocket under impossible conditions. You finish the routine by making their ring disappear and it is gone forever…. Or is it???

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