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Alan Alfredo Marchese – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Alfredo Marchese, who performs as Alan, may not be the most recognized name in the world of magic, but we were tipped off with some inside information. So, when Penguin Live happened to catch up with him, we took the opportunity to find out what the buzz was all about. And you’ll be glad we did.

Alan is originally from Argentina, now living in Madrid, Spain. Drawn there by the tradition of Spanish card magic… he has a very different take on it. He performs his card magic in a stand-up situation, and in this Penguin Live lecture, he shares a selection of unusual card tricks with fascinating methods.

He begins with a bet and a prediction, and involves the whole audience helping to narrow down an imaginary deck of cards to only one. Although his prediction card in the envelope is off by one, Alan is right on the money as he proves he knew that would be the case.

Then a real deck is cut into four piles, and shuffled by four people, yet each pile is found to have one of the aces on its bottom. It’s a clever method.

Next, Alan uses his pocket calendar which has a different card listed for each day. After someone chooses a date and notes the card there… he shows that it is the one card missing from the deck… and, just for good measure, he also has exactly that card in a prediction envelope.

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Jay Scott Berry – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Arguably the most powerful single utility device out there, the Topit has remained in the shadow regions of the Art for far too long. This is partly due the risk factor and unnatural movements associated with the earlier, more primitive, designs. All this has changed with the new techniques and Topit design pioneered by Jay Scott Berry.

Jay is widely recognized as the best in the world with the Topit and his innovative design. The all-new JSB Topit system has been created in real world performance conditions. The sealed pocket design allows for accuracy rates well above 99%. That’s with coins, cards, balls, gimmicks and more! The Topit itself is made from heavy-duty black satin and can easily be installed and even moved from jacket to jacket. Once installed, it connects and disconnect in seconds, without safety pins, magnets or long flaps to tuck in. This incredible device is the icing on the cake that will launch your magic to a whole new level. Jay will perform and teach over a dozen effects with the JS Topit System:

1. The Basic Coin Vanish: As clean as magic gets. A silver dollar sized coin is freely shown, sleeves are rolled up and, without any false, tell-tale moves, it vanishes, without a trace. This can even be done close-up and surrounded.

2. Coin Vanish #2: An ultra-clean variation, which will astound young and old alike. Once again, sleeves are rolled up, the coin is shown and gently tossed out to a spectator. By all appearances, it actually dissolves in mid-air! Both hands are immediately shown unmistakably empty.

3. Coin Vanish #3: Another mind-blowing vanish at the fingertips. Sleeves rolled up, the coin is tossed from hand to hand. Without any unnatural moves, it simply disappears.

4. Spectacular: How about a pair of glasses or sunglasses? No problem! This is an effect that Jay has been doing for years in all sorts of conditions. The glasses are freely shown, and, as you clean them with a scarf, they simply vanish without a trace.

5. Silk Vanish: Applying these same techniques, Jay will perform and carefully explain some of the cleanest silk vanishes ever! Using a number of different silks and streamers, he will show how you can make them completely disappear, right before the eyes of the audience.

6. Ball Vanishes and more: Jay will also perform and explain how these innovative techniques apply to any small object, from balls, dice, rings, salt shakers and more!

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Lewis Le Val – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“LeVal is a unique talent who combines his skill in sleight of hand with an inspired understanding of the human mind. In the decade I’ve known LLV, he’s travelled the world creating and performing some of the most impactful mentalism on stage, in close up environments and on his highly successful television show ‘Mind Control Freaks.’ In his first Penguin Live Lecture, he will be sharing some of the secrets that people have been avidly waiting for and I’ve no doubt that every performer and curious individual will get far more than their money’s worth.” – Dee Christopher

“I have never thought of Lewis LeVal as a magician nor mentalist. His approach, attitude and execution of his craft, solidify him as a pure artist of his very own art form. I’m one of his biggest fans.” – Daniel Madison

“Lewis’ thought process is one we should all be envious of. His ideas are fresh and the way he executes them is flawless. His style and choice of premise is always interesting and outside the box, and every time we sit and jam I leave feeling inspired. He’s a legend.” – Peter Turner

“Lewis is an EXPERT in the art of mentalism.” – Phil Star

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Andy Niman – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

An accomplished mentalist, writer, director, and actor, Andy Nyman knows how to construct and perform killer routines that leave a lasting impact. His collaboration (as co-writer and director) with Derren Brown on many of his stage shows has earned him a string of awards, recognition, and accolades. And, his own book, Bulletproof, containing many of Andy’s edgy, dark, hilarious, and odd routines, was an instant success, critically and commercially.

In this Penguin Live lecture, Andy Nyman shows you why he’s a highly-respected performer and teacher as he shares a few of his favorite routines using them to illustrate important performance concepts, how to engage an audience, get the most out of your methods, build to a big reaction, and more! Andy begins by attempting to “dead cut” to an exact number of cards. Then, when he has three helpers also try to dead cut an exact number,(and each mark the cut with an object), he tips his true intention: getting them to cut (in an all-blank deck) to the only cards which reveal those objects.

Next, he chooses someone to be a target and try to conceal three weapons. Although his assailant has a free choice of the order of the weapons, Andy still determines exactly where each one was hidden. As a kicker, he again tips his hand to show he actually predicted it on the back of the target.

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Atlas Brookings – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Join Atlas as he examines the strengths and limitations associated with propless mentalism techniques. He’ll discuss when to go propless, the correct way to present the material, and how to handle those situations when things don’t go exactly as you’d planned – teaching you the right and wrong way to fail when using these approaches.

Tune in and discover how to do some amazing things when you have only your wits about you.

At this lecture, Atlas will teach you some of his favorite propless effects, many of which have never been published before:

CloudNine – A short personality reading that finishes with telling someone the day, month, and year they were born.

Comicle – Tell someone the name of the superhero they are thinking of.

Disney Dynamite – Name the animated Disney film you participant has in mind.

Forward Thinking – You play an association game wherein your participant only answers in their mind and selects only one of the responses they freely thought of. You then reveal their thoughts.

Imbalanced – An impromptu murder mystery game, wherein you not only name the murderer, but you reveal whether someone chose to be honest or to attempt to deceive you.

Speed Trap – Within moments of meeting someone, tell them the make and color of the car they have in their garage at home.

Quinnfluence – A series of free choices lead three participants to three random thoughts, which are then promptly revealed.

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Brian Brushwood – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Brian Brushwood is an American magician, podcaster, author, lecturer and comedian. Brushwood is known for the series Scam School, a show where he teaches the audience entertaining tricks at bars so they can “scam” a free drink from their friends.

In addition to Scam School, Brushwood co-hosts the podcasts Weird Things with Andrew Mayne and Justin Robert Young, Cordkillers with Tom Merritt and Night Attack with Young. Brushwood was also a regular guest on the This Week in Tech podcast. Brushwood performs his Bizarre Magic stage show across the United States and is the author of six books. Brushwood has appeared on national television numerous times including on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN and Food Network.

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Chris Rawlins – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

In this lecture you will learn how to reveal numbers from a spectators credit card that you never see or touch – during part of an entertaining and playful routine. (Credit Guard)

You will learn how to duplicate a spectator’s drawing under fire with Chris’ approach to the stage drawing duplication – this method is fail-safe, solid, workable and so simple. (REVEAL)

You will learn Hack – Chris’ approach to the classic Al Koran Newspaper Test – a no memory, very easy solution to Koran’s original Headline Countdown.

You will learn a direct, simple, but fooling, Lottery Prediction effect. (Lucky Lottery)

A beautiful and baffling thought-of name revelation that can adapted to all situations, where there are multiple moments of amazement for the spectator having their mind read. (Flutter)

Chris will also share Drop Card – a method that has literally limitless possibilities. The routine shared allows a spectator to guide another spectator to a thought-of playing card, whilst their eyes are closed and you do nothing.

Amongst the effects, Chris will touch upon why he does what he does, and he will also include other options and alternatives for the above effects. One example being, how you can alter his newspaper test to become a very fair and fooling newspaper prediction effect. He will cover how to stage his routines and how to get the most from the spectators on stage with you, whilst going into great depth when explaining each effect.

Chris loves people’s input, he loves to answer questions, and once he has shared the effects mentioned above, and much more, Chris will answer any questions submitted in as great detail as possible.

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Dani DaOrtiz – Penguin Live – Online Lecture 3

As you know, Dani DaOrtiz is one of the best, and most original, card magicians in the world. Combining subtle techniques and silly humor, his unconventional style seems improvised, but in this (his third) Penguin Live lecture, he reveals just how calculated it really is.

He begins by borrowing two decks and having someone take any card out of one of them. Another person in the audience names any number they like. Is it possible that THAT card is at THAT number in the other deck? As you’ll soon discover, with Dani DaOrtiz… anything is possible!

Next, as he cuts cards to the table, four people say, “Stop,” at any time to make four random piles, leaving him exactly ten cards. Which doesn’t seem too significant… until he reveals that each person stopped him precisely on the four tens from the deck.

Also, a spectator thinks of any suit, changing his mind a few times. Everyone else grabs cards from the deck. Without looking at their faces, Dani finds ones that match the thought-of suit. The only thing that would be more impressive is if all the random cards matched the thought-of suit… and they do.

Then, he finds two named cards from a shuffled deck placed into his pocket. It’s his extra-deceptive take on a classic card problem, and you’ll love it.

And finally, multiple people shuffle while one of them peeks at a card. Everything is collected and the spectators take turns deciding which cards to eliminate until only one remains. And it sounds impossible, because it should be, but the last card is the very one secretly peeked at earlier.

In addition to the impressive tricks, Dani also shares the basis of all his psychological forces, which rules in magic to break and why, and so much more.

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Dave Loosley – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“If you’re looking for some good visual magic with smart, well-constructed methods, then you have to check out Dave Loosley’s lecture.” – Alan Rorrison

“Dave Loosley is one of my favourite creators of modern magic, His tricks are as fun to learn as they are to watch.” – Kieron Johnson

What will he teach?

The S.M Principle This is a secret weapon you can add to any deck of cards to allow you to perform several incredible colour changing affects with a signed playing card.

A Sweet Prediction After tipping some wrongly predicted candy from its packet, you magically change the remaining contents to their chosen candy. The best part is, it happens in their hand!

Mystique This is a colour changing deck like no other! A multi-phase visual piece of magic you have to see to believe.

It’s Your Turn This is Dave’s Favourite impromptu piece of magic where the spectator performs the torn and restored napkin trick however.  All is not as it seems!

Spot Shuffle How to locate a freely named card after the deck has been shuffled.

Location A devious method for locating a chosen card under impossible conditions.

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Brent Braun – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“The effects he has chosen to present are quite visual and startling. The ball through glass is surprising and clean in appearance. The card effects are well thought out and incorporate effective climaxes. Mr. Braun does a great job explaining the effects, and the methods are well within the reach of anyone with basic grounding in sleight of hand with cards.” – M.U.M. Magazine

Brent Braun has been a professional performer for over a decade, Brent creates exceptionally visual magic that is both pure and entertaining.

During his years as a magic dealer, he came to understand that many of the effects released into the market today are “pipe dreams”, and are deceptively advertised. Due to this realization, Brent has a firm commitment to only release effects that he has tested and used in the real world, in “under fire” situations.

Each detail in his effects has been thought out and worked out. Details such as angles, practicality, and impact have always driven Braun’s creativity. Every mistake that could be made has been made, analyzed, and corrected.

You can be assured that any effect by Brent Braun is thorough, proven, and powerful.

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