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LUX by Lloyd Barnes(VIP)

LUX by Lloyd Barnes

"This is the greatest trick of the last decade. It's probably the greatest trick of all time."
- Craig Petty

The most powerful EDC weapon ever created. This is LUX.

LUX gives you or your spectators the ability to harness the true power of ultra violet light.

This is one of thousands of effects possible with LUX:

The spectator is handed a UV Pen and the special LUX device. They draw a UV 'X' anywhere on themselves. They shine the UV light on the 'X'... in ultra slow motion, in their hands and on their skin, that 'X' visually vanishes. Like the Avengers' Thanos 'Snap!', it literally melts away into the ether.

Next with the light still in their hands, they shine the it on your arm (or anywhere you want) and the 'X' that they just drew visually emerges back into existence on your skin!

This is the closest magic has ever gotten to making CGI from the movie screen and into real life and entirely in the hands of the audience.

"LUX is such a powerful experience! It looks how real magic should look!"
- Tobias Dostal

But that's just one example. You can choose LUX to do the most stunningly visual magic that you will ever witness or you can use it to elevate your mentalism to jaw dropping new heights.

From the cleanest Invisible Deck ever created, to undeniably fair Lottery predictions. From Book tests, to Bank Nights and everything in between. The dynamic power of LUX is truly unparalleled.

"Lloyd has done it again!! Visually stunning, crazy fooling and stupid easy to perform!! This is something special!!"
- Adam Wilber

You can perform LUX with everything you need right out of the box. LUX comes with:

  • Precision made intelligent LUX Device
  • Custom UV Pen with specific ink that does not irritate skin.
  • 4x Batteries. Enough to last 6 months worth of performances.
  • Steam or downloadable in-depth instructional video from Lloyd Barnes himself and expert instructor Javier Fuenmayor, teaching you how to use LUX, tons of routines, additional ideas and special tips and tricks.

"LUX is by far, the closest thing to real magic I've ever seen or experienced."
- Ben Williams

The craziest thing about LUX that we still can't quite wrap our heads around is... this is possibly one of the easiest to perform pieces of magic that's ever been devised. So easy in fact, that spectators perform effects entirely on themselves, from start to finish. Allowing you to truly hone in and focus on your performance.

When you pick up LUX, you're not just getting another magic trick that's getting buried into a draw. You're owning a covert James Bond-esque powerful and practical weapon that will live seamlessly on your keychain until the moment you need it.

Harness the energy of light. Capture the power of LUX.

"LUX is a powerful EDC that looks and feels like real magic."
- Rory Adams

"Lux is beautiful. It will leave an impact on everyone who sees it."
- Elliot Gerrard

"It is a truly rare occasion that magic sees innovation. And this is one of those occasions."
- Mijrin Al Hajri

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Youtest by Jerome(VIP)

You Test – Jerome Sauloup | Stevens Magic Emporium

Check out the performance video on our website! You introduce 12 QR Cards all with positive signs (+) on them, no matter which card is selected by the volunteer it is shown to have a negative (-). This is a simple but visually effective powerful way to blow people’s minds. Come up with your OWN test – that’s the beauty of this product is a creative springboard for customization. The application of this method will allow you to easily think up your own creative ways to incorporate this effect. Just some of the applications of This can be used in many ways including love tests, IQ test, or even a COVID test! Also includes a “Out of this world” Routine.

  • No Forces
  • Easy to Perform *
  • Can perform anywhere
  • Many Different Applications

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With You in Mind (PDF Book) by Adam Hudson(VIP)


Roll With It: The numbers uppermost on three covered dice are predicted on a performer's business card.

Double Dice-ception: A playing card is created by the naming of a suit and the rolling of two dice. But even under these remarkably fair conditions, the very card created is found to be the only one inside the tabled card box.

Stop, Lock and Listen: Three freely dealt piles of playing cards are used to unlock a combination padlock in this self-working miracle.

RAM: Is a feature length Mentalism routine that reveals thought of memories and the year that they occurred, concluding with a prediction showing that the performer knew in advance what numbers would be thought of.

Your Days Are Numbered: Is a method for knowing dates of birth for multiple audience members. This is a brand new system that alone is worth the price of the book. This can be performed via text, e-mail, over the phone or in person.

BACAAN Counter: Allows the performer to create an Any Card at Any Number without ever touching the packet of cards, the spectator unknowingly doing all of the hard work for them.

Easy-Peasy Prediction: Uses dice to select ESP symbols from a regular pack. Predictions made at the outset are then revealed to be 100% correct. Super easy and super strong!

Trip-Out: Uses absolutely nothing but the performer's voice and the spectator's mind. Learn this routine and always have the ability to reveal thought of animals, fruits, colours and playing cards.

Overboard: Is a lovely multi card reveal, climaxing with a whiteboard prediction being inverted to create the name of the final playing card selection.

Oh My Days: Consists of a self-working method to reveal spectator's dates of birth. The routine is packed full of tips and thoughts, even enabling audience members to complete the birthday reveal.

Short-Out: Can Predict 'any' thought of card in a clean and visually stunning way.

It's The Thought That Counts: Contains a sure fire system to work out any thought of playing card. This is the result of over ten years of work.

Mis-Match: Turns the spectator into the psychic, where all of their choices in an ESP test are dramatically correct.

All of the routines in this book are fresh, new ideas in the world of Mentalism and Mental Magic. Adam's work has been praised by many respected names in the magic community, including Derren Brown.

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The Vanishing Card By Nicholas Lawrence(VIP)

The Vanishing Card by Nicholas Lawrence

A complete sell out at the Blackpool Magic Convention. The trick that set the world on fire at Magic Live. You’ve seen it go viral on every social media platform. Now you can finally perform it for yourself. This isn’t a simple card vanish. While you are holding just the smallest portion of the card it vanishes from the bottom up. From the mind that brought you Smooth, Revamp, Evolve, and some of the greatest gimmicks of all time; this is the single most visual card vanish the world has ever seen. The original method is finally available for the very first time. This is The Vanishing Card by Nicholas Lawrence.

This vanish is insanely visual and crazy easy. You receive a custom design gimmick that allows you to hold a card by the smallest corner, and then with a wave of your hand it vanishes from the bottom up. Your audience actually sees a portion of the card still visible, floating in the air while the bottom of it is nowhere to be seen. The gimmick is incredibly durable, and easy to use. Great for social media, but can also be performed in the real world to get jaw dropping reactions. As a bonus, you also receive a special gimmick that, with a little extra prep work, will allow you to open your fingers after the vanish happens.

This is the vanish that sparked a revolution in cards doing a disappearing act. This is the method everyone else guessed at. This is the disappearance you’ve been waiting for. This is The Vanishing Card by Nicholas Lawrence.

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Propless Presentations by Joe Diamond(VIP)

Propless Pic.JPG

Three Propless Presentations

In this ebook, you get THREE scripts that have been honed over years in every professional situation imaginable. They all been easily adapted to Virtual Shows, and they each involve the ENTIRE audience. As Bob Cassidy would say, these are MAJOR effects! At just $10 per script, this is an invaluable investment!

In fact, scroll down check out a quick video of just one of these routines causing CHAOS for an audience of 2,000 high schoolers.

Imagine getting these kinds of screams and reactions with your words alone!

I cover one psychological routine, and two ‘body magic’ effects. These effects can be easily adapted by magicians, mentalists, hypnotists, bizarrists, psychic readers or ANY style of mystery performance. I’ve used these effects as beginners, openers, and even CLOSERS for stage shows. I’ve even done them over the radio, on TV, and yes, during Virtual Shows.

No mathematical procedures, no pre show, and NO PROPS.

You get three fully written, honed scripts, that once you memorize, you’ll have the ability to captivate your audiences on stage, close up, radio, and virtually.

Once purchased, you will be automatically sent a link, and you will have 24 hours to download your product

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Kelvin Trinh – Single Band Plus(VIP)

Bandarious : Single Insane by Kelvin Trinh Instant Download

“Well. Looks interesting!” – Hanson Chien

This’s it again! You can’t imagine what you can do with only one rubber band. The first episode of Bandarious – Single Insane – will brings you three new amazing effects with a rubber band that you can perform everywhere. And also, all of them are totally impromtu, no any gimmick required.

Download this video and start learning today! Download Link . . .