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BaKoRe Magic – Virtual Touch(VIP)

Since Covid 19 started we all doomed to no shows or virtual shows only, we at Bakore magic wanted to find a way to perform PK touches routine on virtual platform. It took us a year and hard work to find it and here it is.


VIRTUAL TOUCH gives you the closest  to real PK touches if not better,  that you can actually perform on zoom or other virtual shows.

this product is only for professional performers who do virtual shows using OBS.

Basic Effect:

You bring a spectator to a split screen (OBS). You ask him/her to touch themselves anywhere in their upper body that you and everyone could see. You touch yourself in the same place. You ask them to change to another place. You do the same. Lastly another time, you do the same.

Now you are in sync! You both touch the same place, but this was the spectators choice.

You then ask your spectator to close his/her eyes, and to imagine that now, you are going to touch them 3 times, each time in a different place. It is up to them where they imagine or feel it. When you ask them to point they should point where.

When you will be touching your nose, your spectator will point to his/her nose. When you will be touching your shoulder your spectator will point to his/her shoulder. When you will be touching your eye, spectator will do the same.

Finally you tell your spectator to open their eyes and ask them if they know what happened? They will say no. You will then reveal that they felt you touching yourself and only then they touched the same place.

You then ask your audience to open their mics or put their thumbs up if what you just said was correct, and they confirm that what you said really happened.

Next you tell the spectator that because they did not see it, you want to show them what happen and how much in sync they are. You then continue to the last phase of the routine which is a big surprise to all!

VIRTUAL TOUCH is designed only for virtual shows.

You will need OBS in order to stage and perform it.

You will get full instructions by Haim, Guy & Amir, step by step how to perform, how to present, all the technical aspects and suggested pattern to perform.

You will also get all the resources and graphics needed to start mastering the Virtual Touch routine immediately.

You will also get couple of options for the last phase of the routine that will close a circle to your spectator who just participates and did not see, and the entire audience who saw but now be even more surprised!

But that’s not all….

You will also learn how to take your Virtual Touches routine to the next level!

Imagine that when you perform your Touches routine, you can actually reach to the screen of your spectator and touch him/her yourself. That’s right? We will teach you how you can break the zoom boundaries and actually penetrate to your spectators screen and appear to be physically touching them in their window space. Imagine how your audience will react to this!

Here are few important points:

  • No pre-show
  • No Induction or Hypnosis
  • No slights or
  • You will need OBS in order to perform it
  • Only for virtual shows

What will you get:

  • Full detailed instructional video with Haim, Guy & Amir
  • All Technical details fully described
  • Complete 3 phase routine with options.
  • Video discussion on the philosophy of PK Touches and its adaptation to virtual shows
  • Graphics for your OBS split screens
  • Full expectation video on how to “touch” the other zoom screen. (including setup options & OBS setup.)
  • Access to our Virtual Touch FB group where we will give you more resources, info, details and discussions.

VIRTUAL TOUCH will bring you a different flavor and visual for your virtual show, something different than other affects you perform. Download Link . . .

Roberto Mansilla – Naypes(VIP)

Vanishing Inc. has partnered with revered Spanish magician Robert Mansilla to translate and re-publish his critically-acclaimed book “Naypes” in English.

A masterful treatise in parlor card magic, this remarkable text offers a perfect blend of routines and essays that will teach you how to truly create truly compelling and engaging card effects for the oft-neglected medium-sized parlor audience.

For example, “Eureka” is an artful and intellectual approach to the Any-Card-At-Any-Number plot designed exclusively for a parlor audience. While there have been enough ACAAN routines published to last a lifetime, very few have been designed to effectively operate outside of a close-up setting. “Eureka” has been carefully built from the ground up to suit a salon style performance and you’ll want to add it to your set immediately.

“Outstanding”, Mansilla’s take on the “Out of this World” plot, gets everyone involved and solves the problem of people in the back of a parlor audience feeling neglected or disconnected from your routines.

The appropriately named “Card in Envelope” is a powerful and direct routine that has been meticulously modified to ensure this classic of close-up magic can thrive among a larger audience.

This is just a small sample of the 12 professional routines and three lengthy essays featured in this gorgeous 174-page hardback book. This is a must-read for any card magician looking to expand the potential of their card magic.

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface by Roberto Giobbi
  • Introduction
  • Parlor Card Magic
  • Eureka!
  • Outstanding
  • The Different Forms of Icarus
  • Card in the Envelope
  • Two and a Half
  • On The General Card
  • Everybody’s Card IV
  • Thanks to Diaconis
  • What Does Oblivion Look Like?
  • Karl Germain and the Wineglass Principle
  • Appearing Cards
  • Hi Germain
  • Sunrise
  • Interview With Helder Guimaraes

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Celebrity triumph by Wayne Goodman(VIP)

Celebratory Triumph by Wayne Goodman

Imagine being able to announce a birthday or a celebration through a card trick. Imagine you can present an amazing effect that reveals the item the spectator chose in a way no one saw coming. Imagine a new concept in triumph routines that means you can make your presentation personal to the client. Now realize that Celebratory Triumph delivers so much more, and is limited only by your imagination.

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Pocket Slot Machine by Astor(VIP)


The basic idea of the prop is from an unknown Czech magician. Included w ith the prop are three video presentations and tutorials, which you can perform as mental or winning game effects.

The base of the effects is to guess, or predict the winning symbol or/ and the number chosen by the spectators.

The winning symbol is the symbol which will be above the spectator's freely chosen number after rotating the disc as many steps as the chosen number, in the direction indicated by the arrows on the disc.

As a first presentation you can guess the spectator's winning symbol without seeing the disc.

The second performance is about guessing not only the spectator's winning symbol but his chosen number as well.

Finally in the third presentation you can predict two spectators' numbers and winning symbols.

Super easy to master and perform!

The prop is examinable, there are no hidden gimmicks!

The item is made of premium category (high quality jobban hangzik) plastic material, instead of cardboard.

A different outcome each time!

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The Vault – Crow’s Vision by Akshay Laxman • Shubhendu Poothia • Rajan Janyal(VIP)

“This is a brilliant method!”
– Lior Manor

“Wow!! You’ve come up with something incredible!”
Franz Harary

A BRAND NEW principle that will take your virtual shows to the next level!

Clairvoyance effects, card memorization, drawing duplications, book tests, PK TOUCHES and much more! The sky is the limit.

Crow’s Vision is extremely easy to setup and perform. This will allow you to focus entirely on your presentation.


– Bro Gilbert


  • NO OBS


A laptop

An assistant who could be anywhere in the world while you perform. (Anywhere with internet connection)

Download now!

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Jason Ladanye – Live in London(VIP)

Jason Ladanye performs LIVE in London. Learn six of his strongest routines that are straight from his theater show. Ninety minutes of performances and explanations.

Plus, see Jason’s amazing Magic Castle performance (performance only) that includes a special audio commentary discussing the theory behind the set.

  1. Nick of Time: A race against the clock to find eight cards in sixty seconds—with money on the line! You win every time in a clever and amazing way.
  2. Ladanye’s ACAAN: Look like a mathematical genius that effortlessly tracks playing cards. Then finish with the classic ACAAN plot. No one will want to play cards with you after seeing this.
  3. The Big Stack: Stack the four Queens, the four Kings, and the four Aces in just two shuffles.
  4. Catch Me if You Can: Here are a few simple prop bets that the spectators just can’t win no matter how easy you make it. A hilarious and interactive routine that plays big for any sized audience.
  5. Ladanye’s Triumph: In Ladanye’s version, you really do mix faces into backs and you really do shuffle the cards. And, you still find four freely selected cards.
  6. Liar Liar: Here’s a hard-hitting closer that will bring the house down. The audience sees a mixed order and true shuffles right until the end when you’re left with a deck in perfect new-deck order.

Over 2 hours of material.

Shot live on location in London.

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Pocket Portal by Sam King(VIP)

Pocket Portal by Samuel King - YouTube

Works like a gimmick… but isn’t.

Pocket Portal is a normal leather coin-pouch with the devious ability to vanish, switch or produce coins.

Designed in real leather by Australia’s Sam King, Pocket Portal is a utility device for your coin magic.

It has:
No Slits
No Holes
No Magnets
& is Completely Examinable.

"Works like a gimmick, looks like a normal coin purse."

In magic, there’s a scale… At one end is sleight-of-hand and at the other end are gimmicks.

Pocket Portal is smack bang in the middle of this scale. The secret is in its design.

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Ben Earl – The Magic Circle Lecture(VIP)

Ben Earl held a lecture for The Magic Circle on May 10th 2021.
Length:  1h 15 min

– Triumph
– Deck Switch
– Poker Deal
– Vernon Fingerprint card location
– Subleties

“Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow.“ – David Williamson

“One of the best card magicians alive.“ – Steve Forte

“Ben’s magic looks real. His movement is so fluid, everything he does looks effortless!“ – David Blaine

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