Pop Deck by Rubén Goñi(VIP)

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Directly from Argentina, comes Rubén Goñi latest creation.

Pop Deck is a highly visual, ready-to-perform effect that will blow your spectators' minds.

You can do it anytime, anywhere.
It is fully automatic and very easy to perform.

You get five Gimmicks to perform several routines, each explained in detail.
Instruction video in English and Spanish.

Welcome to the magic of Pop Deck.

Directamente desde Argentina, llega la última creación de Rubén Goñi.

Pop Deck es un efecto altamente visual y listo para usar que dejará boquiabiertos a los espectadores.

Puedes hacerlo en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.
Es totalmente automático y muy fácil de realizar.

Recibes cinco Gimmicks para realizar varias rutinas, cada una explicada en detalle.
Vídeo instructivo en inglés y español.

Bienvenido a la magia de Pop Deck.

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Menzi Magic & Zhao Xinyi – CRB(VIP)

This is a CGI effect that you can do in reality by only using ONE rubber band.

The performer has a red rubber band in his hand. The color of the band will change slowly after the finger crosses the band.

  • Only use ONE rubber band to complete the color change
  • No angle limitation
  • Reset immediately
  • No thread or other device
  • Multiple routines

What do you get?

  • Two gimmicked rubber band
  • Five normal red rubber band
  • Five normal yellow rubber band

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THE PEAK by Mr. Blond & The Collective(VIP)

The Peak by Mr. Blond and The Collective–TiendaMagia.Com

The Peak is an industry first. The start of a new, modern and exciting generation of solid state, custom designed and intricately manufactured devices. This new and innovative composition allows you instant and direct access to a written or drawn thought whenever you desire. Finished in both metal and carbon fibre, The Peak will become your favourite every day carry. The workings of The Peak are psychologically impossible though perhaps The Peaks most disarming element is its design. Drawing inspiration from other well known, real world items, this device will become completely invisible to your audiences.

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Borrowed Deck Miracles by Dani DaOrtiz(VIP)

Borrowed Deck Miracles - Dani DaOrtiz - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A good magician should always be prepared for any situation. This is why magic EDCs are such a popular topic in magic forums. Magicians want to know the best everyday carry magic tricks they can always have on them just in case an opportunity to perform arises.

What would you do though if you needed to perform at a time when you weren’t prepared? Knowing a few easy sleight of hand tricks might help you kill a few minutes at a dinner party. But, what if you really needed to impress a room of people and you left your magic case at home or the airline lost it in transit?

Dani DaOrtiz has the perfect solution. “Borrowed Deck Miracles” is his new impromptu magic show that uses nothing more than some ordinary decks of playing cards.

Enjoy this more than 2.5 hour download dedicated solely to amazing card magic that can be done with shuffled decks in use (aka FASDIU). Beyond the core methods, Dani explores in great detail how he is able to perform all the dirty work right in front of his audience without them ever suspecting a thing. As the methods often require a psychological component over a heavily technical one, this material is approachable for all different skill levels.

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Dutch Kiss by Danny Urbanus(VIP)

The Vault - Dutch Kiss by Danny Urbanus DRM Protected Video Download

Dutch kiss is Danny's rendition of Wayne Houchin's French Kiss.

When Danny first encountered French Kiss, he instantly loved the effect and started performing it everywhere he went. Which made him think if it would be possible to perform the effect with just one card. After countless hours of experimentation, Danny finally cracked the code, and eventually the effect evolved so far that it can be performed without playing cards. Danny's version is mainly performed with just one index card, which is perfect since it fits into your wallet and is an easy part of your EDC.

  • Only one card
  • Intimate in performance
  • Easy to make gimmick
  • Great to interact with people
  • Perform it straight out of your wallet
  • Perfect for your EDC

What people say about Dutch Kiss:

"The Dutch Kiss better than the French. But for real though, love it! Clean, direct, and logic."
- Rico Weeland

"Very cool, I like it! Clever and clean."
- Wayne Houchin

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Lewis Le Val – OTT(VIP)

OTT By Lewis Le Val – Magic Tricks

A devastating mentalism utility technique from Lewis Le Val that allows you to recreate some of mentalism’s strongest routines with just one single move. It is Lewis' most closely-guarded secret, and he’s graciously agreed to allow Vanishing Inc. to be the only other magic shop in the world able to offer it to you.

This killer mentalism weapon allows you to perform miracles at any moment. And the best part? You can learn the move in about 30 seconds. It’s shockingly easy.

"OTT" is a billet worker’s dream. Despite how simple it is to learn, it is essentially impossible to see. The spectator can be burning your hands. You’ll even fool yourself.

If a room full of the most respected mentalists in the world missed it while Lewis Le Val’s hands were projected on a large screen, then you never have to worry about your spectator seeing anything. “OTT” is simply the easiest and most deceptive “switch” ever

We put switch in quotes because it’s technically not a switch. It’s better referred to as a "pseudo-switch" that unlocks a seemingly endless amount of mentalism possibilities. It will all make sense as soon as you watch the detailed instruction video.

“Really great. I am relatively sceptical when it comes to novelties in the mentalism scene. The term "pseudo-switch" may seem a bit puzzling but describes this project quite well. When you get to know the move, you already begin to suspect the possibilities that open up. It's really cool how these possibilities gradually unfold in the routines.”Jonathan L. (Verified Early-Release Customer)

A Mentalism Masterclass

As with every release from Lewis Le Val and The 1914, no stone was left unturned on this project. The more than 100-minute comprehensive instructional video is a mentalism masterclass that not only teaches you the moves, but offers a variety of remarkable routines you can perform anywhere and invaluable insights that will improve your overall performances.

You’ll learn how to use “OTT” for:

  • A headline drawing duplication routine known as "Collateral" that offers a twist on the classic routine where you are not only able to duplicate the doodle, but also impossibly divine additional collateral thoughts that were never written down
  • A mind-boggling routine in which you prove the spectator can read your mind
  • A two-person telepathy routine where two spectators read each other’s minds
  • The most beautiful close-up Q&A routine you’ll ever see
  • An invisible peek
  • An impromptu, non-gimmicked clear force bag
  • And more!

All of these incredible routines are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You don’t need any special gaffs or duplicates. The items can even be borrowed if you want.

Download “OTT” by Lewis Le Val and start learning this powerful and versatile move immediately!

"Such a natural and versatile move. Even when done slowly you’ll fool yourself with it"Christian Grace

"An easy and elegant technique. You’ll master it in seconds but use it for a lifetime. Bravo!"Alexander Marsh

"An elegant and inspired move with incredible utility. It helps to simplify so many classic routines”Anthony Jacquin

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Photo Finish by Dan Harlan(VIP)

Manipulate your audience’s mind to produce a picture that they have only been thought of. This diabolical trick from the devilishly clever Dan Harlan is an amazing piece of mentalism that plays well in a formal performance and a casual setting. Your audiences will discover the perfect picture in Photo Finish by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

The performer gives the audience a stack of photographs that has been cut into small pieces. The spectator freely mixes the pieces of photos any way they want. The magician then tells the spectator that they are going to perform a sort of photo recall. The magician describes a vivid image and then has the spectator sort the pieces of the photos while they are face down into four piles. The top of each pile is turned face up, and impossibly the spectator has managed to assemble all four pieces of the image the magician described.

Photo Finish comes complete with all of the props needed to perform this amazing routine. It’s part mentalism, part magic, and all-around amazing for your audience members. In addition to the props, you will receive expert instructions from Dan Harlan on how to perform this wonderful trick with minimal sleight of hand. The best part is that your spectator does all the work. This effect is more than a revelation. This is Photo Finish by Dan Harlan.

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Lewis Le Val – Sign(VIP)

SIGN allows you to secretly discover your spectator’s star sign, leaving you to reveal it in any way you wish!

As you casually talk about star signs, you show your spectator a few images on your phone relating to the Zodiac. Moments later, you know EXACTLY what their sign is, even though they NEVER say their sign (or any signs) out loud.

SIGN is fast, conversational and there is nothing to hide. You can perform this without any memorisation, and you do not need internet access or any special apps. Just store this small number of images on your phone and you are always ready to go. They are also COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE, meaning you can hand your phone to your spectator, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing for them to find.

No suspicious or sensitive information is asked of your spectator, and even though you do most of the talking, they will give you all the information you need without even realising it, meaning this works every time! You can even use SIGN to discover the star signs of numerous spectators.

Already have a method for discovering star signs? You still need SIGN! How many times have you revealed a star sign, only to be immediately asked by someone else if you can guess theirs too? SIGN is a perfect followup for this situation.

One of the best things about SIGN is that the reason for revealing your spectator’s star sign is built in to the effect, and it is not just a random piece of information that is revealed.

SIGN uses an old but effective mentalism concept which has been adapted to suit a modern audience and performance. The images look like simple and elegant screenshots from a website about star signs.

Your .zip file download contains a PDF with full instructions and the JPG images required to perform the effect.

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Thought-of Cards From Pocket by Richard Osterlind(VIP)

"I can tell you first hand that if you believe your magic has to be difficult to fool an audience, you're wrong. Richard proves it here. Learn what he's teaching (both the trick and advice), take it and fry your audience." - David McCreary

"Osterlind is arguably the best teacher in Mentalism - he knows the difference between what makes an effect just another magic trick or a mental miracle! Using one of my favourite card principles he teaches two effects that in the right hands can be reputation makers - on stage, in a bar, at a trade show booth." - Alexander Marsh

When Richard Osterlind showed us his Thought Of Cards From Pocket routine not only were we fooled but we were shocked at how much Richard Osterlind gets out of this simple gimmick. It is a powerhouse routine with a SHUFFLED deck of cards.

Here's what happens in the main routine "Thought Of Cards From Pocket"

In this powerful routine, a deck of cards can be shuffled by the audience. In a very fair manner,the performer has multiple cards looked at and then lost in the deck. The cards are placed in the performer’s pocket. After reading the mind of the audience the mentalist removes three cards from their pocket and reveals in any order that they are indeed the thought-of cards.

In addition to the primary effect, Richard also teaches a version where someone can look at a card, and then lose it in the deck while in another room. They bring the deck back, and in just the moment it takes to put the deck in your pocket you are able to learn the identity of the card. Richard Osterlind isn’t just giving you a single routine. He’s giving you a toolbox full of direct mind reading techniques.

What makes this download an absolute must for anyone looking to perform powerful mind reading effects with a deck of cards is Richard's total mastery of the gimmick and the touches he has added to this lost classic. Richard offers insight to make the gimmick invisible to laypeople and even eliminates it from the mind of magicians. There’s no marks or stacks, and you can make the gimmick right in your own home. Osterlind clearly uses this method A LOT and once you’ve performed this routine you will consider carrying this gimmick with you everywhere. Not to mention it's a super clean method for performing a test condition mind reading effect where a spectator is completely isolated from the magician. This is Thought Of Cards From Pocket presented by Richard Osterlind.

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