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Greg Frewins Complete Course in Dove Magic Vol 1,2,3

Complete Course in Dove Magic by Greg Frewin 3 Volume set - $4.99 :

Greg Frewin presents his Complete Course In Dove Magic DVD Set which will give you all the methods and information you will need to put together a professional dove act.

DVD #1Will take you through all the things you will need to learn about caring for and raising doves and clipping their wings. He will touch base on cages and traveling as well as a discussion on props in dove magic.

DVD #2Explores training techniques that are solid and used by Greg Frewin to achieve doves that are guaranteed to work. Then Greg will show you how to alter your jacket from start to finish for all types of productions.

DVD #3Next Greg shows you many techniques for producing doves to give you a solid foundation in dove magic. With these tools you will be able to produce a dove for any creative idea you might have. You will also learn how to vanish a dove in your tail pocket. Greg will share with you some old techniques he used years ago. This DVD set will take you through everything you will need to be a professional bird magician.


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