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Haim Goldenberg & Lior Manor – Pixto (with Font)

Pixto v1.1 by Haim Goldenberg & Lior Manor

15 years after the huge success of Cryptext, we bring you – PIXTO!
Pixto is a custom designed True-Type font with an interesting property.

You show a mysterious design. When you fold it the secret message appear in a surprising clear view. It can be a word, number, chosen card or anything else you choose to use.

Type anything you want, adjust the font size to suit your needs and you are ready to go!

After installing Pixto on your computer, you will be able to print off special characters quickly and easily.
This is a tool you must have for your show. It’s easy, visual and super effective!

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  1. Hello,
    No font file in the download link !…
    Could you upload the font please ? Or post in commentary the link to ?

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