Macros by Chris Beason

Macros is a collection of ultra-practical tips, tricks and moves for the close-up performer. Inside, you’ll find magic with cards, chapstick, gum, soda cans, receipts and more.

Some of the highlights include:

Wintergreen: Tear an empty pack of gum and touch the pieces together. With NO movement, it’s FULL of fresh gum.

Refund: Ever make a purchase you regret? Have a receipt visually change right back into the money spent. SUPER clean.

Chapstuck: Take out some chapstick and apply it. Immediately afterwards, the lid is found to be SUPERGLUED shut. The ultra-clever gimmick means no switches.

Cufflink: The deck is spread between the performer’s hands. With NO movement, a named card shoots out of the spread. TOTALLY impromptu.

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