Jay Noblezada – Self Tying Shoelace

“Jay! I love your trick! It’s beautiful!” –David Blaine

“After 152 viewings we still can’t figure out how this guy does this.” –Maxim Magazine

“the STS is the best magic trick I’ve seen in *years*. It could be the single most ‘magical’ trick to come out as long as I’ve been alive. From how ubiquitous the props are, how visual the effect, to how PERFECT it is that a spectator asks YOU to do it! The fact that this is a common, EVERYDAY problem for almost everyone, it makes you seem like a *real* magician — hook, line and sinker.” –Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic

From the Penguin Magic Creative Studio and Jay Noblezada comes a street magic effect that breaks the ice!

Walk down a busy street with your shoe untied. Complete strangers will INTERRUPT you to tell you your shoe is untied EVERY FEW SECONDS.

You didn’t ask for the attention. It just happened… But being born to perform is being ready when the spotlight finds you.

So you smile, make eye contact with your spectators, and give your foot a little shake. Your shoelaces start to snap back and forth, criss-crossing…

If you could move your foot in just the right way you might actually be able to tie your shoelaces without even touching them…

You give your foot another little shake and this time you get it just right.

To the astonishment of your spectators, YOUR SHOELACES visually TIE THEMSELVES!

The best part is, it’s a REAL knot and bow! Your spectators can inspect till their hearts are content!

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Hanson Chien LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Hanson is very creative. He is one of the best rubber band creators and he has made major advancement to this type of magic. “ – Joe Rindfleisch

“Hanson is one of the greatest minds in magic, he not only fools me consistently but offers a gift of true astonishment.” – Nicholas Lawrence

“Hanson Chien is talented, intelligent and devious.” – Yif

“Hanson is the new Asian genius from Taiwan. With fresh new ideas, Hanson presents modern magic in his own stylish way.” – Lukas

“I think Hanson is one of the most creative magicians. He showed a lot of his new creations to me and most of them fooled me badly.” – Ponta the Smith

What will he teach?

YA Escape A rubber band is wrapped around the middle finger twice, and then escapes from the finger immediately.

Lucky Star Instantly a star shape is created with a rubber band single-handedly, and that rubber band becomes a real star shape band consequently.

Ultimate Jump A rubber band is wrapped around the first and second fingers and impossibly jumps to the third and fourth fingers while spectators hold onto the tips of the fingers.

Touch  A rubber band jumps from your hand to the spectator’s hand in the blink of an eye.

Frozen Band A rubber band is held with the thumb and index finger, and even without the thumb it keeps the round shape as if it’s frozen in mid-air.

Freeze! Let go a rubber band and suddenly it’s frozen in mid-air.

CCR (Color Changing Rubber bands) A very visual and practical color changing for rubber bands. This method also applies to exchange of bands with different sizes or shapes.

Hanson’s Linking bands Two rubber bands are linked with some rubs, and one band visually melts through the other while one of the bands is wrapped around the spectator’s wrist.

Breaking Point A rubber band is accidentally broken. Magician ties a knot at the ends, and makes it restored to its initial state.

Don’t Throw Garbage A plastic bottle is crashed and then returns to its original stat.

Solid 2 Solid The purest cap in bottle effect. Take the cap off a bottle, and the cap is hit on the bottom of the bottle. Instantly the cap is inside the bottle. Straight forward and highly visual. The bottle can even be handed to the audience right after the effect.

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Gozner LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

What will he teach?

GSC (Gozner Spin Change)- A beautiful and visual color change.

Double Shot- Two chosen cards are found with only one card shot.

Mystery Card- A classic trick is done with only one deck of cards.

Deck Switch- With this method, you’ll be able to switch a card deck partly surrounded. Works for the stage, close up, and walkaround situations.

Chicago Too Open- My take on the classic Chicago Opener.

Matrix- Two-phase Matrix routine.

3 Jump- My version of the 3 Fly coin.

Dribble card- A card is freely selected and the cards are shuffled by the spectators. The magician finds the chosen selection while dribbling the cards.

Self Adhesive- A card is signed and placed in the pocket, a second card is selected and signed on the back. The signature jumps from one to another card several times. In the end, the signature disappears and reappears on the back of the card previously placed in the pocket.

The Promise- This an open prediction trick where the magician never touches the cards and the prediction remains in full view at all time.

Who is he?

Gozner has been performing magic internationally for over 35 years, lecturing and presenting his close up and stage magic act in eight countries from Sweden to Argentina. Originally from Guadalajara, MX, he has been featured on Televisa and TV Azteca and taught magic for 5 years at the prestigious ITESM Tec de Monterrey as a part of their performing arts curriculum. He has won numerous magic competitions, such as the Harlan Tarbell Close up Competition from the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 2016 and 2017, as well as winning Impromptu Panamerican Champion at the 1995 Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades Mágicas (FLASOMA) convention and first place in both stage and people’s choice at the 2017 Chicago Magic Competition for the Society of American Magicians Assembly

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Paul Lelekis – The Drawing Room(VIP)

6 beautiful effects that are Stronger than The Hulk!

When I was a kid, I purchased magic books from the 1800s by Prof. Hoffman, Herrmann, Jean Robert-Houdin, and a host of other magicians who I’ve never heard of before…these books were old, with very yellowed, brittle pages, with art-work that was quite intricate and very Victorian.

But what stood out most to me, were how many times these books would mention performing in, or retiring to “the drawing room”…this term really intrigued me.

These stellar effects within, will “spark” those magical times in your lives that have lasted us for so many years!


Leave Those Jacks Alone! – This fun-filled adventure will drag your spectators into your world! You have the spectator FREELY select four cards and then she signs a fifth card. Remarkably, the signed card visibly transposes from the packet, into the deck! This amazing transport is easy to do and the four selections are shown to be the four Jacks…which you JUST told her NOT to pick! You’re gonna LOVE this one!

Strike Three? – The pressure is on the spectator…but she finally finds her own card in an impossible way. This one is very easy to do…and appears so very magical!
The “construction” of this effect will delight the REAL magicians out there…it is VERY, VERY CLEVER!!

The 7/8 Coincidence – An amazing coincidence conducted by the spectator – trust me…NO ONE will figure this out and it is performed by the spectator very slowly and deliberately!

An Even Lazier Lazy Man! – You are going to LOVE THIS!! This is a classic of magic that Paul has revised to make it infallible! Remember the old method that goes on and on and on? Well not anymore! Paul has revised this classic of magic so that it is not only far easier to perform, but also gives the performer full control…unlike the classic version!

Cutting Deeper – A classic by Bro. John Hamman brought into the 21st Century…this is amazing and fun to perform! You AND the spectator cut to the four Aces!

No Way…Way! – A prediction is written. The spectator shuffles a deck of cards then deals out as many cards as she wishes. She divides these cards into two piles and removes either pile! (There is NO FORCE!) Then an elimination of cards is performed and she picks either of the last two cards – that’s right, it is the prediction! This easy-to-do effect will fool everyone…including magicians! LOVE this trick!

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Alex Pandrea – The Second Deal 2.0

The Second Deal 2.0 - The Blue Crown - Get Your Magic Tricks Here

If you’re looking to really up your game with cards, there’s no doubt that learning to master the second deal will do just that. This latest DVD from Alex Pandrea is an absolute must for any cardician.

The second deal is one of the most coveted moves in card magic and one of the most highly regarded false deals in the world of close-up; getting it right can takes years of hard practice. In this DVD, Alex Pandrea shows you how to improve your second deal technique using his refined interpretation of the sleight with detailed explanations.

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Mario Tarasini – Rubber Ghost(VIP)

Mario Tarasini presents a trick specifically for Halloween!
The magician gives the spectator a card with a hole and tells him to inspect it.
The spectator hands the card to the magician and a miracle is about to happen! The rubber ghost passes through the card and finds itself in a hole in the card!
It’s a very visual trick that is easy to make and perform. After ordering the trick you will receive instructions with a full performance. The card and the rubber band can be inspected by the spectator before and after the trick.

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StrawCan by Hoang Sam(VIP)

Visually pull a drinking straw through the pop tab of a soda can. Perform a solid through solid effect with ordinary objects that you can have fully examined at the end of the trick. This is StrawCan by Hoang Sam.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a soda can and a straw to your spectators. After explaining to them that the purpose of the tab on a can is to hold the straw in place, you show them how the straw can fit through the tab so that they can clearly see the straw is actually through the tab. Then you visually pull the straw through the tab. The best part is you can hand both the straw and the can out for immediate examination.

StrawCan uses a simple gimmick that you learn how to construct with materials you already have at home. The visuals are crazy. This is the perfect trick for social media, but can also be a phenomenal effect for when you are hanging out with your friends. You’ll not only learn how to make the gimmick, but the special moves to be able to hand the props out to be inspected by your audience. Add an off beat solid through solid to your repertoire with StrawCan by Hoang Sam.

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Zee J. Yan – Worker Z(VIP)

In Worker Z, you will learn:
– A switch inspired by Slydini that allows you to switch ANYTHING that fits in your hand

– 2 multi-phase Triumphs that Zee selfishly held to himself for over 5 years

– 3 versions of Ambitious Card Routines that feel like real magic rather than magic tricks

– 3 versions of 3 Coins Across that are theoretically correct

– 10 Techniques/Tips that are super practical and easy

– The weirdest routine from Worker Z would be… Turn a piece of plastic into spectator’s thought of card!

List of Contents:
– Sly Switch
– Tappy Steal V. 1
– Tappy Steal V. 2
– Bush Steal
– ROPS Move by Michael Rubinstein with Zee’s touch
– ROPZ Move
– The Last Vanish
– Table Tilt
– Bluff Pass Tips
– Half-Packet-Mid-Air-Switch

– Air Triumph
– B Triumph – Plastic Card – 3 Coins Across V. 1 – 3 Coins Across V. 2 – 3 Coins Across V. 3 – Ambitious Card Sit-Down – Ambitious Card Stand-up – Ambitious Card A.O.E – Sly Switch Application 1 – Sly Switch Application 2

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Zee J Yan – Randolph Palm(VIP)

Zee is one of the most respected sleight-of-hand artists… In the world.

Last year he flew from China to New York to work with us on a few projects. The cameras never stopped rolling.

In the first of a series of downloads, Zee reveals his most requested secret; Randolph Palm.

Randolph Palm is a fast & discreet reverse palm of 1 card, 2 cards, or however many cards you want. Pure, unadulterated sleight-of-hand. 

This project is much more than ‘just a palm’. You will learn:

  • Randolph Palm v1 Mechanics
  • Randolph Palm v2 Mechanics
  • Clap Palm Transfer
  • Randolph Transpo
  • + Zee’s tips on DMB spread control

In over 30 minutes of tuition, Zee uncovers every use, every variant, and every tip on Randolph Palm. His improvements to a classic sleight become the difference between just knowing… and mastery.

What’s his is now yours.

Learn Randolph Palm TODAY.

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