• Sylar by Simon Black

    All masters know the feeling. Golfers hitting a perfect stroke, artists finding the precise color balance, writers penning sentences that sound like music. These moments of such profound acute excellence are the moments that define our mastery—the moments that prove that the practice has paid off.

    Nowhere will you experience this feeling better than a flawless execution of Sylar by Simon Black.

    Imagine out-jogging a card from a tabled spread, and after turning the pack face down, the card has been switched. It is a move so clean, you have to see it to believe it. Fair warning: this isn’t a move for the feint of heart. The knack is one of the trickiest we’ve seen and as such, Sylar demands hours of practice. We’ll tell you this now though: it’s worth it. Perhaps one of the most devious switches to date, Sylar is not only a treat for the move-monkeys, but a deadly weapon for the devoted.

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  • Slice by Pierric

    Is it a stunt? Is it a skill? Or is it pure magic? No matter how you slice it, FISM winner Pierric’s SLICE is a reputation making effect.

    Slice is a card effect that will play for virtually any size audience and the method is completely fool-proof. A card is lost in the deck and like an expert marksman you throw a card and penetrate the deck at the exact position of their selected card.

    No card throwing skills needed
    No difficult moves
    The gimmick makes this incredible looking effect extremely easy.

    This is a stunning effect that is an audience favorite taught by a pro who knows how to entertain an audience.

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  • Tango Magic – ACAAN Sessions

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    Marcelo Insua Presents: Bar Magico Sessions
    Today’s Special guest: Juan Pablo Ibanez!

    Marcelo Insua meets in his famous “Bar Magico” with friends to talk about specific topics, in this first meeting the discussion is about one of the legendary effects of card magic, Any Card At Any Number.

    4 different methods, from automatic to very difficult.

    Enjoy this first installment of Bar Magico Sessions.

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  • Random World by Tiago Guerra

    Random World allows you to know the color of the cards that the spectators select even before they take them out of the deck!

    Created by Tiago Guerra and kept secret for 3 years, now he has decided to reveal this very simple but very effective method to predict the color of the cards that the spectators choose.

    Possible Routine:

    – You write down a prediction on a piece of paper
    – The spectators select several random cards from the deck
    – You show your prediction, upon which is written the color of the cards
    – You turn over the cards and they are, indeed, the same color as that named in the prediction

    Random World is a totally impromptu effect, and everything can be borrowed from the spectators.

    This 12-minute tutorial teaches you how to perform this amazing effect.

    Multiple variations of the method are taught.

    Download the video and learn Random World today!

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  • Dry Roasted by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

    Have your friend grab a packet of sugar from the coffeehouse prep bar. Explain that you will show her how to enjoy coffee without a cup. You then pour the sugar and a tiny bit of coffee from the suction of a straw into your closed and empty fist. After a squeeze, you open your hand to reveal that the coffee and sugar have both vanished and in its place is a small fistful of coffee beans — without any help from Vernet!

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  • The Other Brothers – Banjo Coin

    Continuously producing small objects out of thin air is a classic of magic that’s been exclusively the domain of the masters of our craft. It’s the kind of effect us mortals try, then soon abandon because it doesn’t quite look like it does in our imaginations.

    Until today.

    Creative geniuses The Other Brothers have come up with the final word on making this illusion look like real magic, and easy enough for ANYBODY to do.

    This brand new gimmick makes it look like you have an invisible 3D printer that prints instantly and on demand.

    Banjo Coin is so fun to perform it’s almost addictive. It may look incredibly difficult but once you get the gimmick in your hand you will be performing this for real people in no time.

    The Banjo Coin gimmick is a brand new gimmick for sleight of hand artists. This wearable gimmick can be easily added or removed in and out of performances and it’s practically invisible. Along with the custom made gimmick you will also receive some amazing ideas from the Darryl’s to get you started performing amazing magic at the fingertips today.

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  • Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires – Digital Force Bag

    Image result for Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires - Digital Force Bag

    This app is a unique digital tool for the serious mentalist or magician and is available for entertainment purposes only.

    DFB has been designed to allow the user to force any one of 100 items.
    It is easy enough for an eight-year-old to operate but useful enough for the
    world’s greatest magicians!
    Two effects are included to get you started immediately and an option to fully
    customize DFB for your own personal use is currently included free!

    Key Features
    ● Easy to learn and remember
    ● Fully customizable for your own routines and languages
    ● Your audience will never suspect you are using a magic app
    ● Fun for the aspiring beginner and an absolute essential for the professional
    ● The result can be different every time
    ● The export option allows you to share your routines with friends worldwide

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