• Devin Knight – Instantaneous Hypnotic Test Revealed

    You don’t have to be a real hypnotist to do this effect! Any magician or mentalist can apparently hypnotize anyone 100% of the time, even hardened skeptics. The famous stage magician, John Calvert, used this effect regularly in his big touring magic show.

    Devin Knight touched upon this effect briefly in another book; however, he did not go into the amount of detail contained within this release. This book has the most detailed information about this effect ever released. This secret was released by Del-Ardo, Joseph Ovette and Nelson Enterprises. Devin Knight has taken the best information from all these releases and made them into this new expanded release with his added thoughts.

    How often have you had some skeptic remark, “I’d like to see you hypnotize me?” How often have you prayed that you might have some means or method to hold your own? The secret method of placing any subject under hypnosis instantly has been carefully guarded and known only to a limited few. It is a practical and reliable method of inducing sleep by nerve pressure, blood control and suggestion. May be performed with a high degree of success, under the most adverse conditions. This method requires less than two minutes to place the subject under complete control.

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  • Stephen Minch – The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi

    The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi - magic

    ARETALOGY. A narrative about the deeds of a miracle worker. Who was Vanni Bossi?

    He was an underground treasure.

    He was the man the stars of magic came to for solutions to their hardest problems.

    He was one of close-up magic’s most original minds.

    He was a performer top magicians from all over Europe and the U.S. made it a point to see.

    The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi is the first book in any language that presents a substantial collection of this master magician’s secrets with cards, coins and…things. The contents have been gathered from scarce publications with strictly limited circulations, and include closely guarded, never before published tricks and sleights.

    • Foreword by Roberto Giobbi
    • 56 highly original tricks, routines and sleights
    • Over 400 beautifully rendered drawings by Tony Dunn
    • 206 pages printed on fine paper and bound in luxurious leather and cloth

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  • Pit Hartling – In Order To Amaze

    Pit Hartling is among the top creators, authors and performers of card magic in the world today. His book Card Fictions has become a modern classic. This time Pit has turned to the memorized deck. The results are exceptional.

    • New concepts in memorized-deck magic.
    • Wide range of effects.
    • Engaging, unusual new plots and presentations.
    • Stack-independent: Almost all effects can be done with any stack.
    • Includes “Returning home to stack“ for every effect.
    • Expertly written. Clear and easy to read.
    • High-quality production (252 pages, artful design, full-colour photographs, hardcover, linen binding)

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  • Vino Sense by Spencer Tricks

    Simple and direct mental effect you can perform anytime, anywhere!

    You hand out a wine cork to your spectator. While you’re looking away, the spectator holds the cork in either hand. You can tell which hand that the cork is in. The performance can be repeated.

    You can perform it with short sleeves, or even BARE NAKED.
    You don’t need any electric devices. You can perform it forever.
    No need to reset at all. You can perform it anytime, anywhere.
    All gimmicks are professionally hand made.

    You can perform it on close-up, parlor, street, and even on stage! You invite 4-5 people on stage and ask one of the spectators hold the cork while you’re facing away. The rest of the spectators also pretend like they are holding the cork. Then all the spectators put their fists forward. You face back to them, and ask them to raise the hand in a count 3 IN THEIR MIND if they have the cork. Then you eliminate the spectators who don’t have the cork in their hands. You find out who’s holding the cork. But it’s not the end of the trick. You ask the last spectator to hold the cork in either hand while you are facing away again. Then you tell which hand the cork’s in.

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  • LINK by Nefesch

    “Very well thought out routine outstanding work as always from Nefesch. I love it!” –Neal Scryer

    Hi Nefesch, thanks for sharing your book. I really enjoyed it – great work! There is a lot of great thinking here, and I really enjoyed seeing how your mind worked! What I was particularly impressed with was the way you have supplied different ideas and methods for presenting the same routine. This enables the performer to decide which method will work best for him, but also demonstrates that there are often more than one answer to a performance problem. Link is a wonderful way of presenting demonstrations of mind-to-mind telepathy, and has many layers and subtleties that elevate above the average. This is great work! I’m sure that any mentalist or mystery performer will find great worth in this book, and I wish you every success with Link! All the best & thanks again, — Paul Voodini

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  • Justin Miller – Time and Space – VIP

    “What if…you could take your audience through time and space, and then be able to give them a tangible piece of their journey to keep forever?”

    From the creator of some of the best-selling DVDs like SILVER DREAM and X-MARKS THE SPOT. Justin Miller, comes one of the most time altering effects of his generation. With a story of what time travel might lookl ike if it were possible, this one is sure to go in to your act almost instantly.

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  • Fujiwara Gimmick Deluxe

    Fujiwara gimmick fits over the middle and ring fingers. The space inside the fingers is not separated, allowing concealment of larger items such as three or four Morgan dollar coins, or up to ten half dollar coins, silks, even a spoon and fork.

    When first practicing magic, most people use the thumbtip gimmick. However, it’s natural to want to advance to producing more and larger items in their routines. The Fujiwara Gimmick lets you take that next step.

    The possibilities of this gimmick are limited only by your imagination. The instructional DVD explains basic handling and gives several examples to get you started.

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  • Arnel Renegado – Android Deck

    ANDROID is a gimmick that allows you to make a freely selected card appear to the top of a deck from the middle.


    A card is selected and signed you then put it into the middle of the deck and suddenly when it drop their chosen card appear to the top.

    Spectator select a card and lost in the pack,you then make a drawing like a scribble on the back of the playing card and when you drop the deck the drawing turns into their selected card.

    Spectator select a card and lost in a pack, you then say that you have actually write your prediction at the back the playing card you show it but it is a wrong prediction and when it drop the writings change into their chosen card.

    Yes, you can even make a color deck change, from red back to blue backs.

    Make a bill appear to the top of the deck, and the best is you can use the gimmick to make your GREETINGS or MESSAGES appear to the card.


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  • Patricio Teran – Card-Teran

    A spectator chooses a card … but when it doesn’t match with the prediction one, he proceeds to draw a small magician who will tell us the chosen card
    Additional supplies may need to be purchased to perform this effect.

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  • Blake Vogt – Chameleon Tutorial

    Blake Vogt - Chameleon Tutorial | onlinemagicdownload.com

    Blake Vogt – Chameleon Tutorial

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  • Jinxed 2 by Peter Turner

    Half a decade later Peter Turner has finally picked up where he left off on his original Jinxed DVD set. In his own words “I had so much to say and share, but sadly not enough time, not enough knowledge and my ability to translate what I had buzzing around inside my head was lacking”.

    The project is limited edition, similar to the original – But this time there’s only 200 ever going to be made available worldwide. A number of which were snapped up before finishing this description!

    “I’ve finally cracked it, I feel this is the perfect blend of mechanical and psychological methods and the outcome will blow your minds. I bet I fool you with methods you already know!” Says Pete.

    There’s a series of brand new effects, essays, insights and principles to get your teeth into, above is a video where Pete gives you a behind the scenes of what to expect on Jinxed 2.

    No fancy hype, no fancy trailers or reaction shots. Trust us when we say if you loved Devil in Disguise 2, Escalators or the Bigger Fish Files you’re in for a serious treat!

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  • Reginald Scott-the Discoverie of Witchcraft

    known as the first magic book
    a interesting read full of clasic gems

    In 1584, Reginald Scot – a country gentleman and MP from Kent – published The discoverie of witchcraft, a sceptical treatise recording and debunking popular and scholarly beliefs about witchcraft, magic and other superstitions. Scot argued that belief in magic was both irrational and un-Christian.

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