• Paul Wilson – Double Lift Workshop

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    Expert magician and sleight of hand artist Paul Wilson walks you through seven different methods for the Double Lift, an essential move in card magic. Learn refined technique on classic double lifts as well as a never before published method.

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  • Perfect ESP By Nardi & Spelmann

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    Peter Nardi is known for his clever creations both in method and routining. Perfect ESP is his ingenious take on the ESP Match Up plot. Practical enough to perform at a coffee shop, powerful enough for a formal show.

    This mind-reading miracle is super easy to do, yet totally baffling. You will absolutely love the effect and the secret!

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  • Peter Turner – Isabella Star 3.0

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    Combining new principles that are available today (that weren’t available when I first started my journey into star sign/ date of birth divination) mixed with old principles, I am happy to say I can finally close the door on something that has been an obsession of mine for too long.

    This is it, the last one in the “Isabella’s Star” series. I won’t be re-visiting the d.o.b divination premise again as I’m so happy with this, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

    No more maths/ calculations, no more astrological numbers, no cribs, the participant never writes anything down (this is entirely prop-less), quick to perform, rock solid in terms of method and very little procedure.

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  • Pit Hartling – In Order To Amaze

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    »Don’t let the subtitle ›A Collection of Memorized-Deck Magic‹ fool you: this book is of tremendous value to anyone who’s interested in clever, artful card magic – regardless of whether or not you ever use a memorized deck«
    — Simon Aronson
    »In the first years after ›Mnemonica‹ there were many contributions in form of ideas and tricks by many magicians, but without a doubt, the most coherent and creative corpus, the most distinct and profound work were the effects created and published by Pit.«
    — Juan Tamariz

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  • Matteo Filippini – Tarot Magic

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    Tarot Magic is an ebook about … you guessed it, magic with tarot cards.

    Matteo Filippini, Italian musician and mystery artist, provides his view about it.
    Between the pages you will find suggestions, hints and tips to include this magical tool in your performances.
    The second part of the ebook features several routines with a tarot pack from Matt and a bunch of friends. Whether you are a magician, a mentalist/mindreader, a bizarre magick performer, you will find something for you.

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  • Max Vellucci – The Family

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    Five pictures of a nineteenth-century family that will allow you to create different effects of extraordinary and bizarre mentalism.

    The mentalist takes three photos and mentally chooses for the spectator. After a few steps the mentalist will be able to identify the spectator’s thoughts. To make the effect more impossible, the mentalist repeats it all but with the photos faced down.

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  • Shoot Ogawa – Linking Rings

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    *Four Chrome Rings,*Magic Rope,*Illustrated Instructions,*Instructional Video Linking Rings with instructional Video, starring The Ringmaster himself, Shoot Ogawa. The Rings are one of the true classics of magic. Follow Shoot’s easy to learn steps and you will be performing a masterful routine in no time. Included are easy and intermediate routines to learn, as well as a Fantasma exclusive performance of Shoot’s famous Ninja Rings routine. You also get an absolutely baffling ring and rope trick called “Tying the Knot.” A borrowed finger ring trapped on a rope magically becomes free.

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  • Norberto Jansenson – Divine

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    Imagine that you can divine the thought-of cards from every single member of your audience, no matter how big or how small, in any live or virtual show.

    Imagine that you can do this with any borrowed shuffled deck, without any manipulation, sleights, gimmicks, extra elements, or lengthy procedures.

    Imagine that you could transform the effect into a playful, joyful celebration of mystery where everyone partakes, and it becomes an event onto itself

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  • Memorandum by Woody Aragon

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    Woody Aragón is one of the most important modern card magic creators. His first book, A Book in English, was a bestseller that influenced top magicians. Names such as Penn & Teller, Eric Jones and Pit Hartling choose Woody’s tricks for their shows. The reason? Woody’s magic is strong, it’s clever, it fools… and audiences love it!

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  • Max Maven – Prism

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    “When I was a teenager, and I had to do 10 shows in 2 weeks, these books saved my life. I can tell you off the top of my head, I performed Desire, Chaos, Nucleus, Four-sided Triangle, there was Mental Telepathy. So, it’s a brilliant, brilliant book. I’m thrilled they’re re-releasing this. I always say, when I see Max, ‘Thank you for putting out these books, because they really did save my life.’ If you haven’t read these, you’ve got a treat. Get it while you can.” -Steve Valentine

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