Danny Goldsmith – The Pistol Pass(VIP)

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One Sleight. SO MANY USES!

This is the Pistol Pass, a new type of muscle pass that opens up so many possibilities! Many of these effects look like camera tricks, they're not.

Here's some of what you'll learn:

Pistol Pop Production
An insanely visual production of 1, 2, or 3 coins right at the fingertips.

Glint Production
A way to use the Pistol pop production to make it look like you're pulling a 2nd coin from the shine of the 1st.

Touch Production
A coin instantly appears below the finger as you touch your palm or the table.

Wipe Production
This is one of my favorites. This looks like you simply wipe a coin into existence with 1 finger.

Cobb production
A new way to do the Korn production. No awkward or unmotivated movements. You simply close your hand around your finger tips and a coin appears.

Catch Change
Exactly how it sounds: you toss a coin in the air and it visibly changes as you catch it between your finger tips. This move looks insane!

Pluck change
Another insanely visual change right at the fingertips where the coin transforms as its grabbed from one hand to the other. This one really looks like a camera trick.

Ring Pop Production
You blow into a ring and a coin pops out. Visual and super fun to perform.

Coin Through Glass
A glass is placed on it's side and a coin is visually thrown through the bottom of the glass. A new take on a classic idea.

Pistol Shot
The inner child in you will love this! You make a gun with your hand, toss a coin into the air and shoot it (think 'pew pew'), the coin goes flying. This is what we wish would happen when we were kids...now it's a possibility!

This is an absolutely ridiculous routine that you just simply have to see. Words don't do it justice so I added it next to the trailer above. Be sure to watch that.
This routine requires 1 very common coin Gaff and either a karate coin or a bullet coin. This is the only part if this project that requires a gaff.

This move is one of my favorite things to use and I've only just started to scratch the surface with its possibilities! You're bound to discover new ideas of your own and ways to add it to your routines. This move is truly amunition for the creative mind!

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Yoichi Akamatsu’s Cylinder and Coins(VIP)

Yoichi Akamatsu's Cylinder and Coins

This is Cylinders and Coins by Yoichi Akamatsu, winner of the Ishida Tenkai Award.

Yoichi Akamatsu is a shadowy figure who, once he gives a lecture, is always seen by many of the Kansai region's leading performers. Even they, who have seen thousands of magic tricks, are genuinely surprised by Akamatsu's work and roar when they see his explanations. His effects are beyond the imagination, and his simple tricks make them possible. Everyone is jealous of his talent.

This Cylinders and Coins is another one of Akamatsu's representative works. The owner of Frenchdrop(Japanese famous magic shop), Mr. Shono, fell in love with it and asked Akamatsu to provide it to us this time.

The reason why Shono fell in love with it so much is clear. Among all the Cylinders and Coins, this one is without a doubt the best. There are many procedures in Cylinders and Coins. Each of them has its own purpose, and it is fun to study them. However, when it comes time to demonstrate them, even the experts are overloaded. It is very difficult.

Akamatsu's work does not have that burden. It is not too much to say that the burden is not reduced but completely eliminated. Even beginners of coin magic will be able to perform with a little practice. In addition, the appearance of the phenomenon is easy to understand, and the aim of the plot is purely expressed without being tainted. That is the reason for the rave reviews.

This time, in addition to the explanation of the procedure, we have included Mr. Akamatsu's discussion on cylinders and coins, as well as an extra video (only for viewers in Japan).

This is a work that I want to treasure and I hope you will treasure it too. We do not want it to be copied. I hope it will be loved and cherished by a very small number of people. I do not intend to make many of them. That is the meaning of this pricing.

We hope that this work will reach those who genuinely enjoy Akamatsu's ideas.

1 × Replica Morgan Stack Coins
4 × Replica Morgan
1 × Leather cylinder, inner diameter 40mm
1 × Wand (Luxury wooden wondo)
1 × storage case
cork diameter 20mm, thickness 5mm

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Strawesome by Jeff Prace

During the middle of a meal, you decide you want a different drink than the one you currently have. Throughout the duration of the meal, your date has seen the brown cola slide up and down the clear straw. But now your taste buds desire orange soda.

You hold the liquid stationary in the clear straw. With a quick pass of the hand, the liquid (and its color) changes! You can then continue sipping on your new drink, or dump it out and prove that it fully transformed. Your date will be impressed… guaranteed.

The best part? This situational piece of astonishment is done without any gimmicks or extra bits. You can walk into a restaurant unprepared, and you can then perform a miracle.

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Manuel Llaser – The Frog

This might be the absolute most bonkers, fooling, and jaw-dropping trick we’ve ever released. An origami frog a spectator has been holding onto for the entire trick transforms into a signed playing card another spectator lost in the deck. This is the kind of miracle that shouldn’t be possible. This is the kind of magic that only the legendary Manuel Llaser could create. This is The Frog.

Here’s what happens:

A blue playing card that has been folded into an adorable origami frog is introduced. The spectators can pet its back and make it hop. A red deck of playing cards is brought out. Two different spectators sign selected cards which are then lost into the deck. The deck is cut into many packets that are spread all over the table. The frog is placed on each of the piles by the magician until it jumps. The top card of the packet is turned over, and it is discovered to be the first spectator’s selection. Now the spectator begins to eliminate packets by placing the origami on anyone they choose. Once they are down to a single packet, the cards from that packet are spread over the table, and the spectator places the frog on a card of their choice. All of the other cards are turned over to reveal that the second signed selection is not amongst them. The final card is turned over, but mysteriously the selection is not there. The spectator then unfolds the frog that they have been holding for the entire trick, and they discover that the frog has transformed into the signed selection.

The Frog is an absolute show stopper of an effect. You will learn the entire routine, with all of the performance nuances, that will allow you to stun your audiences. The Frog requires a small setup that you can carry with you in your everyday deck. Once you have practiced the innovative magic that makes this possible, your audiences will never forget what an absolute miracle this trick is. This is more than just a card trick. This is The Frog by Manuel Llaser.

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Scott Paton – Deception

Deception by Scott Paton

From the fertile mind of Scott Paton, creator of the bestselling download The Sting, comes another outstanding effect you’ll be performing straight away.

This is a simple and direct piece of propless Mentalism that enables the Mentalist to devine not only a freely thought of 2 digit number but also two freely thought of words. It doesn’t get much cleaner than this!

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OASIS sampler by Eric Richardson

OASIS sampler - magic

The response to Eric Richardson’s Oasis has been outstanding. If you use a memorized deck, you owe it to yourself to check out just how far Eric has taken the concept. The booklet focuses on Aronson stack users, but all stack lovers will find much to inspire here. We’re offering you a FREE PDF sampler of the booklet.

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Michael Ammar – The Michael Ammar Session

The Michael Ammar Session – ellusionist.com (1080p video) Trending Now 🔥 –  erdnasemagicstore

In our never-ending quest to innovate and expand, we are expanding our little “empire” to bring you LIVE LECTURE EXPERIENCES with the sort of names you have come to enjoy from Vanishing Inc. Magic.

Michael Ammar is the undisputed “best” lecturer of all time, and we have chosen him to inaugurate. Many of us have seen Michael Ammar lecture before, at a convention or magic club. But you have NEVER seen Michael Ammar like this. Michael will perform some things he has never lectured on before, and will also speak candidly with host Joshua Jay about his career, advice for other magicians, philosophy on creativity, what the future holds for magic and Michael, and more. We’ll ask him about his time with Vernon, what it is like to perform in exotic countries, and what excites him MOST about magic in 2014. This will be up close, personal, and a riveting two hours.

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