• Adam Rose – Stomp

    Adam Rose - Stomp - $1.99 : Funnystore!, The Art of Magician

    Anyone can find a card with their hands – but finding a card with your feet – that’s impressive.

    A SIGNED, freely chosen card is lost in the deck, before the deck is spread out on the ground in front of your spectators. Running your foot over the top of the cards you stop when you feel you have the right one. You SLAM your foot home on the cards, and step back triumphantly.

    SLOWLY, in full view, you slip off your shoe – with your other foot – keeping your hands away from it at all times The spectator can now remove the card themselves to find it is their chosen, signed card..

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  • iSense by Thinking Paradox

    iSense - Thinking Paradox

    What if we could read their minds just with our own senses? What if you could sense what is going around you, even having you eyes covered by an spectator, or blindfolded with tape?

    As a mentalist, surely you have noticed the incorporation of tecnology into our art. But, have you ever felt dependant on a gimmick?

    In Thinking Paradox we love simple and elegant methods based on a scientific principles. That is why, after our worldwide success in Clear Choice, we are so happy to be able to offer our last great creation: iSense.

    Isense is an easy TECHNIQUE that provides you information in an undetectable and immediate way, just by using your own abilities, with no gimmicks or external helpers. That means: NOTHING TO BE BUILD OR PREPARED, just you and your mind.

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  • Joseph B – No Way Sandwich

    NO WAY SANDWICH By Joseph B. Instant Download

    Look carefully because this effect is a REAL REAL FOOLER! I have shown it to many magicians and no one of them had a clue! This is the perfect end to your sendwich card routine! It really looks like REAL magic! The two queens inexplicably approach each other inside the card case to capture the card named by the spectator! It looks amazing! Really easy to do! You have all the materials at home to build the gimmick! I am really proud of this routine!
    I show you how you can end clean !

    No glue
    NO wax
    NO double sided tape
    No double face card
    No double back card
    Download now!

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  • Tango – Remote Revenge + PDF

    Remote Revenge by Tango Instant Download

    “Another amazing piece of real magic by Marcelo Insua.” – Luis de Matos

    “Remotely interactive, amazing, and super easy.” – Cyril Takayama

    ”Mister Tango has taken a classic method and added motivation and flexibility in performance. This is the perfect card discovery for your live or virtual shows!”- Josh Burch

    By Marcelo Insua (Tango)

    English and Spanish Instructions. Instrucciones en Ingles y Español.

    The perfect virtual magic trick. Remotely pin-point a freely chosen card in a spectator’s deck.

    The magician has his participant shuffle a deck of cards, freely select a card, and bury it within the deck. The participant slowly deals cards face down on the table, and the magician stops him on one card. The spectator turns it over to show it is the selection. This trick can be done from across the room or across the world.

    Remote Revenge will be in your repertoire for years to come when you need an anytime-anywhere miracle.

    Here are a few important points:
    You can do this remotely in person or over a virtual platform such as Zoom or Facetime.

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  • Luca J Bellomo – CAAN POKER

    CAAN POKER By Luca J Bellomo (LJB),2020 New Arrivals

    CAAN POKER By Luca J Bellomo (LJB)
    This version will surprise you and will remain in the memory of your spectators. You will not only be able to predict which poker hand the spectator will eventually have, but there will be a second en
    “Simply astonishing”
    I am really proud to present you a wonderful and innovative version of CAAN (Card to any number).
    This version will surprise you and will remain in the memory of your spectators.
    You will not only be able to predict which poker hand the spectator will have, but there will be a second ending with another prediction and then another third astonishing theatrical hit.
    In my Poker CAAN the spectator will be enchanted by numerous unexpected twists!
    This effect will fool also magicians.
    I will show you two versions!
    In one version you can use two normal decks.
    In the second you can use a blank deck.

    Detailed instructions

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  • Electric Sensation by Neil Jouve

    Electric Sensation by Neil Jouve Red Bicycle Back

    “This gimmick is fun to play with, and a nice way to add an element of PK to your card magic.” –Erik Tait

    ” This gimmick is really clever and super easy to use. Your spectator will genuinely think the card just shocked them!” – Nick Popa

    Electrify your card magic with the Electric Sensation. Created by Neil Jouve, this easy to use gimmick can hide out inside your deck and be used to deliver a small shock to your audience whenever you want. There are no batteries or electronic devices, and the gimmick is completely safe to use. The Electric Sensation allows you to simulate the feeling of a static shock when it is touched and requires no setup to use. It’s ready to go at a moment’s notice when you want to give your audience a jolt or perform some visual PK illusions.

    In addition to the special gimmick, you get an instructional video with six routines taught in expert detail by the entire team at Penguin magic. The routines involve card locations, PK effects, visual magic, and a lot more. Get the shocking reactions you are looking for with The Electric Sensation.

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  • Roberto Giobbi – Simply Amazing

    Simply Amazing by Roberto Giobbi Instant Download

    “When Roberto Giobbi talks you listen and when he handles the cards he really catches your attention and creates the essence of attractive magic. His card work can be characterized in a few words: Elegant simplicity with economizing of moves, delicate misdirection guided by a powerful logic story.” –Lennart Green

    “Roberto Giobbi is the perfect combination of scholar’ teacher’ and performer.” – Michael Close

    “There is not a magician alive today who wouldn’t benefit from studying Mr. Giobbi.” – Jeff Stone

    “These are great tricks that can be presented easily and elegantly.”

    “BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC magic!”

    “Using an ordinary deck of cards you will blow people’s minds.”

    “These effects are guaranteed to entertain you as much as your audience.”

    “Awesome, anytime, anywhere effects. They’re different and fun and audiences love them.”

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  • Aldo Colombini – Magigram ( 12 Vol )

    Aldo Colombini - Magigram 6|Aldo ColombiniMagigram Vol.7 by Wild-Colombini... MagicWorld Magic Shop

    MAGIGRAM magazine ran from 1966 to 1995. It was printed by SUPREME MAGIC CO. and edited with superb ability by Ken de Courcy. The collaborators were the best ever, just to name a few: Ken de Courcy, Edwin, Ian Adair, Peter Warlock, Max Maven, Lewis Ganson, Maurice Fogel, Arthur Carter, George Blake, David Britland, Pavel, George Johnstone, Billy McComb and a certain Aldo Colombini (I had a column for over 20 years on card magic written by Lewis Ganson).

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  • Larry Jennings – The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings


    This rather large book contains lots of routines that are real gems. It covers coins, cups and balls, and cards. However, more on cards than the previous two. I won’t comment on the coins and cups and balls as I don’t have any experience with them, but I will give you an idea about how I feel concerning the card routines.

    There are definitely strong card routines you’ll find in this book. The sleights are so devious that makes it worth your buy. You’ll find a lot of useful sleights that will fool the audience. However, a drawback is that it contain many unwanted ideas that make the learning process difficult (some of them are based on opportunity). Perhaps if you have all the time in the world, but we magic aficionados want only the best material – in which is embedded within these pages but it is diffused among other less satisfying ones. You’ll have to plow into these pages and find great ideas here and there.

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  • Larry Jennings Thoughts on Card (Vol 1,2)

    With this critically-acclaimed video, you’ll learn methods which took thirty years of practice to develop. Effects which rise to new levels of ingenuity and deception. Effects which for years have baffled magicians and laymen alike. Simple, yet highly-original plots; seemingly imposible card probelms solved with elegant mechanics, seamless sleight-of-hand, and synthesized with naturalness and humor. Best of all, you’ll be in the audience as Larry devastates a crowd in the Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle. It’s your chance to witness card work of legendary expertise, performed live and under fire. Here then, is a performance for all time-and the diabolical methods which made it all possible. Contains:

    • Cannibal Kings The classic plot, with multiple vanish endings.
    • Sucker Punch A red herring throws them off until the last possible moment.
    • Oil & Water This time, the spectator helps mix the cards. Baffling.
    • Card Up Spectator’s Sleeve Unbelievable bar or walk-around effect. Quick, invisible, direct.
    • Tips on the Top-Card Cover Pass Distilled from decades of experience.
    • Tips on The Gambler’s Cop One of Larry’s most deceptive moves.
    • Aces for Experts A new, seamless handling of Vernon’s Slow-Motion Aces.
    • Outstanding Triumph A brilliant improvement that will change this effect forever.
    • Nothing Yet Aces Four randomly touched cards change to Aces. Very magical.
    • Twisting the Aces with a Twist More logical than ever, with a beautiful clean-up.
    • Flawed Transposition A one-at-a-time transposition, with an unforgettable ending.
    • LarRoy Reverse A collaboration with Roy Walton.
    • Estimated Toss A great control. A killer finish.
    • Deck to Pocket A clean and diabolical card to pocket.Guess the finale.
    • Single Cup & Ball Start with nothing. End with nothing. In-between, a classic.
    • A Live Performance at The Magic Castle Arguably the best lesson on the tape. Includes: Four Card Retention,Quadruple Coincidence, Open Travellers, and Ladies’ Looking Glass.

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