• Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez

    ZAG: Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez

    “It is surprising and very entertaining, and in the right hands can seem Miraculous. Plus it’s loads of fun and priced right.” – Marc Salem

    “Zag is a wonderful tool to guess the spectator age. It’ easy for the magician as well as the spectator. And if you combine this tool with other principles you have a killer effect without elements at all” – Manuel Llaser

    “I’m always up for propless mentalism. Great icebreaker for casual environments. Im adding this one to my arsenal!” – Reynold Alexander
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  • WOW Money by Masuda & Lloyd Barnes

    Image result for Masuda & Lloyd Barnes WOW MoneyEveryone knows WOW, everyone can perform WOW… but not everyone wants to. Putting a playing card inside a sleeve looks odd to most audiences.

    With the 2019 WOW Money gimmick, because it’s introduced as your slimline RFID wallet, you can now perform WOW without causing suspicion.

    Take advantage of these flawless visuals with something that looks natural to your audiences.

    This is just one idea for an impactful presentation…

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  • Go Back by Uni Kim

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    This week on MOA. Go Back by Uni Kim
    A little tug to the heartstrings but I think I was truly amazed.
    Don’t you think? Even works with signed coins!

    Go Back by Uni is a cleverylu constructed two-coin routine which is the perfect trick to do on the fly. It’s quick, fun to perform, and easy to learn.

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  • Stick To It by Shahrul Nizar

    One of the most crucial ways to make card magic strong, is to ensure your spectator understands their chosen card is 100% unique.

    More often than not, when magicians ask a spectator to sign a card, they worry about ruining your deck, so you won’t be able to play card games with it anymore.

    From our friend Shahrul Nizar in Malaysia, we bring you the perfect trick that takes advantage of this premise. Introducing, Stick To It.

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  • The Fog by Arnel Renegado

    The Fog is a mysterious and unique way to reveal a signed or any chosen card!

    Imagine this. You ask your spectator to choose any card they want. You borrow their bottled water and ask them to hold it. They see nothing on the bottle until an image slowly appears on the bottle — it’s their chosen card! And with a shake, it vanishes.

    Download the video and discover the secret of The Fog.

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  • Pure Cards Across by Mark Leveridge

    Image result for Pure Cards Across

    Two sets of 10 cards are counted out fairly and openly onto a spectator’s hand before being dropped into two glass tumblers where they can be clearly seen.

    One at a time three cards are invisibly moved from one glass to the other, and when the piles are counted back onto the spectator’s hand again, the first glass only contains 7 cards and the other 13.

    This is the classic cards across effect using a method that is completely move and sleight free. Everything happens at fingertips and there is no palming required, nor any special counts.

    Designed for a close up or intimate parlour show, this routine is so open and fair looking that it seems impossible that three cards could migrate from one pile to the other. And yet they do!

    This comes as a Premier E-Routine which is a downloadable pdf text file featuring detailed written instructions and which has a link in it to take you to additional online performance and explanation footage.

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  • Ollie Mealing – Archive Magic

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    We share Ollie Mealing Archive Magic File By Only Rlsmagic.com

    • File Listing For Movie :
    • Accidental Force by Ollie Mealing
    • Clap Production by Ollie Mealing
    • Fan Production by Ollie Mealing
    • GOLIATH by Ollie Mealing
    • Mealerang by Ollie Mealing
    • Ollie Mealing – Chat
    • Ollie Mealing – Control
    • Ollie Mealing – Poison Control
    • Plummet Control by Ollie Mealing
    • Recoil by Ollie Mealing
    • Skip Switch Project by Ollie Mealing
    • Special_Blend_Control_by_Ollie_Mealing
    • Surf Change by Ollie Mealing
    • Sweet Dakota Change by Ollie Mealing

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