• Zee- Itoshito

    Itoshito - magic

    Our friend Zee took the coin magic community by storm with the release of Project Z and How to do Coin Magic.

    Many respected names raved about his modern touch on classic moves. Zee definitely sets a new bar for visual coin magic, and Itoshito, is the next chapter in his advanced visual coin work.

    This project consists of Zee’s bread and butter when it comes to routines that he performs professionally day in and day out.

    If visual insanity with a few coins in your pocket is what you are looking for, then you don’t want to miss Itoshito. Check it out.

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  • Unknown Mentalist Rasik Deck

    Rasik Deck by Unknown Mentalist : Lybrary.com

    A Shocked Duchess became Si Stebbins’ Karma (Destiny). If Si Stebbins would have learnt the Karma Deck this would have been the result. The Rasik Deck is the surprising result of applying the Karma Deck principle to the age old Si Stebbins stack. And added to this is a novel method of using existing suit systems to create a random suit sequence. So the final end result is a fabulously refreshing stack with many rich possibilities and multiple potential. This is flexible enough to either fit well in your existing Karma Deck bouquet or stand out as a fully independent stack by itself. The word Rasik has its origin in the ancient Sanskrit language. It means “connoisseur”. And, in the true tradition of the Karma Deck, this too is a deck for the ‘connoisseur’ of stack magic.

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  • Unknown Mentalist Deckcelence

    Deckcelence by Unknown Mentalist : Lybrary.com

    Deckcelence by Unknown Mentalist

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  • Unknown Mentalist Amazers With Karma Deck

    Unknown Mentalist - Amazers With Karma Deck,Magic Librarires

    Five elegant routines. Simple and self-working. Long lasting lingering impact. No forces. Novel and refreshing presentation themes, patter pieces and scripting bits.

    • JUNE — Performed using participant’s month of birth. Participant chooses two cards related to her birth month this year and the next. And you have predicted both.
    • U — Performed using participant’s first name (NOT a spelling effect). Participant chooses two cards related to his first name and you have predicted both.
    • TRYST — You show a participant your prediction in advance and she successfully transmits it telepathically to her partner. Includes an exciting alternative presentation.
    • TWIST — A baffling variation of TRYST which doubles the odds and still hits bullseye.

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  • December Boys – Gimmick project

    Gimmick Project by December Boys,Magic Tricks| | - AliExpress

    We believe that modern magic should be either visual or dead. We see the future in eye candy magic and brilliant sleight-of-hand. Fortunately, our
     project requires minimal amount of skill: all 6 gimmicks are reliable and will perform most of the ‘dirty work’ instead of you. Hand-crafted by our very own Vitaly Chaban, these special cards are discreet, incredibly thin look almost exactly like regular Rider Backs.
    Gimmick – a trick or device intended to attract public attention. Gimmicks by December Boys are 6 special and flap cards, which will change your spectator’s perception of card magic once and forever.

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  • Matt Mello – Cards and Numbers

    For the ‘Any Card at Any Number’ lovers, Cards and Numbers will most certainly be something you’ll want to add to your arsenal! The spectator can cut the deck as many times as they like, box the cards, and put them in their purse or sit on them. They then go through a quick imaginary process, where the spectator selects a truly random card and random number. With no forcing involved, and the performer never needing to touch the deck, the spectator can remove the cards, count to whatever number they chose, and find the card they selected!

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  • Magic At The Edge by Jeff McBride

    Magic At The Edge - magic

    The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world’s largest art festival. It’s Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Welcome to Burning Man and Magic at the Edge! Since the dawn of time, magicians have sought inspiration in the most unusual places. Burning Man is one of the most inspiring environments for performance magic in all the world.

    You’ve seen Jeff McBride featured on A&E’s Mindfreak, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and VH-1’s Celebracadabra. Now you can see Jeff in action performing his magic at one of the wildest places in the world, the Burning Man Art Festival. But this is far more than just a performance video. It is a teaching video, an exploration that searches for the very heart and soul of magic. Here is an inside look into the lifestyle of one of the world’s great magicians and how and why he seeks inspiration.

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    RECOIL by MR Magic Production video DOWNLOAD : MJM Magic, Magic ...

    RECOIL is an amazing visual effect, whereby writing in INK moves to another spot!

    Ask your audience to choose any card and SIGN the face. You then write the letter X, in ink, on the back of the card. Wave the card in the air – suddenly, the mark you made on the card back moves to the other side of the card back. This all happens with their chosen, signed card!

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  • Carlos Vinuesa – Numbers,Cards and Time

    Numbers, Cards... and Time! by Carlos Vinuesa,2019 New arrival

    This book gathers together a part of my history with magic, in particular with card magic. Inside you will find a selection of what I consider to be some of the best and most personal material I have developed; in particular, you will discover practical and elegant approaches to the Card and Number effect, my sequence Back to the Future (“Ascanio Prize, Close-up Magician of the Year in Spain” 2010) -including my favorite version of Collectors and version of the Camel Race-and some other neat ideas…

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  • Andreu – Numerical Oracle


    An interesting experiment of PRECOGNITION, this is NUMERICAL ORACLE by Andreu

    Four  spectators  are  invited  to  participate  in  an  interesting  experiment  of precognition.

    Two of them are asked to say out loud personal numbers, while the other  two choose  numbers

    completely  unknown  to  the  mentalist  or  the audience.

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  • Andreu – Tribal Telepathy

    Andreu – Tribal Telepathy (official pdf) – erdnasemagicstore

    A female, sexy spectator challenges the mind performer, to read her mind immediately…

    The mentalist just smiles and tells her it doesn’t really work that way, in fact he invites her to have a tea and then he explains her more about the way in which mindreading works.

    After some talking, the performer proposes an experiment in telepathy.

    He takes out 2 small writing pads, 4 color markers and 3 cards, explaining they have around 70 different words on them in different colors. They are used for mindreading as the words can be imagined or visualized without any difficulty by the spectator.

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  • Dara McGrath – The Card to Phone Trilogy

    “Card to wallet is a classic of magic that’s rightly adored by magicians around the world. It’s astonishing magic that packs a visceral punch. But the world is changing. The number of people who carry traditional wallets is declining, and let’s face it; most women never did.”

    It makes sense to be able to perform magic with items that you carry with you every day. With The Card to Phone Trilogy, you’ll always be ready to perform a miracle with your very own mobile phone!

    The Card to Phone Trilogy includes:

    • Three impromptu card to wallet style effects which use your own personal book-style phone case, no more expensive gimmicked wallets.

    • Three easy to perform methods; no palming or complex sleight of hand techniques required.

    • A brand new, easy to perform, and devilishly clever card folding technique that happens right under the spectator’s nose!

    • Over 70 minutes of in-depth instruction and explanation.

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