TraperíaDeKlaus se trata de la primera librería en La Rioja y la segunda en España que vende libros al peso, en concreto a 10?/KILO. El resto de libros que no están en nuestra tienda los puedes encontrar en los diversos sitios web de TraperíaDeKlaus, en especial en su página web y en canales como Unilíber. En la mayoría de los casos, los libros que ofrece TraperíaDeKlaus, son libros de segunda mano y que se encuentran en un estado de conservación correcto. Podrás encontrar libros de las más diversas temáticas que te puedas imaginar, muchos de ellos descatalogados. TraperíaDeKlaus no es una librería cualquiera, frecuentemente decimos que nuestros clientes no vienen a buscar, si no que vienen a encontrar entre los miles y miles de libros que disponemos… ¿te lo vas a perder? Te esperamos en TraperíaDeKlaus, tanto en nuestra tienda física como en nuestras tiendas virtuales. No te arrepentirás.

Terms of Sale:
Shipping Terms:
Hacemos envíos ordinarios y certificados.
Los envíos ordinarios son rentables si el peso del envío es inferior a los 500 gramos, a partir de los 500 gramos se dispara mucho la tarifa de envío. En el envío certificado lo caro es siempre el primer articulo, compensa pedir varios articulos a la vez, ya que el coste apenas varía entre pedir un articulo o pedir 10.
Los vinilos tienen un coste de 3 ? envio ordinario y 6 ? el certificado.
En los envíos ordinarios el comprador asume el riegos de pérdida. Todos los envíos se hacen por correos.
Los pagos mediante transferencia bancaria a BBVA o también aceptamos pagos por PAYPAL, con paypal se cobra comisión salvo que el pago se haga como amigos o familiares.
Los gastos de envío dependen del peso.
En los envíos ordinarios es de 2,50 ? ( en envios de hasta 500 gramos). Salvo en objetos de muy poco peso (inferior a 100 gramos) y volumen que entonces será 1 euro.
Los envío Certificados (hasta 10 kg) su coste es entre 5,50 y 7,00 euros – Dependiendo de su peso y volumen. – Envíos a Canarias su importe es de 8,50 euros.
Para artículos de mas de 10 kg. Consultar.

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Abstract Effects – I am ARRR(VIP)

I am ARRR (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Abstract Effects

"It's absolutely brilliant! Both the premise and the method"

From the creative minds of The Other Brothers comes an effect that is five years in the making - one of the very first concepts ever developed by the imaginative duo. Produced by Abstract Effects, "I AM ARRR" is a unique and surprising pendulum which provides you an opportunity to perform incredible mentalism with a shocking reveal!

For years, pendulums have been used by mentalists and psychics to create real magic, but now there is one that will not only allow you to tap into the power of the pendulum, but with this clever secret the spectator can actually find their own selected card. If that's not powerful enough, the pendulum will reveal their selection in its shadow!

The Other Brothers teach you a mentalism effect using the materials provided in "I AM ARRR" that will send shivers through your spectators and it all ends with a reveal like none other.

"I AM ARR" is perfect for intimate, small group settings and can be done impromptu as it is a simple, yet powerful tool. Prove once and for all to your friends and families that magic is real with "I AM ARRR!"

"Killer. Insane method and so CLEAN. Love this"
-Justin Flom

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Shim Lim – SSS

*This is a retaught version of the original SSS. All the gimmicks are the same as in the original SSS.

“That is the only use of smoke I’ve seen in a magic trick that was sincerely beautiful.”
– Penn Jillette

S.S.S (Sleeveless Silent Smoke) is Shin Lim’s signature effect that he uses in his 2 time FISM winning act and his TV appearance in Pen and Tellers Fool Us that went immediately viral the next day.

Whether you’re a street, parlor, or stage performer; you will be able to apply S.S.S to your regular routine. Be able to create clouds of white smoke silently and beautifully, with no sleeves or complex hookup on your arms or wrist.

In the Box: Included in S.S.S is a special tubing that has been custom manufactured internationally.

Online Instructional Video: In this in depth tutorial, Shin teaches you his very own version of S.S.S that he performs on a regular basis, as well as different variations or options:

  • Color Change with smoke in mouth
  • Performing S.S.S completely surrounded
  • S.S.S without a table or Close-Up Pad

*Assembly is required with S.S.S. As well as a close up Pad and 2 extra materials that are easily ascertainable at any gas station/hardware store/amazon/google

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Seamless by Glenn West

Magic Ebook :

In collaboration with Lost Art Magic, we bring you Seamless by Glenn West.

Glenn has spent years developing an impromptu handling to tear up a playing card, and restore it piece by piece leaving no creases or folds… just one solid seamless playing card.In Seamless the magician takes a spectators selection and tears it into four individual pieces, all without pre folding the card into quarters. This is exactly how it should look when you ask someone to tear a card.

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Eric Jones – Metal 4

Metal 4 contains the coin magic that took Eric Jones into the most successful television shows of his life.
From his start performing simple coin tricks on the streets of Philly, to America’s Got Talent (Semi-Finalist), Penn and Teller (he beat them), and Masters of Illusion, Eric did it all with a few coins and these brilliantly crafted routines.

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Drusko & Thinking Paradox – Korner

Korner - magic

From the creative mind of Drusko, a Mexican magician creator of “Radioactive”, comes this new twist on the TNR corner plot developed and produced by Thinking Paradox.

The effect is as follows: a card is selected and signed by a spectator. One corner of the card is torn away by the spectator itself, who holds his torn card between his hands. Magician takes the corner, put it on spectator’s hands and makes it disappear just by waving his empty hands over it. Now spectator can open his hands and he will discover that not only the corner is there, but also is linked again to the card which ends completely restored.

And here is the better part: the effect is completely impromptu, you will borrow any deck and just performing it. The card is signed and the restorations occurs on spectator’s hand. Instructional video is very detailed and plenty of advices and ideas, also you will find 4 different new and visual restorations.

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Two classic themes intertwine in this effect: the impossible location and Any Card at any Number. The magician will first be able to find one of the two cards under impossible conditions and pull it out face down.
While the second can be found incredibly at the number nominated by the spectator.
An effect that fool even fellow magicians without a doubt.
Impressive routine !
Really simple to do!

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Atlas Brookings – Train Tracking(VIP)

If I had to list my top 5 mentalism releases of 2014 then Train Tracking by Atlas Brookings would certainly be in there and very close to the top.

Train Tracking, for anyone who hasn’t heard of it, is a method of being able to reveal a spectator’s thought of word. This can be ANY word, and the word is NEVER written down. It’s about as close to real mindreading as I think you can probably get.

The method for Train Training is printed inside a nicely produced hardbacked book which runs to 175 pages. The method is nothing short of genius but I do have to say that it’s not something you will be doing as soon as you have read the book. This is something that is going to take a lot of work to get right. But, if you put in the effort to learn it properly, you have something that very few other people will be able to do, that is completely unbelievable. Something that can be done at any time, any place with no props at all.

The book is broken down into sections, or tracks as they are referred to in the book. Atlas starts off by explaining how the idea came about, and how it developed into what it now is. This isn’t something that Atlas simply thought of in the middle of the night. This is something that has taken years to develop. Some of the early examples explained are not that difficult to do and are actually very good in themselves. It is advised that each section be read, and learned thoroughly before moving onto the next.

As you progress through the book you learn techniques which help you build up the thought of word, through a series of seemingly innocent questions. The first couple of chapters start of relatively easy, but It does get progressively harder as the the book goes on. I have read the book several times now and I have the first couple of chapters down. I am still working of the final puzzle that completes the method though. I am just about to start reading it again from the beginning. At the end of each section there are diagrams which will help you visually see how each process works. These at first do look a bit complicated but once you have studied them for a while you soon see how they work, and they are actually a real help. A I read each section I found myself smiling when the methods were revealed

As a bonus, at the back of the book, Atlas has included his ‘Wish You Were Here’ routine which is a holiday prediction type effect that is brilliant. The video clip at the bottom is of Steve Haresign (who printed Train Tracking for Atlas) performing own his version of it. It really is a brilliant routine and worth a read.

One thing I really admire about Atlas is that he didn’t print thousands of copies of the book and sell them cheaply. He limited the numbers printed and set the price so only people really interested in it would buy it. If Atlas didn’t know the person who wanted to buy a copy he would find out about them and if he felt that Train Tracking wasn’t for them then he would not sell them a copy. These are the actions of someone who really values his magic.

It is always difficult trying to review and explain something without giving away too much of  the method. All I can say is, that if you are lucky enough to have been able to get hold of a copy of this and you are willing to put in the effort it deserves then you will have a real miracle in your arsenal. This is a book to read, absorb and keep in your magic library for ever!

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 50 Magic of Canada

Greater Magic Video Library 50 - The Magic of Canada Volume 1 - magic

We asked our neighbors to the North to perform a few tricks for our cameras. Even after three and half hours of nonstop magic, they still had more up their sleeves. We’ve divided the material into two spectacular videos. Were else can you see the most brilliant minds and deft performances of seven outstanding Canadian magicians? You can now in the comfort of your own home.

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