• Paul Stockman – Psyclock

    PSYCLOCK BY Paul Stockman - £120.00 | PicClick UK

    Psy-Clock – PaulStockman Alakazam Magic isproud to present Paul Stockman’s Psyclock Watch The Video Demo by copying and pasting this link into Your browser – /watch?v=h0wFuOSV6OE Since the release of Paul’s best selling Connected DVD we have had countless emails asking about Paul’s pet routine the Psyclock. This is a fantastic routine for almost any performance situation. Please note that the stand in the photograph is not included – a music stand or easel will work perfectly well and details are outlined in full in the instructions.

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  • Christopher Carter – Penguin Live Lecture – VIP

    For almost 30 years, Christopher has been one of the busiest working mentalists in the United States. He has appeared at over 3500 college campuses and well over 1000 corporate events. He has been awarded Entertainer of the Year, Best Live Novelty Act, Best Performing Artist, and Best Male Artist by Campus Activities Magazine, and was the only performer to ever sweep all of the major awards in a single year. He has been awarded the Milbourne Christopher Award in Mentalism by the Milbourne Christopher Foundation, and the Dunninger Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association.
    His material is noted for being direct, hard-hitting and fun.

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  • Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Gamblers Cop

    Die Gamblers Cop Masterclass von Daniel Madison Magie tricks ...

    Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Gamblers Cop

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  • Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Bottom Deal

    Daniel Madison – The Bottom Deal Masterclass (All Video+PDF) – Magic22

    Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Bottom Deal

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  • Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Angle Zero

    The Angle Zero Masterclass by Daniel Madison magic tricks|Magic ...

    Daniel Madison – Masterclass, The Angle Zero

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  • Daniel Madison – Masterclass, An ITH False Riffle Shuffle

    An ITH False Riffle Shuffle - YouTube

    Daniel Madison – Masterclass, An ITH False Riffle Shuffle

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  • Dan Harlan – Vortex

    Vortex by Dan Harlan 4 GIMMICKS

    From the creative mind of Dan Harlan comes a bizarre addition to the world of card magic.

    Imagine being able to blur the lines of what is real and what is imagined in a simple card effect. With VORTEX you are able to create what can only be described as Real Life Special Effects.

    A spectator selects a card while the magician displays the card along with another of the same value. the two become visually connected, stuck in a strange time warp. Was what I just witnessed real? Is it really possible to alter reality with visual proof? We may never know but with Vortex we can make it look like we can.

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  • Darwin Ortiz – Lessons In Card Mastery

    Lessons in Card Mastery by Darwin Ortiz

    Among Darwin Ortiz’ many fans, the only question is which of his card books is the best:  Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table, Cardshark, or Scams & Fantasies with Cards.  Now there is a new candidate:  the aptly-named Lessons in Card Mastery.
    This time the accent is on uncanny displays of card control. You’ll display physical control by cutting to a selected card with just one finger, trapping two selections in a shuffled deck, displaying mastery at Texas hold’em, instantaneously producing an entire suit, making the deck sort itself into reds and blacks, and causing all fifty-two cards to rearrange into perfect suit and number sequence.  You’ll display mental control by diving cards under impossible conditions and memorizing a deck in a matter of seconds.

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  • All In by Jack Carpenter – VIP

    “Jack Carpenter is dauntingly creative, has world-class technical skill, and understands what types of effects hit audiences hard. This is a great collection of material that will convince anyone that you can do anything with a deck of cards.” -Darwin Ortiz

    “Jack Carpenter is one of a half dozen guys whose material I always recommend to people who are serious about great card magic. Jack never disappoints, and this new DVD kicks ass.” -Andrew Wimhurst

    “If you want to fool and entertain people, get this DVD! Discover why Jack’s material is used by the finest cardmen in the world. Find out for yourself how Jack fools the hell out of magicians and laymen alike. His clever methods and innovative solutions will take your work to a new level.” -Steve Ehlers

    Jack Carpenter is the real deal. In this DVD set, you’ll learn all the tricks and techniques he’s used over the years to build his legendary reputation.

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  • Craig Petty – Night Shade Coin Set

    Night Shade Coin Set by Craig Petty

    From the creator of the Mirage Coin Set, Split Happens and Flipped Out comes a revolutionary new coin set – Night Shade. The possibilities with the set are endless and will allow you to perform coin magic you never thought possible. Night Shade comes complete with all the precision-made gimmicks that you will require to perform the routines described on the DVD.

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  • Dan And Dave – Twothousandten

    Twothousandten - magic

    This unique collection of material from Dan and Dave was originally offered as a limited edition DVD to the attendees of their 2010 European Lecture Tour. Now, for the first time ever, we are making it available to everyone else.

    Enjoy a curated selection of Buck Twin’s most beloved creations, some of which has never been published on video outside of this collection.

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  • Alex Latorre – Switch-Tac

    Switch-Tac by Alex Latorre | theory11

    You have a folded playing card inside a tic tac box visible throughout the routine. At the very end, the card inside the box is removed and unfolded and it is revealed that it is the selected and signed playing card! This gimmick will allow for a very clean switch of one playing card for another.

    Positives: – Easy to build – Easy to use – Utility device

    Negatives: – It isn’t a high tech device – Not examinable (without a switch)

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