Adam Elbaum – AWE Struck

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“Elbaum has a non-stop mind for powerful magic. He puts his ideas through the ringer, trimming the fat, squeezing every ounce of impact possible, leaving nothing but a lean, clean, strong effect sure to leave your audience dumbfounded … and AWE struck!” – Derek Hughes

“Adam is smart, devious, and detail oriented.” – Asi Wind

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Woody Aragon – An ebook in spanish

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In these pages, you will find wonderful card magic, wonderful thinking, and effects that fool you as you perform them. Over the last few years, Woody has traveled internationally sharing his card magic and theories, performing, competing, and lecturing. Many magicians have asked “When will Woody write a book in English?”. After two years of hard work, it’s here.

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Patrick Page – Topit Magic

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Patrick Page – Magic Gold Series No. 2 This is the 2nd in a newly released series of Patrick Page – Magic Gold DVDs. Patrick Page was probably the best magician in the world using the topit. The secret of using of course was that people did not realise that it existed. In this DVD learn how to use a topit successfully and make ordinary objects such as salt cellars, wine glasses, packs of cards, lighters, cigarette packets vanish and appear at will. Spectators are impressed by ordinary every day items that they have seen and used disappearing in front of their eyes. The topit is possibly the most useful magic accessory for a working magician. We sell topit vanishers separately.

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