• The Weekly: Episode 30 starring Kyle Marlett

    A great trick for any celebration where a party popper is popped on the back of your hand and the confetti penetrates into your closed fist.

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  • Surrounded by Lewis Le Val

    Surrounded by Lewis Le Val Instant Download

    Clairvoyance is the ability to know things you can’t sense with your normal 5 senses.

    In SURROUNDED, Lewis LeVal teaches you how to read a FOLDED dollar bill’s serial number with no props other than a pen and paper.

    Borrow a dollar, have your spectator fold it, and even though you NEVER unfold it, you perfectly call out each digit of the serial number, which is verified by your audience.

    This is real-world mentalism that you will use for the rest of your life. It’s extremely practical, and no surprise Lewis calls it his FAVORITE presentation for learning a serial number.

    The method for SURROUNDED reminds me of something a gypsy, or fakir would use. It’s extremely deceptive, and bullet-proof — which in this day-and-age translates to it being A WORKER.

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  • Dani Daortiz – Everything under control

    In these three new MasterClasses, Dani will introduce a new and exclusively psychological and technical material. He will tell us about new concepts that will make your magic and the experience of the audience grow, with content many tricks and techniques.

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  • Jose Lac’Quest & Alex Linian – Gonzo

    Gonzo by Jose Lac'Quest Magic Trick MagicWorld Magic Shop


    A wondrous, secret gimmick that enables you to spread your fingers wide open and show both sides of your hands completely empty. Roll up your sleeves to just below the elbow to show your bare forearms. Spectators clearly see both sides of your hands and arms before and after each stunning effect. Everything happens in full view as you deliver miracle after miracle.

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  • Y-Rose by Mr. Y & Bond Lee

    When you produce roses, you reach your audience’s emotions!

    Here’s the ultimate rose gimmick for manipulators.

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  • Kayfabe by Max Maven

    Kayfabe‘ means secret, and the latest DVD album from the Essential Magic Collection contains many. Some of these secrets have been kept by Max Maven for forty years. They are incredibly powerful professional routines with entertaining narratives, slick staging and a devious approach to method. Let’s take a look at the contents of the 4 DVDs:

    In COGNOMEN, Max divines the name of a celebrity thought-of by a spectator. We cannot stress how wonderful and practical this routine is. It requires the simplest of props. There is no pre-show. It can be played to the largest audience. And has all the drama and interaction that makes it an enthralling piece. A fabulously practical routine described in full detail.

    SPY STORY, in which a spectator joins you in an adventure in espionage as a location, time, an amount of money and a shape are chosen. All four have been predicted in the mission instructions given to your spy. You’ll love the finesse that Max brings to this item.

    RORRIM is a stunning coincidence effect, a stage routine in which you become the spectator’s doppelganger. Under test conditions, he chooses two cards and places each in one of his pockets. Despite the utter freedom of the procedure, you reveal not only the cards but also which pockets he placed them in.

    ABOUT FACE is an applause-pulling psychometry routine in which you correctly guess which spectators made which drawings. A direct method, entertaining premise and smart staging have made it a strong item in Max’s repertoire for many years.

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  • The Heinous Collection by Karl Hein Vol 3

    This DVD contains several of Karl Hein’s signature multiple selection effects with a few bonuses thrown in. These multiple selection routines involve 3-4 spectator’s at a time in an engaging and fun way. All of them have multiple moments of magic for a layered effect that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

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  • The Social Prediction by Debjit Magic

    The Social Prediction has fooled the best minds in mentalism and now Debjit has finally decided to share it with the magic community. The Download covers 2 revolutionary impromptu methods to predict ANYTHING weeks in advance!

    Imagine asking someone to think of ANYTHING, they open your Facebook Profile from THEIR phone and sees that you had already predicted it MONTHS ago!

    The effects can be performed live or over phone calls, messages, Skype and radio. They can also be used to predict the winners of the World Cup or ANY event on social media. And it’s the best way to promote your Facebook page!

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  • The Heinous Collection by Karl Hein Vol 1

    Zaubertricks | The Heinous Collection Vol.1 von Karl Hein | online bestellen

    This DVD contains the wickedly deceptive false shuffles and cuts that Karl Hein uses throughout his professional performances. V1 includes 10 false shuffles & cuts, varying in degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced. All video has detailed and easy to follow instructions with close-up multi angle views of the moves and finger positions. All of these false shuffles and cuts can be done in the hands without the need of a table. You will learn how to do false dovetail shuffles with a bridge, overhand shuffles, one-handed shuffles and flourish cuts.

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  • Mind Invasion by Morgan Strebler

    From the mind of Mentalist Morgan Strebler, this is a creation he has developed for himself and, after over a decade, is now ready to share with the world! This is Mind Invasion!

    Have someone write or draw anything they want on a piece of paper, whether a symbol or a word. With Mind Invasion, you apparently read their minds by revealing what was written down! A peeking technique like no other! Learn all the techniques necessary and freak out even the toughest, most skeptical audiences!

    No restrictions to Lighting, Positioning, or Tearing!

    Some say peeking is the mother of Mentalism. While many peeking techniques have restrictions tied to them, this one has been refined to allow for the most versatile performances possible!

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