Magic Encarta Presents Indian Shuffle by Vivek Singhi

ISOLATED is one of the cleanest, most direct, visual, and baffling Finding the Aces routines you’ll ever see. A completely shuffled deck with 4 Aces lost in different parts of the deck is tossed onto the table. As the cards land, they break into four packets. The spectator now turns over the top card of each packet revealing the four Aces. Now imagine this happening in the SPECTATOR’S HANDS!!!

Your spectator has complete control of the deck, and they are the ones who throw it and locate the 4 Aces. The entire audience watches the magic happen right in front of their eyes, as do you! This is what REAL MAGIC should look like!!!

ISOLATED lets you do the impossible by allowing you to put the magic in your spectator’s hands, LITERALLY, and the reactions, well… CRAZY would be an understatement.

PS: ISOLATED can be performed completely surrounded, 360 degrees angle-proof and works EVERYTIME!!!

Download the video and learn this amazing Finding the Aces effect!

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Ben Earl & Studio52 – London Underground(VIP)

The Full Line-up


Christian has become very well known for impossibly clean and baffling magic. He will be performing and teaching several killer items, including brand new effects which have not been seen before. Christian likes magic, drinking and taking his top off for money. Please adopt.


Luke has made a name for himself with his hyper-visual, organic and easy to do magic. There are NO card tricks in this lecture… just mind-boggling magic to melt the eyes for the real world and for social media.


Steven is a magician and professional Blackjack player. He is banned from almost every UK casino and will be talking about his unique card counting adventures (and that he misses the free food).


Jack works full time in the casino surveillance business—which gives him plenty of time to practice amazing sleight of hand card magic. He will be blowing your mind with very clever and clean card magic. He knows that you don’t know him, but he doesn’t know you either… so let’s call it even.


Ben is a world renowned magician and sleight of hand artist. He will be performing and explaining some brand new card magic while recovering from hosting the London Underground event.


Ben, Christian, Jack, Steven and Luke will all come together for a live improvised magic jam session. WARNING… drinking and fun may ensue.


Hangout until midnight with everyone in the Studio. There are no rules here… beware.

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Javi Benitez – Hola Japón!

Hola Japón! – The Impossible Co.

Three incredible routines by a FISM prizewinner and Spanish master. But this is more than just an explanation of wonderful tricks. Javi Benitez also gives a masterclass in the fine details of sleights such as palms, double lifts, loads and additions, as well as presentational and theoretical concepts such as in-transit actions, naturalness and more.


-Baroque Transposition: Two signed cards switch places under impossible conditions. This is a technically demanding routine, though you’d never suspect that in Javi’s hands. Featuring the Smooth Palm, one of the most beautiful palms you will ever (or rather, never) see!

-Invisible CAAN: A wonderful, seriously-fooling routine with a whimsical presentation and virtually no sleight of hand.

-Follow the Leader: Javi has updated and streamlined this classic card plot, replacing endless, repetitive counts with natural displays, humorous extra phases and a super clean ending.

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Shade by Jeki Yoo(VIP)

SHADE by Jeki Yoo - YouTube

Shade" is a unique and refreshing effect more than 1-year in the making. It is brought to you by Jeki Yoo, the wildly creative magician who has taken the world by storm with his insane Instagram magic videos. Building on the fun concept of combining magic and fashion that was recently popularized by "Watch This" from Rex Kim, "Shade" allows you to transform a bill into a pair of sunglasses.

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Wolfgang Moser – Silver Surfer(VIP)

Silver Surfer - Wolfgang Moser - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

After 15 years of performances, Wolfgang Moser finally shares the work on one of his most cherished creations.

Wolfgang Moser is a consummate professional. Instead of continually creating new magic tricks, Wolfgang commits himself to polishing the select magic tricks he performs professionally. Every effect is performed for years as it evolves into its own masterpiece.

As one of the most beloved effects in his close-up magic repertoire, “Silver Surfer” holds a special place in Wolfgang’s heart. When he needs to leave a lasting impression, this is the routine he performs. Vanishing Inc. is proud to add this dazzling effect to our exclusive magic download collection.

“Silver Surfer” is one of the most elegant Coins Across routines you’ll ever see. While many coin assemblies rely on lightning quick performances or crazy gimmicks to create visual moments, “Silver Surfer'' revels in its slow, methodical pace. Each moment has a chance to breathe as the audience embraces the impossibility that is steadily unveiling in front of them.

Every detail of “Silver Surfer” has been designed and refined to ensure the audience can easily follow the action. You can show your hands empty in-between sequences and take all the time you need to ensure everyone is locked in. There is no reason to rush. As a result, it plays much bigger than most similar coin tricks.

The detailed nearly 40-minute instructional video features multiple angles and an extensive discussion of the key nuances that make this piece so impactful. You’ll be surprised to learn that “Silver Surfer” is actually easier than you might think. While it’s probably best suited for magicians with some experience and an understanding of basic sleight of hand, any beginner magician willing to put in the practice can absolutely perform it.

“Silver Surfer” uses just four regular coins and a matching coin gimmick that nearly every magician probably already owns. And if you don’t have one, they’re regularly available and very affordable.

Download “Silver Surfer” today exclusively at Vanishing Inc.


When this product was first posted, the history and antecedents of “Silver Surfer” were not made clear, and we’d like to correct this presently. This handling is directly inspired by John Kennedy’s seminal “Translocation” effect, and both Wolfgang Moser and Vanishing Inc. would like to acknowledge John Kennedy for his substantial contribution to the look and feel of all Coins Across sequences of this sort.

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Sparkling by james wang & Hanson Chien(VIP)


The Ultimate Self-Opening Champagne.


Yes, we are talking about DAN WHITE, LU CHEN, CHARMING CHOI, MR. MARIC, real top celebrity magicians using this amazing tool in their high-end gigs for the LAST 3 YEARS. Since 2018, “SPARKLING” has been secretly sold to TV magicians, appearing on talk shows and private parties, all without the magic community being even aware of it. That is until now.


In short, “SPARKLING” is a really well-designed moment of breathtaking magic. At a party, have the host place a bottle of Champagne on the table, and WITHOUT TOUCHING, the entire audience mentally wills the bottle to VISUALLY POP on command. Simple, wonderful, and celebratory. This isn’t just the best commercial Champagne effect to date, but probably the best commercial effect, period. It’s elegant, it’s organic, it checks all the boxes.


For those of you who are aware of the Paul Harris’ classic “Fizz Master” plot, Sparkling is the upgraded, elegant version of the effect. Not only can you VISUALLY SEE the moment the fizz transfers into the clear Champagne bottle, the entire operation is HANDS FREE.


In stark contrast to most typical liquid effects, this one avoids ALL the problems: no complicated chemistry, no poisonous ingredients, no awkward “waiting time” for the effect to happen, no need to wait in front of the audience. With James’ professional engineering and design, you literally REMOTE CONTROL the moment of magic to happen. Even your backstage assistant can control it for you, up to 150 feet away from the bottle.



-Use most Regular Champagne bottles

-Bottle can be examined and kept by host

-Champagne can be immediately drank by guests


Sparkling - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this trick a consumable?

The main gimmick of this product is designed to be reused many times. You DO, however, need to buy a few household items that will be used as a consumable. We believe those items to be very cheap, and easily accessible for the regular magician.

Is this prop built to last?

According to our users, yes. Magicians have been using the same unit for over 2 years and still going strong.

Can I used ANY kind of Champagne?

ONLY if it is fresh an unopened. Old Champagne will lose the gas and doesn’t have enough fizz to pop. Also, while “SPARKLING” is designed to work with most Champagne brands, sometimes there are special bottles with irregular-shaped bottle openings, and “SPARKLING” will NOT work for those bottles.

Can I REALLY Drink the Champagne afterwards?

Absolutely yes, it’s really the contents of the Champagne that they are drinking, no switch. Once you know the method, you might think it tastes even better AFTER the effect!

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StrawCan by Hoang Sam(VIP)

StrawCan by Hoang Sam Instant Download

Visually pull a drinking straw through the pop tab of a soda can. Perform a solid through solid effect with ordinary objects that you can have fully examined at the end of the trick. This is StrawCan by Hoang Sam.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a soda can and a straw to your spectators. After explaining to them that the purpose of the tab on a can is to hold the straw in place, you show them how the straw can fit through the tab so that they can clearly see the straw is actually through the tab. Then you visually pull the straw through the tab. The best part is you can hand both the straw and the can out for immediate examination.

StrawCan uses a simple gimmick that you learn how to construct with materials you already have at home. The visuals are crazy. This is the perfect trick for social media, but can also be a phenomenal effect for when you are hanging out with your friends. You’ll not only learn how to make the gimmick, but the special moves to be able to hand the props out to be inspected by your audience. Add an off beat solid through solid to your repertoire with StrawCan by Hoang Sam.

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