• Black Door by Riccardo Berdini

    “A beautiful tool for your arsenal of methods.” – BANACHEK

    “One of the best designs I’ve seen. Or haven’t seen, completely invisible! SO GOOD!” – DANIEL GARCIA

    “Versatile. Clean. Excellent. The next stage of envelopes for magic” – PAUL VIGIL

    “A hands off switch device? I LOVE IT! The only problem you’ll have is deciding what routine to do first!” – STEVE VALENTINE

    “Those envelope suck, no one should buy it, leave it just for me!!!” – DIAMOND JIM TYLER

    “Practicality 11/10.” – FRANCO PASCALI

    “Best switch device ever made. Period.” – SIMON BLACK

    A revolutionary switching device that fits in your pocket.

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  • Hug by Nefesch

    HUG is the new “Thumbs up, Go like this” opener taken to a whole new level of visual madness.

    “HUG is a DVD with a collection of 6 effects. 5 of these effects are new, fresh and astonishing body illusions that you can perform anytime anywhere. In February 2008 I decided to perform HUG for some reporters of a National Newspaper of my native country (El Salvador) The Journalists were very impressed and made a nice article about me; and as a result of my HUG performance they gave me a “title”, a title I had never expected to get, this “title” was something that I had never claimed to be, but they gave me that title because that was what they thought of me after seeing my performance; they called me: “An Expert in Contortion”. Nowadays, I use HUG as the opener for my Show. The DVD also includes a mentalism routine with the ploy “Hugging a person” This mentalism Routine is the one I use as a link between my opener and the rest of my mentalism show.”
    – Nefesch

    The 5 Body illusions are totally impromptu, easy to do and they will look as if you can penetrate parts of your body through others parts of your body in a very visual way. The mentalism routine requires a fast and easy set up and it plays huge.

    Effects included:

    1) Arms Through Body
    2) Hands Through Neck
    3) Sleeveless Arm Twist
    4) Arms Through leg (3 Variations Included)
    5) A Jacket Levitation
    6) A bonus Mentalism HUG Routine

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  • True Mysteries by Fraser Parker

    True Mysteries is a book/DVD combo containing breakthrough principles, which when applied to your existing repertoire, elevates the magic you perform beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible without hypnosis.

    True Mysteries will give you incredible demonstrations of propless mentalism that can be used throughout your performances to blow people’s minds! Whether you are a magician or a mentalist, you will learn something that you will want to use right away.

    • Imagine being able to remove your participant’s ability to speak
    • Imagine being able to take away your participant’s strength Imagine being able to make your participant stuck to whatever they’re holding
    • Imagine being able to plant playing cards in your participant’s mind
    • Imagine being able to change your participant’s personal beliefs in God!

    The seeming ability to achieve all of the above is now possible WITHOUT the need for hypnosis, stooges or instant stooges. The DVD contains over 2 hours of content including, as a bonus, Fraser Parker’s personal hands-off solution to the legendary Berglas Effect (any card at any number).

    As well as the instructional DVD, you receive the full reformatted version of Fraser’s now impossible to find book (also called True Mysteries), which explains even more effects and work.

    There is also a bonus eBook on the disc which contains some never before seen material from Fraser’s repertoire.

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  • 100th Monkey by Chris Philpott

    A powerful new plot involving the entire audience…

    The performer holds up a card with a word written on it – the audience concentrates on it and a volunteer reads their minds!

    “In 1952, in the jungles of the island of Koshima, in Japan, scientists made one of the strangest discoveries of all time…”

    The performer holds up a large card so everyone in the audience can see it – everyone except a volunteer on stage with her eyes closed. The card has a word printed on it – perhaps it reads Canada. As the audience concentrates on the word, the volunteer is asked to think of a country…

    Her choice matches the card shown to the audience!

    The effect can be repeated with one or more volunteers and a variety of choices: from rock bands to six-digit numbers…

    At this point you may be wondering how the heck can a volunteer know what everyone else is thinking?! If you’re guessing this involves some kind of switch or flap so the volunteer looks at a different card than the audience, you’d be wrong — everyone looks at the same card at the same time!

    When I first performed this for a group of mentalists, many of them came up to me afterwards and confessed that they thought I was using stooges. I wasn’t.

    The 100th Monkey Effect is the controversial scientific theory that when enough individuals think the same thought, then that thought can spread to others as if it is “in the air”.

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  • Ultimate Networking Tool by Jeff Kaylor

    The Ultimate Networking Tool is a system for being prepared to make lasting connections in an impressive way. Not only will you leave your new contact with a memorable interaction, you will have obtained information such as their name, phone number, and email address as well as key details about this person that will help your relationship develop.

    “The best, most entertaining way to get more leads. It solves all the problems when you meet a potential client and they don’t have a business card on them.”
    – Erick Olson – Corporate Magician and Spokesperson

    This is a solution to a problem that every professional has dealt with.

    Not everyone has a business card, and even if they do, most people often forget to carry them around.

    Putting information into a cell phone can look unprofessional, especially if you are at a paid gig.

    Having the spectator write down their info helps in loud venues and avoids the need to have the contact repeat themselves.

    Business professionals love this (and you) because it makes you look creative, clever, and most importantly, PREPARED.

    It’s grab and go! You’ll always have your cards, something to write with, and an effect. Most importantly, you’re ready to get that ever-important contact info.

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  • Jibrizy – Penguin LIVE ACT

    What will he teach?

    The MAXIMUM ACT: A 30 Minute Act that uses mostly borrowed items and is suitable for all professional performances.

    Vanishing Bottle- You will see how I am able to get the most I can out of this classic prop and how you can make this routine not only hilarious but also extremely impressive.

    Ring Magic- A borrowed ring changes places with a ring in my pocket under impossible conditions. You finish the routine by making their ring disappear and it is gone forever…. Or is it???

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  • Stasis by Other Brothers and Jambor

    Stasis - magic

    We love the “balancing” plot, and “Stasis” is a wonderful impromptu piece in which you can impossibly balance almost anything right under the spectator’s nose. We produced “Balance” by Joshua Jay, and this makes a lovely companion piece that you can do beforehand. It also works extremely well in close-up conditions, when “Balance” wouldn’t be a good fit.

    In effect, you can balance a dollar bill on a credit card, and a deck of cards on top of the bill! Balance your phone on the tip of your finger. You can modify most pocket objects so that “Stasis” can be performed with seemingly anything you find on your person.

    Included in “Stasis” are two precision-made gimmicks that allow you to perform this anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. Balance borrowed bills, bottles, pens, wallets, and even more!.

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