• Nicholas Einhorn – Spooked

    From a borrowed deck, a card is freely chosen and returned. The deck is isolated on the floor, away from the magician. Under complete control, the deck eerily begins to cut itself to a card in the centre. The card ‘jumps’ out and away from the deck and is revealed to be the selection. Everything can be handed out for immediate examination.

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  • Jamie Daws – Faultless

    In the making for just under 5 years and kept underground for the past year. This is for the performer who wants to add pure emotion into his performance. With every aspect of the effect taken into consideration, FAULTLESS is made for the working magician. For the first time, the Torn and Restored card plot has been adapted for a larger audience as well as your normal table hopping clients. Everything explained in depth with clear photos. As well as a brief video showing the restoration stages of the effect from YOUR view and then THEIR view. Nothing has been overlooked.
    Cupid and the Devil: The back of the card changes colour during the process of restoring the card. It can even be signed!

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  • Danny Goldsmith on Angles

    Danny has a gift for making visual magic PRACTICAL. In this special bonus training, Danny shares the secrets behind Practicing ‘the Angels’ you need to ensure no one EVER sees a thing. We think this one training contains the most groundbreaking coin magic concepts we’ve seen…EVER.

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  • D’Angelo’s Touch

    After the worldwide success of “Everlast,” Rafael D’Angelo is back with a release that has fooled the best minds in mentalism!

    D’Angelo’s Touch has been Rafael’s best-kept secret for many years, and now he has finally decided to share it with the mentalism and magic community.

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  • Card to Watch Tutorial

    Watch This [M002712] - $10.99 : ApproachChina Magic Supplies, Lowest Price,  Best Service! - Global Retail & Wholesale Magic Source

    The performzer shows a playing card and it instantly changes to a watch.

    – Easy to do
    – Perform on the stage and close-up and even in your Zoom magic show
    – You supply your ordinary watch and it is examinable after performance

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  • BIlly Damon – S.A.M. Online Lecture

    Billy Damon - The S.A.M. Lecture (2020-10-23) - $2.99 : Funnystore!, The  Art of Magician

    BIlly Damon – S.A.M. Online Lecture

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  • Chris Kenner – Private Lecture

    Chris Kenner – Private Lecture

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  • Ben Seidman – Vanishing Inc. Showtime – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    Ben Seidman – Vanishing Inc. Showtime (January 6, 2021 – highest quality) –  erdnasemagicstore

    For January 2021, we’re pleased to welcome Ben Seidman as our Vanishing Inc. Showtime performer. The public knows Ben from his Netflix appearances on Brainchild, or his award-winning college and cruise ship shows. You will know Ben Seidman as one of the most innovative parlor performers in our industry. And this is your chance to catch his sensational, bespoke virtual show with your whole family. Then, immediately following the show we’ll interview Ben about his process in converting his material to the virtual arena, funny stories from his virtual run, and what he’s learned about magic as he crafted his online show.

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  • Alex Hansford – Gödel

    Vanishing Inc. Showtime

    Magicians have strived for decades to find a color change tha’t’s executed completely open and immune to every angle. Today, that pipe-dream becomes reality.

    Gödel is an innovative face-up color change from the mind of Alexander Hansford. With a wave of the hands, cards transform under direct scrutiny. Not only will you receive two additional routines with your purchase, Twisting and Sandwich, you’ll find Gödel to be an incredible utility for the effects you already perform.

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  • Alan Borg – Transpo au Retour

    Alan Borg - Transpo au Retour


    Alan Borg – Transpo au Retour

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