Ryan Dux – Flirtic Vol. 1 Out to dinner

“Flirtic” is conceived to be a video series for magicians who want to incorporate magic into their flirting and dating.

Unlike in the existing books or DVDs, the effects in the “Flirtic ” series are designed to serve a special purpose, they enhance your flirting. Every effect has a benefit, a reason, a goal. No more boring and random effects, that have nothing to do with flirting.

This is Vol. 1 of the “Flirtic Series”. In Vol. 1 & 2, we´ll take a look at the Out To Lunch gimmick.

In Vol. 1 you will learn the construction and correct handling of the OtL-packet. After that, 4 effects are being taught. Those are:

– Scribble
– Diamond 1
– Diamond 2

Positive emotions, contact info exchange or a special giveaway … with “Flirtic” you are prepared to fulfill each of those purposes.

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Ty Reid – The Carousel Project(VIP)

The Carousel Project by Ty Reid DRM Protected Video Download

I'm absolutely thrilled to present The Carousel Project. I've shown this little treasure to several magicians over the years to quickly be adapted to their repertoire as passes, vanishes and color changes.

My goal was to cut the unnecessary. I ended up with not only what I think is the easiest method to perform this very unique pass but in a singular move you are also performing a vanish!

Think about that one!

You will quickly have the confidence to perform this anywhere with a 12 minute in depth tutorial. Here's the kicker.. you learn my "Snap Switch" with a pass routine as a bonus.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this one, I do every time I see someone reaction.

Download now!

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Craig Petty penguin live(VIP)

Craig Petty Penguin Live Online Lecture | Paradize Magic

What will he teach?

Celebrity Prediction- Hand a prediction out at the beginning and a spectator freely thinks of a celebrity and any playing card. Without fishing, and without the spectator telling their choices, you can show that your predictions were correct.

Pick-a-Pocket- A psuedo pick pocketing demonstration that will convince your audiences that you have real pick pocketing skills.

Cheeky Bet- A fun self working bar bet with a kicker that they won't see coming.

Sponge Bearing- A sponge ball and a coin transpose multiple times until they finally combine into a huge metal ball.

Triple Threat- A rapid fire multiphase coin routine where coins vanish, appear, and jump from one place to another. There are literally dozens of magic moments that all culminate in a double jumbo coin production!

Tri-Umph- A perfect effect for walk around. No Table needed. No force. Can even be done with a shuffled deck in use. Best of all it has an extra phase with a 4 of a kind production of a spectator's freely named card.

Card Under Box- This is the routine that Craig performs when he wants to make a lasting impression, and it has taken him around the world.

Quivering Transpo

Invisible Cards Across- Self Working Cards Across.

Forecast- An Any Card At Any Number prediction where the spectator shuffles and they take deal down and find their named card at their named number.

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One more step- Vinny Sago(VIP)

One More Step by Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) Instant Download

One More Step is a super easy, mental marvel using ordinary Uno cards.


- Step 1 - Display the cards
- Step 2 - Mix the cards
- Step 3 - Spread the cards

Even after all that mixing, you correctly predict that NONE of the colours will be together.

For the finale, you remove the prediction and it MATCHES the sequence of the cards EXACTLY!

What's the Deal?

- This is Fully Examinable;
- Easy to Do;
- Instant Reset;
- Learn in Minutes.

You will need to supply your own Uno cards and envelope, but once made, it will last you a lifetime.

Download NOW and check out the other effects by Vinny Sagoo and Neo Magic!

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PaC Stack – Paul Carnazzo(VIP)

PaC Stack - Paul Carnazzo Instant Download

The latest in Mental Voyage’s Arts & Crafts series!

PaC Stack is an innocent looking, easy to make, gimmicked stack of cards.

PaC Stack can be used to peek words or images in a very deceptive fashion. It can also be used as an Out To Lunch pad and for secret writing.

You may need to buy a few items needed to make the PaC Stack, but you should be able to get everything you need for under .

· Approx. 25 minutes of video instruction detailing the construction and use of Peek Stack

· Performance tips

· Details on how to use the Peek Stack for peeking, Out to Lunch and secret writing

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What Lies Inside Sample by Florian Severin

What Lies Inside is the greatly expanded, updated English edition of a best-selling German book on mentalism (originally titled 13 Steps to Vandalism!) published by Vanishing Inc. Florian Severin is a respected mentalist in his native Germany. In this acclaimed collection, he details sixteen chapters of mentalism effects and theory.

His opinions and material are often shocking and always insightful. You’ll find a balance of methodological ingenuity, presentational inspiration, and technical innovation. And thanks to Florian’s casual, witty style, you will enjoy the journey.

With a foreword by Ken Weber and an introduction by the publishers (Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay), this is a beautiful, thick hardback book that will delight magicians and mentalists alike. Florian Severin’s approach is perhaps a little different to most mentalists and we think that his book will offer a brand new perspective to presenting mentalism.

Just a sampling of What Lies Inside:

  • Help a spectator meet the girl of his dreams!
  • Convict a gruesome slasher of beautiful blondes!
  • Perform brain surgery on yourself!
  • A brand new take on the classic add-a-number…with no adding!

“This cult book was a good reason to learn German … and now the new and strongly revised version is a good reason to learn English!”
– Christoph Kuch, FISM Winner – Mental Magic 2012

What Lies Inside contents

  • Imagination Is a Lemon
  • Verdoux Voodoo
  • Knock Knock
  • When a Stranger Calls
  • Fly into Your Head
  • Effect Overkill
  • Psycho
  • Lottery Limbo
  • Shroompledai
  • I Know What You Did…
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Conflict Resolution
  • I Hear White Lies Singing in My Head
  • Size Does Matter
  • The Fenwick Experience
  • Avada Kedavra

Pages: 340 – 6″ x 9″ – Hardcover – Black and white illustrations

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Osterlind_s 13 Steps 1 Approach to Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

“His biggest gift may be his ability to explain in practical, down-to-earth language how to become a legendary mentalist.” –Maxwell Murphy

For over 40 years, Richard Osterlind has been pioneering new ways to read minds, hypnotize, bend metal and more. He’s considered one of the living legends of mentalism.

Aimed at serious students of the art, Osterlind’s 13 Steps is a MODERN look at the fundamentals of mentalism based on Richard’s lifetime of experience. It has some obvious similarities to the classic text, Corinda’s 13 Steps, but is an entirely independent course based on Richard’s own experience.

TODAY, you can download the first lesson “Approach to Mentalism” at no charge. It’s all about Richard’s philosophy of performing mentalism. There are no tricks, but if you’re serious about mentalism, you’ll find the real wisdom.

Every other friday at noon, Richard will be releasing a new step.

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Some Advice By Tadeu Magalhaes (ENG ESP PTBR) – ENG

A 14-year-old student of mine asked me a great question:

What would be the best advice I could give other magicians if I only had 10 minutes?

I wrote down a few ideas and eventually gave him a handmade version of this booklet. Since I think it could be of help to others, I turned it into a digital booklet.

I hope you like it and feel free to share it with your friends.


Un estudiante mío de 14 años me hizo una gran pregunta:

¿Cuál sería el mejor consejo que podría dar a otros magos si solo tuviera 10 minutos?

Escribí algunas ideas y finalmente le di una versión hecha a mano de este folleto. Como creo que podría ser de ayuda para otros, lo convertí en un folleto digital.

Espero que les guste y siéntase libre de compartirlo con tus amigos.


Um aluno de 14 anos me fez uma ótima pergunta:

Qual seria o melhor conselho que eu poderia dar a outros mágicos se eu tivesse apenas 10 minutos?

Eu escrevi algumas idéias e, eventualmente, dei-lhe uma versão manuscrita deste livreto. Como eu acho que poderia ser de ajuda para os outros, eu decidi fazer uma versão digital.

Espero que goste e fique a vontade pra compartilhar com seus amigos.


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