• Daniel Madison – The Second Deal Masterclass

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  • In your Mind – Joseph B

    IN YOUR MIND is a powerful effect that you can perform anytime anywhere with a borrowed shuffled deck!
    The spectator thinks any card and then the deck face up and face down and the magician will be able to predict the exact position of the card the spectator is thinking. Not only this … but there is a final surprise, a real kicker!
    With this effect you can also deceive your fellow magicinas! This is almost self working!
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  • Rainbow Matrix by Max Maven

    “This is THE BEST approach to the number matrix – ever. Max’s method eliminates a problem with the classic approach and does it in a way that makes the entire process more visual, engaging and surprising. A must.” – Michael Weber

    “Rainbow Matrix is a wonderful number prediction from the Color Series of Metalism with some excellent additions and tips that even those familiar with the now classic text will want to know about, especially the bonus version with playing cards, which features a particularly pleasing outcome.” – Jared Kopf

    “This is Max’s version of the “Matrix Force”, much better than the “original” if you know it. You learn several versions and applications, even using playing cards if you wish too! And alone the addition of being able to learn how to create a forcing grid “on the fly” is worth much more than what you pay for it. That’s a real bargain!” – Jan Forster

    In these strange new times, magicians and mentalists are exploring new conditions. Shows are performed from afar, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other technologies. Creating amazement within often restrictive conditions can be quite a challenge.

    Fortunately, you’ve got a guide who has been exploring these strange territories for many years. MAX MAVEN began pioneering interactive magic over forty years ago, and he has put that experience to work for you, by devising powerful routines that connect to audiences through a virtual reality. Take your journey into the virtual space with Rainbow Matrix.

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  • Magic For The Eyes from Luke Dancy

    Luke Dancy has assembled a collection of some of the most visually arresting card effects ever seen, using the simplest of secret gimmicks: double-stick tape.

    Included in this collection are ten of Luke’s pet card routines that utilize this gimmick (and sometimes a few other things) to produce astounding results. In addition, Luke has included the killer routine “Warped”, which is guaranteed to make jaws drop. This is stunning card magic.


    • Split Personality
    • Sandwich Way Did They Go?
    • The Compressed Deck
    • Stuck on Daley
    • Chicago Closer
    • A Productive Sandwich
    • Aceselection
    • Ambitious Production
    • Four for Daley
    • Advertise This!

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  • Haim Goldenberg & Lior Manor – Pixto (with Font)

    Pixto v1.1 by Haim Goldenberg & Lior Manor

    15 years after the huge success of Cryptext, we bring you – PIXTO!
    Pixto is a custom designed True-Type font with an interesting property.

    You show a mysterious design. When you fold it the secret message appear in a surprising clear view. It can be a word, number, chosen card or anything else you choose to use.

    Type anything you want, adjust the font size to suit your needs and you are ready to go!

    After installing Pixto on your computer, you will be able to print off special characters quickly and easily.
    This is a tool you must have for your show. It’s easy, visual and super effective!

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  • John Hamman – The Lost Works ( 6 Vol)

    Lost Works of Bro. John Hamman DVDs by Houdini Picture Corporation –  Martin's Magic Collection

    Brother John Hamman was one of the most ingenious and influential card magicians in modern times. There have been books and videos featuring his magic. But now, thanks to Geno Munari, we are about to be treated to the ultimate Hamman collection in a fabulous new multiple DVD set.

    In over twelve hours of footage on six DVDs, Bother Hamman performs and explains nearly 100 routines! This is the actual footage used by Richard Kaufman to write the incredible (and long out of print) SECRETS OD BROTHER JOHN HAMMAN and the DVDs also feature additional commentary by Kaufman throughout.

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  • Jay Sankey – Punkture

    You hand out an ordinary safety pin to be examined. You then borrow a dollar bill, slowly stick the pin through the bill, and lock it shut for maximum security. Then you do the IMPOSSIBLE and slowly pulls the pin through the fibers of the borrowed bill! To finish, you can either pull the safety pin off the bill and hand out everything to be examined by forensic scientists OR you can even leave the pin sticking through the borrowed bill, and hand out everything stuck in an impossible state.

    • Easy to perform!
    • Instantly resets!
    • Includes special gimmick hand-crafted by world-renowned magic maker Roy Kueppers!
    • Works with dollar bills, playing cards, envelopes, business cards and more!
    • DVD features several devious handlings!

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  • Higpon – Sonic Wave

    Minimum movement, ultra fast coin sleights, penetration, transform, and vanishes!

    Sonic Wave is a very practical and visual coin sleight of hands, with minimum movement and at ultra fast speed.
    The small movement will be almost impossible to see from the spectators.
    There are no gimmicks involved.
    You can perform it on the spot.

    The technique is fairly easy to learn.
    You can perform it while sitting down as well as standing up.

    The technique will have a wide range of ability to apply into penetration, transforming, and vanishing coins.

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  • Jeremy Griffith – Instagram Sessions

    ecrets of the small screen to help you hit the big time.

    Skilled, masterful and incredibly insightful. We are proud to bring you Jeremy Griffith’s debut release

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  • Penguin Live Lecture – Joe Barry

    Joe Barry is a young magician from Stoke‐on-­Trent in England. He loves all types of magic but chose card magic to study in depth. He has a love of gambling moves and effects as well as subtle and baffling card magic. Joe Barry has produced 2 DVDs called Inscrutable and Inscrutable 2, which received great reviews. He also wrote 4 limited edition booklets “Some Notes on Cards”, “Rollout”, “Fifty”, and “Reverie”.

    Since publishing some of his effects, Joe has lectured and performed at The Session, The International Magic Festival and The International Convention. He finished a lecture tour of Japan in May and is appearing at Magic Live in Vegas.

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