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On this new video, I wanted to share with you all my work around the Cascade Control. You will discover my tips, handling and a lot of ideas to play with it !

Here is the list :

  • The Cascade Control
  • Idea 1 : Second to the top
  • Idea 2 : Second to the top 2
  • Idea 3 : Sandwich load
  • Idea 4 : Action Palm
  • Idea 5 : Multiple cards control
  • Idea 6 : Force
  • Idea 7 : Color change
  • Idea 8 : Aces locations

I hope you will find some interesting ideas !


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Zee Yan – REP

One of the most visual coin magicians in history shares three moves from his private vault that will fry your audiences. Then he’ll teach you to chain them together in a one coin routine that will take your coin magic to the next level. This is REP by Zee.

In this project you’ll REP, a learn a killer one coin routine that is three-phases and perfect for the casual performer. A coin is vanished and produced multiple times in off-beat moments that catch your audience totally by surprise. The routine is made up of three wild coin moves that range in skill level from deceptively easy to enjoyably challenging.

Rossi Vanish – Sandwich a coin between your hands at the fingertips and it simply disappears.

Peek Vanish – An extremely visual vanish of a coin at the fingertips.

ELF Retention – Super casual angle proof retention that fools magicians and laypeople alike.

Zee not only takes you through the details of how to do the moves but also teaches multiple applications and the theory that make these moves so deceptive. You will also learn Zee’s detailed thoughts on finger palm, and how to make it more deceptive than ever. Whether you are using these moves chained together in Zee’s REP Routine or adding them to one of your existing effects, these coin moves are going to elevate your coin magic to extraordinary. This is REP by Zee.

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Yoann No Cover Pass

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It’s a very versatile color change with a great potential. I think about this change by combining different moves together. And I also create 3 tricks around to play with it !

Antagonist : Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. You produce the two Jokers and transform its into selected cards

Resorb : You flip an Ace on top and ask to spectators to touche the 3 other Aces. They missed but you fixed this only for a second !

Doctor D : The famous Doctor Daley’s last trick with a twist.

Thank you for all your support. If you have any questions just feel free to ask !

Have a nice day

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Robert Watkins – Shadowplay

In this PDF Download, you will find the ‘outside the box’ secrets, plots, and techniques Watkins has become known for. Focusing this time on Billets, and the ‘behind the scenes’ tactics Watkins uses throughout his Close Up sets, The material in this book has been performed and tested in front of audiences and magic clubs all across the USA. What started as a collection of ‘lecture notes’ for the tour eventually turned into a full treatise on methods that take place in the shadows of performance. If you enjoyed “Jhana” and “Positive/Negative” you will already know the kind of thinking you’re in for with “Shadowplay”

Here are a few of the things you will find within these pages:

An ‘About the Author’ by Kent Axell

“Calendar on the Wall”- A guided explanation on exactly how Watkins handles billets, and their justification in performance. A participant writes down the name of someone close to them. The performer then reveals the name as well as the participant’s birthdate.

“Failed Psychometry”- a way to justify billet switches, center tears and peeks

“Instant Preshow”- One of the most deceptive ways of gaining secret information in the midst of a Mentalistm set, with this strategy you will do your pre-show in the middle of your act! The Performer has a participant write down a name of someone close to them. Without ever touching the billet the Performer reveals the name as well as the participants date of birth and more..

“CT Memory Divination” – A lesson on getting as much as you can out of as little information as possible. Learn how to reveal secret details about a participant’s memory using nothing but a Center Tear

“Thought Switching”- This mind-bending strategy will set you so far ahead of your audience’s thought process, the method becomes invisible. With this you will learn how to turn any peeked information into a ‘Spectator as Mind Reader’ effect

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Scott Creasey – The Sandwich Peek(VIP)

The Vault - The Sandwich Peek by Scott Creasey DRM Protected Video Download

"This is cleverly constructed, elegantly routined, highly deceptive, and eminently practical, with the wonderful attention to detail for which Scott is known.
Definitely recommended. You are unlikely to be disappointed."

Doug Dyment

"Well, Scott never stops working. Another brilliant worker idea from the man that continually creates miracles with all the basic props we have....if you can call a marker pen and a stack of business cards Props."
Greg Arce

"Very nice handling. So deceptive and smooth. This is a fantastic full billet peek that is oh so deceptive. If you like full billet peeks that are easy to execute and look entirely natural, I think you will love The Sandwich Peek."
Bill O'Connell

"Just watched Scott Creasey's new Sandwich Peek download. Very clever and very useable peek. Great work, will be making it up later (won't take 5 mins). Great thinking from the brilliant Mr Scott Creasey"
Thom Chesser

"Yes this is pretty sneaky stuff, very clever, love it!"
Renzo Baroni

Welcome to the 'Sandwich Peek' another no-frills video release.

Here's what your audience sees.

You take a stack of business cards and show them on both sides then hand one to a volunteer to draw a picture, write a word, print a number or even write a question, there are no restrictions. The stack is turned blank side up and their card dropped drawing side down on top. It is then fairly cut to the center where it remains reversed in the middle at all times.

Even under these conditions you can get a full card peek, reveal the information and yet still show their card reversed in the center whenever you wish.

Finally you run through the stack and openly remove their card from the middle, they actually see you remove it from the middle and hand it back to them. The reset is instant so perfect for table hopping which is what this peek was originally devised for.

The moves are simple, the gimmick is common place and every stage is justified. It can be worked on the table or in the hands for strolling close up work. You can use it with business cards, tarot cards and playing cards, in fact just about any sort of card you wish and a number of examples and variations are included.

In this 48 minute video you will learn the full peek and the psychology behind every move.

Download now!

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Scott Creasey – The Single White Dwarf(VIP)

The Single White Dwarf by Scott Creasey DRM Protected Video Download

A multipurpose, innocent appearing, easy to make utility prop, that should be in the arsenal of every mentalist.

The Peek Envelope just evolved.

With a nod to Bob Cassidy's original 'White Dwarf' and his later 'White Dwarf Revisited' Scott's Single White Dwarf peek envelope, does away with the second envelope, closes the window and instead uses a standard, security lined, single, white letter envelope which can be freely handled by the spectator and is suitable for stage, cabaret and close up.

This 45-minute instant download video includes full manufacturing instructions (it shouldn't take more than 15 mins and cost pennies to make one), a number of routines, including, 'Dwarf Dimensional Telepathy', 'Name and Place' and Scott's own 'A Psychic Medium Called?', plus various handling ideas and performance tips.

No electronics, special pens, magnetic film, chips, Wi-Fi or windows required, just 'A Single White Dwarf'.

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Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic

“These are real world card tricks from my own personal repertoire.”
– Shin Lim, World Champion Card Magician

Want to take your card magic to next level? Where do you go and whom do you learn from? The answer is definitely to go to the very best on planet earth, World Champion of Card Magic, Shin Lim.

Be A Card Pro

Shin Lim is referred to as the #1 sleight of hand artist in the world. Most of all, Shin Lim has been bestowed the title of “World Champion of Close-Up Card Magic” by his peers and the world. Shin has handpicked the very best card tricks from his personal repertoire to be shared on this tutorial. By the end of the course, you will go from an absolute beginner (or amateur) into a Card Dragon Slayer. Slay your audiences with your new profound skill. Shin Lim will guide you from the fundamentals of card magic and slowly turn you into a Card Pro in no time. Each trick featured is structured in a way such that these very important, fundamental techniques in card magic will become second nature to you. Furthermore, these techniques will encourage you to further expand your creativity to create new variations/tricks for your own personal repertoire.

Bear in mind, these are not your grandpa’s locator card tricks. The tricks taught on this course are real world, audience-tested card tricks performed by Shin Lim himself.

So download this video and begin learning card magic from a real pro.

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The Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 46 Encore Collection

Greater Magic Video Library 50 - The Magic of Canada Volume 1 - magic

We asked our neighbors to the North to perform a few tricks for our cameras. Even after three and half hours of nonstop magic, they still had more up their sleeves. We’ve divided the material into two spectacular videos. Were else can you see the most brilliant minds and deft performances of seven outstanding Canadian magicians? You can now in the comfort of your own home.

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Visual Matrix AKA Rose Act Elegant Gold by Will Tsai and SansMinds

Remember the shiver down your spine when you first saw The Rose Act on AGT? It was a historical moment. The elegance and impossible visual took the public world by storm, and the innovative thinking behind the magic led everybody in our community talking about it.

After the show was aired, Will got a call from the network informing him of the rating, and that the viral growth of his segment was equivalent to 12 years of magic on AGT combined. It was a historical moment as we were all jumping up and down like fools celebrating the madness. 300 million views after, this single act has not only made Will Tsai one of the highest-paid magicians in the 21st century, it has more importantly made a mark in the history of magic.

Now, you can own a piece of history.

We’ve seen tons of terrible knock offs along the way and received complaints from people believing they purchased Will’s original act at a $1500-2000USD price point but couldn’t get it to work. The truth is, Will never revealed his real secrets… until now.

“The devil is in the details.”

Releasing the act was never a part of the plan. However, after seeing so many supporting fans that have been ripped off, Will has decided to do a release AT THE COST of making them as he believes the knowledge and the result of his years of research deserve to stay in the history of magic.

Since this is a project we aim to share and pass down the knowledge properly at cost, we, unfortunately, cannot make this a permanent item.It is limited.

We don’t know how many SansMinds is making as their master prop specialists are making it in their spare time between their productions and TV projects.

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WOW by Masuda 2.0

Wow 2.0 is THE most visible and amazing card change ever. It happens slowly and right before your eyes. Wow 2.0 is hailed by magicians around the world as one of the most amazing card effects they have ever seen. This looks like trick photography but happens right before their eyes.

A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck. A random card is removed and fails to be the chosen card. This random card is inserted in a plastic sleeve to isolate it and avoid any chance of “tricky sleight of hand.” The card SLOWLY and VISIBLY changes to the signed selection. You will be blown away by how amazing this looks. After seeing this trick, Lance Burton simply said, “WOW!” He was at a loss for words, thus the name.

Wow 2.0 (Face Up) now includes the gimmick and thorough instructional DVD. As a bonus, world renowned trade show performer Paul Gertner contributes an amazing effect where the magic moment is captured forever on a spectator’s phone – a souvenir they will talk about long after it is over.

Wow 2.0 is one of the most amazing pieces of magic you will ever do. Easy, visual and stunning – you will do it just to amuse yourself and marvel at its effect. Includes instructional DVD and Face Up Wow 2.0 gimmick.

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