Eric Jones – Metal 5

Metal 5 by Eric Jones - $3.99 :

Metal 5: Redux, is the long-awaited revival of the decade-old collaboration between Ellusionist & Eric Jones – The Metal Series.

In this fifth instalment, Eric unlocks a secret door to coin magic we never knew existed. This isn’t the best-of or the greatest hits… This is the newest, most cutting-edge material that he’s developing for himself.


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22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey

TWENTY-TWO original routines with coins, spoons, business cards, handkerchiefs, hole punches, newspaper, matchbooks, pay envelopes, dollar bills and playing cards.

Each effect is guaranteed to convince your audience that you do indeed possess “psychic powers,” and many of the handlings are so INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE they are virtually self-working!

  1. Graffiti – A spectator’s own name appears on a card!
  2. Homocide – Russian roulette with a hole punch!
  3. Laying on of Hands – A kick-ass three phase demonstration!
  4. Mute – Mentalism with jingle bells!
  5. Simply Divine – So easy, so satisfying!
  6. Resistance is Futile – The ultimate psychic packet trick!
  7. Casualties of War – You’ll love the presentational “hook!”
  8. Divided Attention – A picture is worth a thousand words!
  9. Fade Away – Jay has sold this item alone for 20 bucks!
  10. Black Market – Mentalism with matches!
  11. Mercurial Prediction – This drops the most jaded of jaws!
  12. Symbolic – A very clever variation on a classic!
  13. Shufflecutdeal – The spectator does everything!
  14. Formal Affair – Jay’s pet handling for bending a spoon!
  15. Confession – “Out of this World” leaves the galaxy!
  16. Reinactment – You’ll grin like an idiot every performance!
  17. Vital Statistics – A lean, mean, devastating machine!
  18. Memory Lapse – Cause a spectator to forget a thought!
  19. Greed – “Bank Night” with a difference!
  20. Hide, Keep & Give Away – Three blows to the head!
  21. Serial Killer – The best “reading” of a borrowed bill ever!
  22. Locked Room Mystery – A terrifying “over the phone” effect!

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Manuel Llaser – The Famous Llaser Matrix

Manuel Llaser is a great Argentinean magician who is introducing to the magic market his famous matrix. For the first time, after many years performing around the world and collecting standing ovations from all kinds of audiences he reveals one of his most appreciated secrets. You will get two gimmmicked coins, a purse, four regular coins and video instructions to perform two professional matrix routines.

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Jay Sankey – Sankey’s Best Coin Magic

For LESS than the cost of many 1-trick DVDs sold on the market, you can now own 20 of Jay’s BEST coin routines!

This is the cream of the Jay’s ‘silver crop!’ Jay personally hand-picked this killer collection with VARIETY in mind!

Includes inspired material for all skill levels from ridiculously easy to ‘oh my God’ difficult. All of Jay’s classic handlings plus many stunners you’ve probably never even heard of!

1.RECURRENCY/ A coin appears and REAPPEARS on, inside and beneath an ordinary wallet resting on the table! Perfect for bars and clubs!

2.SLOW MOTION COINS/ Jay’s super lean, wonderfully structured 3 coins to 3 pockets handling!

3.NEST EGG/ A marked coin appears inside a matchbox inside the card case!

4.UPS & DOWNS/ A single coin penetrates down and UP through a solid table!

5.CASH FLOW/ Truly astounding 4 coin production. You won’t believe your eyes.

6.MEXICAN JUMPING COINS/ Jay’s acclaimed ‘one behind’ handling PACKED with innovative sleights!

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Bob White – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“Bob White is magic’s best kept secret!” – Bill Malone

“There are only a few bona fide master magicians living in the world today, and one of them is Bob White.” – Jared Kopf

“Bob White has been a tremendous influence on my magic” – Eric DeCamps

“In an era where many magicians pay lip service to Erdnase, Bob White continues to be the embodiment of that book’s teachings.” – Tom Gaudette

What will he teach?

The Flash Double A very clean and practical method for doing the double lift. Jamy Ian Swiss said it was the “most natural, unassuming, and convincing” double lift he had ever come across.

The Fingerprint Card Trick An updated handling of the classic sucker effect that happens away from the pack. A simple, direct effect that has been in Bob’s professional repertoire for several decades.

The Ambitious Classic Revisited A refined reworking of the Ambitious Classic that uses the ace, two, three and four.

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Andy amyx – Dove 101

“A superior video for the beginner or seasoned professional.” – Lance Burton

Learn the art of dove stealing from one of the world’s finest dove artists. Andy Amyx takes you through all the important techniques including:

– Dove Care and Training
– Sleve Tossing Techniques
– Invisible Harness Techniques
– Dove Bag Techniques
– Tail Technique

“Anyone interested in learning the all important fundementals of Dove Magic will benefit from this tape. Each move –as well as the reason behind each move– is explained clearly and logically. I highly reccomend it.” – Dale Salwak

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Alberto De Figueiredo – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“Alberto was born with a gift, he can feel the essence of good and strong magic. Then he added love, passion and tons of professionalism. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your passion and that gift of yours Alberto!” – Juan Tamariz

“I only recently discovered the work of Alberto de Figueiredo and became an instant fan. His ideas are brilliant, his style unique and his magic is amazing.” – Shawn Farquhar

“Alberto’s magic has the signature of the true professional: he has a charismatic personality, clear effects, and effective methods. Surprising and fun magic!” – Roberto Giobbi

“I can only hope that one day my magic is half as good as Alberto’s! Essential material from one of Spain’s top professionals.” – Woody Aragon

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Andi Gladwin – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

“Andi has that unique ability to create original hard-hitting effects that use very few sleights. I’m not just a friend, I’m a fan!” – John Archer

“Andi offers a hugely entertaining lecture filled with original thinking and fun!” – Luke Jermay

“Andi combines flawless sleight of hand with clever construction and intriguing presentations to create material that you will definitely want to add to your repertoire.” – Joshua Jay

“I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that Andi Gladwin is one of the most knowledgeable people in magic. He knows all about the magic industry, the history of magic andits future. He knows how to write bestselling books. Dozens of them! He knows how to get onto prime-time TV. He knows how to win awards. And most importantly, he knows how to fool both laymen and magicians with ease. Don’t be misled by his relaxed, easy-going style though – his sleight-of-hand is world class and his methods are devious! This lecture will be an absolute treat.” – Mark Elsdon

What will he teach?

The lecture is in two parts, featuring Andi’s 25 minute stand-up routine and a full card magic set that builds to an exciting, and unexpected crescendo.

In the parlour section, you’ll learn routines such as Modern Crime; Andi’s adaption of Jack Wise’s wonderful “Heist” routine (in turn, a version of the classic “Holdup” trick), his Rubik’s Cube routine (taught for the first time ever) and his full “People Power” routine which fills an entire stage with the smallest of props.

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Boxing Match 2.0 by Katsuya Masuda

One of the audience picks a card from a deck.

Put the chosen card in a card case with its face down, and strike the case on the table.

In a second, the color of the card’s back and the case changes.

The color of other cards also changes.


Boxing Match has been updated!

Adding a story, the whole performance has become more visually appealing phenomenon.

Instruction is provided through a video.

You can watch the explanation video by scanning the QR code on the back of the package.

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Checksum by Mark Lemon

Checksum By Mark Lemon – Magic Tricks – Free Magic DVD


Someone creates a unique 4 digit pin. Free choice.

The secret behind Checksum allows you to read their mind and know that number, every. Single. Time.

Checksum uses no magic apps, no toxic force, and the spectator’s borrowed phone.

It’s based on a stupidly simple math principle that anyone can do. If you can do this in your head… 6-3 = 3, you can do this effect.

Here’s the sneaky bit. After you reveal their freely thought-of PIN, you’ll secretly know their exact date of birth. They’ll have no idea how you got it.

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