• Alan Rorrison – EVP

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    James Randi has a standing offer of ,000,000 for proof of life after death. Claims are cheap. Proof is everything. EVP gives you the power to put the apparent PROOF of life after death onto your spectator’s phone. A memento they can keep forever and never forget.

    EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are electronic recordings interpreted as voices from the dead or other paranormal sources. Alan Rorrison’s latest masterpiece, EVP, allows you to seemingly harvest voices from the other side and make them answer the questions of your spectator ON THEIR PHONE. Your shell-shocked spectator will leave the encounter with the likely evidence of a spirit’s voice on their phone, as they replay it over and over, in utter disbelief.

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  • Dan and Dave – The Trilogy Disc 1-3

    THE TRILOGY is a full length three DVD set containing over 6 HOURS of card tricks, flourishes, and everything else acclaimed sleight-of-hand and flourish artists Dan Buck and Dave Buck have dreamt up with a deck of playing cards throughout their years of creating and performing.

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  • Mene Tekel Miracles by Nathan Kranzo

    Review of Mene Tekel Miracles by Nathan Kranzo | Sexy Magic Reviews

    This DVD focuses on a little-used gimmicked deck called the Mene Tekel by Friedrich Wilhelm Conradi who created it in 1896. Subsequently, Burling Hull made it popular but in the last 40 – 50 years, it has dropped out of fashion. In fact, when I first got into magic and read “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks” by Jean Hugard, I read about this deck but never saw it sold in any of the magic shops.

    This DVD comes with the gimmicked decks necessary to perform a variety of mental and magic effects. You will learn different prediction effects, syncroncity, card locations and divinations. Among the routines that stood out for me were a handling of Tarbell’s Card Stab, a collection of “Impromptu Mene Tekel Effects” and a good “Card in Fly”. Incidentally, Mac King does his version in his highest rated magic show on the Las Vegas Strip.

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  • Adjective by Liam Montier

    Adjective! | Magiflix

     A prediction envelope is placed down on the table, and then a deck of cards is introduced and shown.  The faces are normal, but the backs of the cards each have a word written on, which you explain have all been words used to describe the trick.  There’s words like ‘Amazing’ ‘Confounding’ ‘Fantastic’ etc

    A spectator freely chooses one of the cards, and one of the words, in the fairest way possible – by simply calling stop as the cards are dealt to the table.

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  • Link! by Nabil Murday

    1. You show two REGULAR AND UNPREPARED rubber bands, each held between a thumb and finger. The bands and your fingers make rings. You show that there is no way to link these rings.You rub the bands against each other, and make them VISUALLY penetrate each other. This is a compelling illusion, with exactly the same visual as crazy man’s handcuffs- except the bands are going IN!

    2. You show that now there is no way to get out. Then, the bands visually penetrate out- ONE STRAND AT A TIME! When they are half way through, the bands can be pulled to show that the bands are REALLY HALF-WAY THROUGH! Then, the last strand pulls on the other rubber band and VISUALLY POPS THROUGH!!!

    3. You offer to repeat the effect, bringing the bands up to chest height. Again, the bands penetrate IN AND OUT!

    4. You then ask an audience member to hold one of the bands between their two hands. You show that the bands are definitely outside each other, and there is no way to get through.Now YOU TELL THEM EXACTLY WHERE TO LOOK! The bands immediately and visually penetrate each other RIGHT AT THAT SPOT!!! Then, they penetrate back out and you take your applause.

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  • R. Paul Wilson – Just Think

    Just Think (R. Paul Wilson)

    Locate a freely thought-of card from any shuffled deck without fishing, overly-complicated procedures or unnecessary sleight of hand.

    They think of a card and you find it.

    With these secrets, JUST THINK is an absolute miracle and the very best work available for Dai Vernon’s legendary effect.

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  • Swindle by Steve Cook

    Swindle By Steve Cook | Alakazam Magic USA

    Swindle by Steve Cook is a super cool influence effect ideal for opening your performance.

    As usual Steve has created an easy to follow, simple to execute Mentalism effect that packs small and plays BIG!

    We all know the power of a simple 50/50 choice but Swindle feels like so much more.

    Add Peter Nardi’s routining to Steve’s fantastic method and you know you are on to a winner!

    Swindle is super easy to do and ultra-deceptive. Comes complete with props and full video instructions.

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  • Giancarlo Scalia – Cuatro

    Sale Excluded | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

    iancarlo Scalia is part of the Spanish school of magic. An elite group of magicians that push the envelope of magic further.

    They don’t just create new methods. They create justification, motivation, movements, timing and tactics of misdirection.

    When absorbing their wisdom, you’re always getting much more than the ‘trick’.

    In his debut Ellusionist release, Cuatro (meaning FOUR), Giancarlo teaches 4 of his favorite Ace Assembly routines

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  • Blaise Serra. – Double Agent

    Piper Magic | Magic tricks, books & DVD's for Australian Magicians

    The spectator is asked to think of a random, free selection. With their finger outstretched, they press against the bottom card of the deck – a Joker. As they make contact, the deck is overturned to show that the Joker has transformed into their thought-of card.

    The trick is over before they think it has begun. Purely Impossible. 

    Double Agent by Blaise Serra is an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic where there’s no procedure – it appears as if the magician does absolutely nothing. You appear totally innocent as you find their thought-of card, while they watch your hands the entire time.

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  • Definitely Not Marked by Brent Braun

    Brent Braun’s ridiculous expose of real-time card marking is surprising, funny, fooling, and has been in his back pocket for more than a decade, so you know it’s good. This packet trick that comes with all the gimmicks you need show your audiences “the real work” of how cheaters always prosper.

    In this well-structured routine the performer removes the four aces from a red deck while describing a special type of marking system where you could rub lipstick on the back of the cards to secretly tell what they are. In showing the cards, one of them magically turns pink. Next the performer describes how you can also use the ink in your blue jeans to mark the cards, and now the back of one of the cards has transformed into a blue card. Now a tactile system of marking called nail nicking is demonstrated and the third card has not only turned green but is missing a huge corner. For the finale, the magician proves the last card is definitely not marked by showing it has transformed from a red bicycle backed card to one with boldly printed letters that say, “Definitely Not Marked.” The best part is that at the end you can let your audience examine the cards.

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  • Murphys Magic – Haunted Key Deluxe

    Haunted Key Deluxe by Murphy's Magic - Conjuror Community Magic Shop

    Imagine placing an old Key on the palm of your hand and without any strings, wires,magnets, electronics, etc. the key starts to move on its own!!! Turning 180 degrees right in the palm of your hand!! A seriously spooky and mystifying effect that can be handed out at any time for complete inspection. You need NO body-hook-ups, NO extra gimmicks and there are NO lighting issues.

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  • Allan Kronzek – Think of One

    “A clean revelation of a genuinely thought-of card, ‘Think of One’ is no doubt a modern classic. Allan has deviously constructed this trick to do the work for you. Even better, regular deck and not one move. Loved it since he got me years ago. Don’t pass up this one … or someone will fool you with it!” – John Bannon

    Tell your audience to think of a playing card. They don’t write it down. They don’t take it out of the deck. They don’t move it from one part of the deck to another. There’s no force, and no stack. They think of a playing card, and then you reveal that playing card. This is Think Of One by Allan Kronzek.

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