Gone in 60 seconds By Zachary Tolstoy

An amazing card routine based around the tale of a prison escape. First a card is chosen at random and signed. The card (criminal) is then put into the card box (prison) and with no sleight of hand the card disappears from the box. The card is then found by two jacks ( Police officers) among the other cards.

The trick is very visual and enticing!

Can even be done with a borrowed deck and card box. A reputation maker that is sure to fit right into your act.

-Resets in less than 30 seconds.
-Detailed video instructions included.
-An easy 3 minute trick that can fit perfectly into any card routine.

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In A Box Transpo By Zi Tian

“In A Box” Transpo is a very fun trick to play around with. It is easy, visual and practical to use in real life situations. Hope you enjoy this card trick and have fun practicing!

I will teach 2 versions in this download, so that you can have more variety of choices to see which one suits you best!

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Future Forces by Jason Messina

Future Forces by Jason Messina eBook DOWNLOAD - Click Image to Close

What is Future Forces? It isn’t just another trick. It’s the framework for an experience you create for a spectator. Built on solid magic principles, you will build a once in a lifetime experience for a spectator. You get to peek behind the thought process that led to creating Future Forces and a few tips on how to create your own “flow state.” Plus it’s completely

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Going Pro by Andi Gladwin

Going Pro (Free) - Andi Gladwin - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Vanishing Inc. cofounder Andi Gladwin has done something many magicians spend their whole lives dreaming about: he quit a good, secure job in the tech industry and followed his dream to become a professional magician. Going Pro will show you how to safely, happily make your hobby your career. Learn from someone who has already successfully transitioned to the world of performing, and avoid the mistakes you might otherwise make. It’s all there, in a concise, attractive, 82-page essay collection.

Seven years ago Andi left a well-paying job in the tech industry to become a professional magician. Since he made that decision, he has performed on several high-profile television shows, grown one of the largest magic brands in the world, and appeared at hundreds of events around the globe.

Going Pro is a first-person account that is part business, part story, and part motivation. You’ll learn the benefits of going pro, the reasons you shouldn’t quit your day job (right away) and then the exact business techniques Andi used, from bootstrapping to gathering a “team” (and he doesn’t mean employees). Among many other important topics, he will convincingly argue against the popular advice, “fake it till you make it.” This isn’t a book full of tired business-speak, but instead a focussed, modern look at the hardest decision any professional magician has to make. Along the way, you’ll also learn from Roberto Giobbi, Eugene Burger, Chris Cox, John Archer and more on how they left their successful careers to become full-time performers. Like Andi, each have their own interesting stories to share.

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Lost & Found-Daniel Bryan

Lost & Found is a great sandwich effect that seems so impossible it must be Magic …
Your spectator will visually see the two queens move closer down the deck until they finally find the signed selected card which is now sandwiched between the two queens.Things to remember –

Easy to do.
Gimmicks can be made in less than 5 minutes Resets in minute

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Kim Anderson – Shrapnel(VIP)


A time-tested classic reimagined to serve as the perfect everyday carry for the modern performer.

Inspired the iconic “Linking Pins” (which popularized by Jerry Andrus), Kim Andersen has created an organic powerhouse effect that you will want to carry with you everywhere. These two everyday objects are all you need to leave every person you meet speechless.

Using just a safety pin and a finger ring (which can even be borrowed if you’d like), you can perform a hard-hitting series of visual miracles—each one more impossible than the last. Right in front of their eyes, the ring and safety pin melt through each other like a warm knife through butter. Each phase happens at your command until finally the safety pin and ring unlink for the final time.

Here’s the craziest part…everything can then be examined.

“Shrapnel” is like movie magic in real life. But it’s NOT just another social media magic trick. This is a practical and commercial worker designed to be performed in your close-up magic and street magic sets.

You get everything you need to start performing “Shrapnel” right away, including two precision-made gimmicked pins, a custom carrying tin, a finger ring and some extra accessories. The two hour detailed video from creator Kim Anderson features multiple live performances and highlights everything you need to know in great detail.

Pull the pin and make their brains explode with “Shrapnel.” A must-have everyday carry magic trick. Get yours today!

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Travis Askew – Ouroboros(VIP)

“…anyone who takes the time to learn from this project will improve their sleight repertoire tenfold.”

– Kyle Purnell


“I don’t do much coin magic, but this is something I will perform”

-Cash Wallace


“A lovely collection of coin and ring routines, my favorite is Temporal!”

-Myles Thornton



Ouroboros is an alchemical symbol of the idea – all things are connected…

And that’s what makes this project unique…

The cyclical structure of each routine

Your hands & props start and end in the same position

Every time.

So you’re always ready to perform them again & again!

And trust us…you’ll definitely want to.

We were fooled again & again just watching the footage!

The moves are THAT clean!


You’ll learn:


Protean: a shapeshifting journey of EYE-POPPING MOMENT after EYE-POPPING MOMENT as you appear to impossibly manipulate metal with just a touch…and even manipulate it with no touch at all!

Ouroboros: an incredible display of SPACE-WARPING & reality-bending…did you produce the coin from the ring or the ring from the coin…or both?!?

Temporal: not your regular coin across…quick and stunning, your spectators VISUALLY SEE the moment when everything travels BACK IN TIME!

**And this download come FREE with any ring purchase here!**


VERSATILE: with multiple handlings & presentational options, you can make sure the magic fits your style.

WORKERS: our friend Travis Askew has honed these routines for 7 years & they all use only a coin & a finger ring – perfect for EDC & instant reset for walk-around performances

All taught with follow-along walkthroughs on our unique DAVE system combining book, photos, & video so you can learn faster than ever.

And now, you can get the perfect ring to perform these routines from our new collection of Copeland Rings!

This is magic at your fingertips.

This is Ouroboros.

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