Michael Rubinstein LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“His work is original, he creates new plots, and his technique is superb. You don’t want to miss his lecture.” -David Roth

“A Highly Innovative Coin Worker” -Ken Krenzel

“One of the best coin handlers I’ve ever seen.“ -David Williamson

“Michael Rubinstein is the most understanding teacher when it comes to “LEARNING” coin magic…that I have ever personally met.” -Mickey Silver

“I was impressed by Dr. Rubinstein’s skill and effects. Especially commercial was the smile face trick and the nest of boxes with the clever signature ruse. The lecture was well attended and at the conclusion Dr. Rubinstein received a standing ovation. Awesome night of great magic.” -Levent

“One hell of a Coin Guy” -Tom Gagnon

“I have had both the honor and privilege of calling Mike Rubinstein a friend for over 30 years now. In that time I can honestly say I have seen and learned an amazing amount of great magic from this man! Now you have an opportunity to do the same…Do yourself a favor and do not pass up this chance to see one of the greatest coin guys of our time!!! -Mike Gallo

What will he teach?

Ultimate Silverlint
An updated handling of his spellbound routine that has some new, very clean displays and includes his Wave Change.

The Slide Move
A multi phase sequence including a production, transposition, and vanish of three coins.

Copper Silver Brass
Teaching (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER) his NON-GIMMICKED handling of this classic

Retro Fly
Some interesting sequences not found in other three-fly type effects

Coins Through Table
One of Dr. Rubinstein’s favorite tricks of all time.

Three Times Coin to Card
A marked coin travels under a business card three times!

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A Study on Lennart Green by Takumi Takahashi


‘A Study On Lennart Green’ is an in-depth, encyclopedic look at decades of work on Lennart’s unique creations. It could easily sell for $200+.


Every once in a while, a magician explodes onto the scene with unrivaled talent, like a rare species of spider that has remained undiscovered… until now.

In October 2016, Shin Lim shared an instagram video of Takumi Takahashi. It quickly blew up with tens of thousands of views in our community.

As a student of the legendary Lennart Green, Takumi was showcasing Lennart’s Snap (‘Laser’) deal with perfection and ease.

The student became the master.

“Takumi has surpassed me” – Lennart Green

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Waxed by Lonnie Chevrie

“A stroke of GENIUS.”
“Perfect in every way.”
“A strong, powerful piece of magic” -Lonnie Chevrie
Lonnie Chevrie creates magic for one reason: To perform them at his paid gigs. This is one of his signature tricks, and it kills.
Broken and restored thread is a classic plot in magic. Pros around the world use it because audiences LOVE IT. And it’s never used such a common household item until now.
Snap off 5-6 pieces of ordinary dental floss, and fuse them together. No need for special magic props, this stuff is literally everywhere.
Easy to learn, and super powerful.

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The Reputation Maker by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright

The Reputation Maker sees two-time FISM award-winner, Matthew Wright, team up with the “Godfather of British Magic,” Harry Robson, to bring you an incredible learning resource for one of the most powerful weapons in card magic.

A regular deck of cards (which can be borrowed and shuffled by the spectator) is spread and a spectator merely THINKS of any card they see… a totally free choice, no force. The magician or mind reader now reveals the card they are merely thinking of.

Matthew and Harry have over 50 years of experience performing this effect at every gig they do… literally hundreds of thousands of real world performances. Now, for the first time, they are giving all their secrets and tips away in one 80-minute DVD.

With routines and effects designed for complete beginners as well as more advanced students of the art, The Reputation Maker will have you performing this effect right away, with 100% success!

Included on the DVD is step-by-step, in-depth teaching on technique and psychology. They present multiple ways to reveal the thought-of card, including direct mind reading, card to pocket, card under glass, card on shoulder and much more. Also featured is the “Harry Koran Deck,” a variation of the think-of-a-card plot that makes this effect instantly accessible to all skill levels. This idea is then taken a step further with an astonishing double prediction that is simple yet diabolically deceiving.

Two of Britain’s biggest stars have built their reputations with this trick… now you can too.

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Chop Glass Instructions

CHOP GLASS – Created by Alan Hudson
The Chop Cup has become a classic of magic for stage and close-up magicians.
You can now perform this amazing effect with a borrowed wine glass. Even though everything can be examined, the ‘Chop Glass Cloak’ fits snugly around the glass, instantly gimmicking it for your routine.

The Chop Glass is not only sophisticated and elegant, it also provides you with new, visual ways to produce ‘loads.’ These are fully explained by Tom Wright in his professional, audience-tested routine for the Chop Glass.
The package comes with your individually handmade Chop Glass Cloak and two traditional balls.

“I have always loved the appeal of the effect the Chop Cup gives an audience…but I HATE the cup itself. Who pulls out a metal cup? With Chop Glass, you get class and mystery all wrapped into one single BRILLIANT gimmick. THIS is a WORKER of the highest order!”
– Justin Miller

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Spidey & Rick Lax – Name Game

BECAUSE THEY’RE POWERFUL. They’re more powerful than cards, more powerful than coins, and WAY more powerful than ‘random words.’ And NAME GAME is a brilliant, new trick that harnesses this power DIRECTLY and SPECTACULARLY. Seriously, the secret method is unlike anything you’ve ever seen…and it’s KILLER.


You show off 8 name tags that have been cut in half. 16 pieces total. EVERY SINGLE PIECE IS DIFFERENT, AND THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES OR EXTRA PIECES. You spread the name halves across the table, face-up, and your friend can look at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Then you turn all the pieces face down and mix up the piles.

FIRST, you remove a single name tag half. You can put it under your drink or even give it to your friend. THEN they remove another name tag half. And then…you guessed it: THE NAMES ARE A PERFECT MATCH.


-I like performing this trick with “Hello My Name Is” name tags…but you don’t have to. You can also use index cards or pieces of paper or ‘blank face’ Bicycle cards.

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Mark Elsdon – Simplimental

Presented by, and featuring material created by, renowned magician, mentalist and TV consultant Mark Elsdon, the array of mind-tricks on ‘Simplimental’ comprise real-world, professional-level material that’s sure to amaze any audience.

In ‘Wordgames’ Mark will reveal a little known but devastatingly simple, impromptu mental principle that will absolutely delight you. With ‘Ye Olde Prediction’ Mark weaves together an interesting principle with an interesting prop and an interesting typographical curiosity to create a brilliant ‘card at predicted number’ effect.
‘The Other Ring Thing’ is a beautiful, completely impromptu method for divining the which hand conceals a finger ring.
‘Cubicle’ sees your spectator somehow locate a matching set of ESP symbols – an outcome that you’ve somehow predicted!
‘Hands Off Mind Reader’ is an inexplicable revelation of a thought of card.
The ‘One Second Design Dupe’ is a very clever two-person system that will allow you to perform genuine miracles.
‘Insider’ creates a stunning, modern day miracle with ‘UNO’ game cards.
And then there’s ‘Rock,Paper, Win’ where you predict exactly how the famous finger game will end.

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