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Mike Gallo LIVE Instant Download

"Mike Gallo happens to be one of the best coin workers I know." -David Roth

"As always, his technique is impeccable, and his lessons are perfect for both beginners and experts. He has two of the best hands in magic. Thanks for sharing...as always Mike's material is phenomenal." -Kainoa Harbottle

"Mike Gallo is one of the best coin magicians I have ever seen. His technique is flawless, his presentations are original, and the amount of material he performs seems boundless. When he performs you are immediately put at ease by his friendly demeanor, and then BAM, he hits you over the head with mind blowing magic that you had no idea was coming!" -Michael Rubenstein

What will he teach?

Mike teaches a ton of great magic using cards, coins, balls, cups, and dice.

Easy coins across- Four coins travel one at a time from hand to hand. If you wanted an easy to perform this classic then this is a great place to start.

Scarne's 3 Ball Routine- Straight from the Stars of Magic, this is an underrated miracle using just 3 balls.

Okito Opener- A simple routine using an okito box. Mike used this as an opener for years when table hopping. It's a worker.

CBS- Based on Presley Guitar's copper silver brass, but no gimmicks are used. Your not going to believe this is ungimmicked.

Tattoo's Last Dice Trick- A dice effect based on Doc Daley's Chromosphere with a smash climax.

Ball and Vase- Yeah, it's the trick that came with your first magic set. However, this routine is nothing like that! Dust off your prop and start working. This routine is a visual stunner with an epic final load.

Lou's Blues and Reds Too- Lou Gallo's unpublished handling of oil and water using three blue back kings and three red back aces.

Lou vs. the Gambler- Once again, an unpublished effect from Mike's father, this follows the plot of The Magician vs. The Gambler.

Inter Change Collectors- Three selections are sandwiched between four kings. The selections vanish from the kings and are found sandwiched between four aces.

Okito Goes Wild- A fusion of wild coin and an okito box. Three half dollars penetrate an okito box, then they change into copper one coin at a time. But then they all changes to Chinese coins, before finally changing into three jumbo coins.

Coins and Cylinder- Mike's take on John Ramsay's classic routine

Cups and Balls- A classic routine that is great for table hopping.

Who is he?

Mike Gallo is a living legend. He began cutting his teeth in magic at an early age performing at the famed Forks Hotel under the guidance of his father, Lou Gallo, and the late Eddie Fechter. He was a top demonstrator for Tannen's and a regular contributor to The Trapdoor magazine. He now lectures world wide and is considered one of the best close-up magicians in his own right, even as he carries on the inventive and insightful tradition of his father.

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SaysevenT – Putar 2(VIP)

PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT Instant Download

I challange my self to spin a double card not on the deck, but on somewhere !
Two years experience make that can be reality to do a double card spin quickly on table.

I have a recipe how to make that perfect spin on table.

And this only using your skill,not a gaff or something to make that sticky.

- 100% pure sleight.
- Not use "Glue" to make it sticky.

Skill requirement - [Advance]

Welcome to the next level...
And this is The Double Lift System : PUTAR 2 by SaysevenT.

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Rosen Roy Martini Glass by Rosen Roy(VIP)

Rosen Roy Martini Glass by Rosen Roy

The Rosen Roy Martini Glass brings a brand-new name to cocktail craftsmanship with an added touch of magic. Designed by master glass magician Rosen Roy, this one-of-a-kind glass is unbreakable, remarkable, versatile.

This magnificent martini glass is perfect for flair bartenders who want to impress their guests, expert magicians, or anyone who wants to learn how to do finest glass magic! Use yours to levitate and suspend into thin air, restore the glass from broken pieces or simply make it gone with an incredible magical illusion! With this fantastic cocktail glass, creativity is limitless.

Made from premium and beautifully technical materials, this durable glass is 100% shatter-proof, making it perfect for bars, restaurants, tv shows, camping, yacht parties and so much more! Better yet, even your kids are able to enjoy some playtime with this astounding martini glass as you won't have to worry about it causing safety concerns. An outstanding gift for anyone!

No matter what your reasons are for buying the Rosen Roy Martini Glass, you're guaranteed to create cherished memories and make a truly unforgettable event. Get your James Bond on and pull the glass from your jacket to wow your guests! Are you ready to discover the magic?

This expertly crafted martini glass is every magician's dream. Made from the highest quality and eco-friendly food-grade materials, its unbeatable value yields infinite possibilities and is made to last for many years. Use yours to fill your favorite refreshment while travelling and perform tricks like vanishing, appearing, restoration, transformation, levitation, and suspension, all from one otherworldly glass!


  • Capacity: 250ml (8.4 oz)
  • Weight: 1.1g (0.25lbs.)
  • Dimension: height 187mm (7.3"), diameter 120mm (4.7")
  • Classic v-shape design with long stem
  • Material: food-grade silicone (LFGB & FDA approved)
  • Tint: clear


  • Rosen Roy Martini Glass
  • Water holder gimmick & mini funnel (food grade)
  • Acrylic suction glass holder
  • Video link & PDF file to teach you how to use and handle the glass

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SOLE SNATCHER (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joel Dickinson & Joe Givan(VIP)

SOLE SNATCHER (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joel Dickinson & Joe  Givan

"I really love the signed card to impossible location plot and what Joel has done with his new release is outstanding. It's going in my repertoire! It's perfect for close up, parlor or even stage. Check it and enjoy it!"
Adrian Vega, Magician & Creator.

"I can't imagine how a signed card to shoe could possibly look any better than this! It's incredibly clean, hard hitting and very fooling."
David Jonathan, Magician and Creator.

"Sole snatcher looks EXACTLY like a card to shoe should! It's ingenious, easy to perform & absolutely fooling."
Sam Fitton, Magician and Creator.

"Organic and reliable - this is going straight into every shoe I own."
Jack Rhodes, Magician & YouTuber.

Trainers & Shoe's

A miracle at your finger tips that starts at your toes.

A routine that lives up to the 'no pocket space required' hype -- with NO damage or permanent alternation to your shoe needed!

Sole Snatcher is the ultimate signed card to shoe yet so much more.

Reappear signed bank notes, business cards, playing cards, paper or cardboard in your shoe.

An amazing tool to add to your repertoire.

Yet still, it's even more than that.. imagine vanishing a signed banknote and you explain it's in your shoe, you remove your shoe and monopoly money appears inside, then, when you remove it, it instantly changes at your finger tips in to their signed bank note.

Sole Snatcher is limited to your imagination.

It's also ideal for predictions and billets.

Suitable for close up, strolling, cabaret and parlour.

Joel Dickinson goes all out and shares his secrets that take the card to shoe plot further than it's ever been!

You receive everything required to perform Sole Snatcher. Including a HD tutorial video with various handlings & countless ideas to get you performing this miracle. Also included is a performance breakdown of card to shoe.

Sole Snatcher is interchangeable, you can add and remove your cards/paper super quick!

You also receive FISM Close up Champion, Joe Givan's lecture note section with his amazing variation of Card to Shoe.

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End Of The World _project_6307

“ With the supposed end of the world, we, a small group of magicians and flourishers, have decided to entertain you, the community, with some magic before everything might turn into a TV Survival Show, or before we all just die.” EOTWP Artists.

This project is a collaboration between some top magicians from all over the world in anticipation of the supposed “End of the world”. This PDF is FREE so get it before the world is gone!

Artists include: Chris Wiehl, Andrei Jikh, Cristian Bizau, Dan and Dave Buck, Dennis Jin, Florin Ignatyuk, Henrik Forberg, Jeff Prace, John-Henry Larsson, John Stessel, Josh Brand, Keith Brown, Kevin Ho, Olivia Frost, Oliver Søgård, Shin Lim, and Stefan Eriksson.

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The Final Countdown by David Devlin

Have you ever wondered how many ways a single deck of 52 playing cards can be arranged? This treatise will discuss that number. It is a big number. A huge number. An almost unpronounceable number. Actually, there are no words in the English language or (arguably) any other language to express just how extraordinarily, frightfully, and tremendous this number is. This is a number so enormous and so long that we as human beings actually cannot comprehend its true nature. The number is known as, “52-Factorial”.

What David Devlin has done here is made reasonable, yet still difficult to truly imagine, comparisons of things that we can at least visualize to this number. These are things such as grains of sand, time, speed, distances, and single sheets of paper. While even the numbers involved with these things are so enormous that we cannot mentally interpret them, they pale in comparison to the number of ways in which a single deck of 52 cards can be arranged.

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Peter Eggink – Snitch

SNITCH is a super-fast, no-palming Signed Card to Envelope effect!

Perfect for the beginner, a worker for the pro.

Effect: A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. All the cards are placed back in the box, and the spectator causes her signed card to completely vanish from the pack.

From your pocket, you produce a small, SEALED envelope that was mailed to you. When the envelope is opened, the spectator’s signed card is found INSIDE!

Peter Eggink’s SNITCH is a beautiful, powerful Signed Card to Envelope for the real worker and yet perfect for a beginner.

Comes complete with custom-made SNITCH gimmick, special printed Tyvek envelope, and online instructions. Performance tips and bonus handling are also included!

Remember, SNITCH is:

  • EASY to do
  • NO Palming
  • NO force or duplicates are used
  • Resets in seconds
  • Perfect as a standalone effect or ending for any ACR-type (Ambitious Card Routine) effect

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Rune_s World Sampler by Rune Klan

Rune’s World is a departure from any magic book you’ve read. Part instruction, part theory, part graphic novel, this new volume by Joshua Jay will challenge you to think in new ways, about new possibilities with your magic.

Rune Klan is the most famous magician you’ve never heard of.

An extremist in nearly every way, Rune is a walking contradiction: among magicians he has gained an international reputation as a guru of coins. Yet Rune has achieved celebrity status in his native Denmark exclusively for stand-up comedy magic.

Rune Klan is the rarest kind of magician: he is an artist working without restrictions and with little compromise. His only concern is the end result. This is the thematic element that connects Rune’s boisterous stage magic with his refined close-up. Whether his objective is to transfer a coin stack from hand to hand (Rune goes through the cracks between each finger) or how to tear and restore a porno magazine (Rune tears a bikini-clad girl’s picture to pieces, removes a real bra from the packet, and restores the pages to show the same girl nude), all of Rune’s effects have been streamlined with the effect in mind. His effects range from standard to bizarre to illegal, but the effect is always paramount to the method. Every trick has Rune’s stamp on it.

Rune’s World explores both the close-up and parlor magic that makes Mr. Klan such a dynamic force. Part magic book and part graphic novel, this is an innovative 180-page collection unlike any other in both form and content.

Pages: 180 – Hardbound, Photo-Illustrated

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