Airtight by Jay Sankey Presented by Matt Johnson

A selected and signed card is lost in the deck. A spectator chooses a balloon and the magician holds it in his open hand. The magician slams the deck against the balloon and the deck literally becomes “sucked” into the balloon! The balloon is blown up and the cards are shuffled around inside. The magician now pinches the selected card through the wall of the balloon and visibly pulls it through to the outside! The balloon with cards and the signed selection are immediately given out as souvenirs of this truly remarkable magic experience!

Performed by David Copperfield.

Manufacturer Says

Use any ordinary balloons.

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Penguin Live Lecture – David Williamson

“Most magicians know David Williamson as the funniest performer in the business but they are often not aware of his serious side. Underneath all of the laughter is a very serious student of magic who has developed theories about performing and presentation that are based on thousands of shows. All of us can learn plenty from this master magician.” -Mike Caveney

“David Williamson is simply one of the funniest people on the planet!” -Stan Allen

What will he teach?

  • His famous T&R Transpo
  • His personal rope and ring routine
  • Silver Eagles (Coins Across)
  • His version of Chink-a-Chink
  • 5 Cards and 5 Glasses – Saline Solution (salt trick)
  • His 2 cups and balls, with a flurry of endings
  • The 3 Card Trick
  • Color Stunner
  • Cut the Aces
  • 51 Cards to Pocket
  • Matrix
  • Fortune Telling Fish
  • Funnier Color Stunner
  • And More…

He’ll even touch on Pencil Through Quarter, The Strike Vanish, The Pass, Top Change, Miser’s Dream and The Tenkai Pennies.

David Williamson unpredictable which is why we love him!

We’re going to see stuff from his bestselling book, “Williamson’s Wonders,” and stuff from his wildly popular DVD’s, “Sleight Of Dave,” “Dave 2,” and “Magic Farm”.

David has promised to share many UNPUBLISHED ideas, tricks, and techniques…we’re in for some great surprises.

He’ll also be available to answer all of your questions to make this a truly interactive experience taking the session in unexpected, interesting and fun directions.

Join us here as David Williamson shares his magic, wisdom, and stories from his decades as a professional entertainer.

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tuart Gordon Turnover Masterclass by Yoann F

Stuart Gordon Turnover Masterclass by Yoann F

Here is the famous Stuart Gordon turnover explained in deep details. This move is by far my favorite double lift !

In this video I will teach you the basic Stuart Gordon double turnover step by step and next I will offer to you some variations.

Of course, I suggest you to master the double before jumping on the other variations.

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Michael Murray – A Brave New World(VIP)

Michael Murray’s version of OOTW is genius, pure and simple.  If Paul Curry had still been alive he would have adopted Michael’s handling immediately.  It is THAT good.” – Mark Elsdon

“A Brave New World” is Michael Murray’s take on the Paul Curry’s classic titled “Out of this World”.

For those that are not familiar with this effect you essentially allow a spectator to deal a shuffled deck into two face down piles.  When each of these piles are turned over it is revealed that the spectator has somehow managed to separate the red cards from the blacks.

Despite the fact that there are countless variations of this effect on the market already Michael has addressed several key points in the routine which culminate together to create one of the finest “Out of this World’s” to date.

Please bear the following in mind:

  • Performed with a borrowed shuffled deck
  • There is zero preparation required
  • This is 100% slight free
  • Logical “pseudo” explanation   
  • No touching the cards until the final revelation
  • No stopping half way through
  • The spectators choices 100% genuine
  • No transference of cards between the packets
  • At the conclusion of the effect you end clean
  • Quicker dealing process
  • There is process driven patter

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Rick Merrill – Champ

“This is the type of INSANE visual that wins world magic championships.” -Maxwell Murphy
“Straight from my FISM award winning act” -Rick Merrill
You won’t believe your eyes. A FISM Grand Prix Champion shares close-up magic secrets for the first time.

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The Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions Vol. 03 Egg Bag

The classic magical effect, The Egg Bag, has never been explained as well as on this DVD, from the Greater Magic Video Library. Four top professional routines are performed. Martin Lewis shows and explains the Senor Mardo Egg Bag, Tom Mullica entertains with the Comedy Egg Bag, Billy McComb bedazzles you with his favorite routine using the Whiskey Egg Bag, and finally, the last segment is a lecture by Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson the famous “Malini Egg Bag.”

Long  a classic effect, but seldom performed, this DVD will instruct and teach how the novice or professional can add an excellent effect to their act. Excerpts from the Greater Magic Video Library, plus new material from Martin Lewis’ great routine and explanation with the Senor Mardo Bag. This teach-in DVD, the third of the “Teach-in” series, spotlights another magic classic and gives an in-depth view of this popular effect.

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Shigeo Takagi – The Far East Mysteries Vol 2

The Far East Mysteries of Shigeo Takagi Vol.2 - $2.88 :

Hard to find tape, released by Stevens Magic. There were actually two tapes released; one focused on cards and coins, and then this one, focused on rope magic.The tape is dubbed in English. It includes a number of rope moves, and also has performance footage from the September 1986 Annual Magic Show of the Kamakura Magic Club.

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Shigeo Takagi – The Far East Mysteries Vol 1


? Wild Card
? Four Aces
? Color Changing Triumph
? Easy Triumph
? The Card and Han Ping Chien
? The Matching Cards
? Monte With Four
? Six Coins Across
? Four Coins Across
? Two Coins Across
? Routines and versions of Matrix
? Convergence
? Trans-Purse-Sition
? Trans-Purse-Tation
? Hair Band Penetration

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Dan Harlan – Tarbell 12 Mental Card Mysteries

For some performers, Mentalism with cards is a touchy subject. Some won’t use cards at all fearing that their audience will equate them with magic tricks.

Others say you’re simply using a deck of cards (something everyone is familiar with) to perform your mental tests and that people will understand that.

Dan believes, as always, it comes down to presentation. Some of the items you’re about to learn are purely mental, simply magical, or a bit of both.

First, Dan uses a special set of “future goggles” that allow me to see a couple of choices before they are made.

Then, Dan teaches you quite possibly the most famous two-deck routine, “You Do As I Do,” featuring a synchronicity between you and your spectator.

Next, you learn to use your skill at isolating the thoughts of three people as you discover which card each has chosen from their random poker hands.

Then, Dan takes a more interesting approach to a mathematical trick by discovering a card using someone’s personal information.

And you’ll experience just how blurry the line between magic and mentalism becomes by simply placing a card in your pocket.

Then, Dan displays a family history of predictive powers by linking his birthday celebration to his spectator’s personal information.

Next, you learn a way to enlist the aid of your deck’s least understood resident as you put the thoughtful joker through his paces.

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Joseph B. – +++ ACAAN(VIP)

This is an incredible ACAAN with two completely normal decks of cards. Really powerful and semi-automatic, so easy to do! A very important point is that it only takes 5 seconds to reset! Joseph B. always got great reactions by performing this effect!
A real great climax of emotions!
There really seem to be no explanations!
A devious, ingenious and intriguing method.

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