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Roberto Giobbi – Simply Amazing

Simply Amazing by Roberto Giobbi Instant Download

“When Roberto Giobbi talks you listen and when he handles the cards he really catches your attention and creates the essence of attractive magic. His card work can be characterized in a few words: Elegant simplicity with economizing of moves, delicate misdirection guided by a powerful logic story.” –Lennart Green

“Roberto Giobbi is the perfect combination of scholar’ teacher’ and performer.” – Michael Close

“There is not a magician alive today who wouldn’t benefit from studying Mr. Giobbi.” – Jeff Stone

“These are great tricks that can be presented easily and elegantly.”


“Using an ordinary deck of cards you will blow people’s minds.”

“These effects are guaranteed to entertain you as much as your audience.”

“Awesome, anytime, anywhere effects. They’re different and fun and audiences love them.”


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