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Roddy McGhie – Little Door

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The incredible “Little Door” arrives from the creator of “FLUX” and “Sew-On”. Tell the story of a trick that a magician showed you once. Explain that he was able to name the chosen card thanks to a small secret door in the box. Illustrate it by drawing a small door on the case. Without any suspicious move, OPEN the small door and show the card inside! Obviously this was just a story, so close the door before slowly clearing the design and immediately deliver the case to have it examined! This incredible effect is not just a card trick, but rather a magical, illustrated tale designed to entertain and kidnap audiences of all ages. And it’s also very beautiful! “Roddy’s Little Door is all you could wish for in a magical trick: incredible images, unsuspected method and shocking public reactions, I was deceived, you will be deceived and the public will have no chance”. – MARK ELSDON “Brilliantly visual, wonderfully disconcerting and truly magical!” FISM World Champion – MATTHEW WRIGHT “You’re selling this? No, I want to have it just for me! I know Egoist, but this is just too damn good!” – ERIC JONES “I was visually and mentally screwed!” – DAN HAUSS Includes handmade custom gimmicks.


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