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Picasso Pro App by ProMystic & Ellusionist (Trick+APP) – VIP

Picasso Pro | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

In a collaboration between Craig Filcetti’s ProMystic and Ellusionist, this is Picasso Pro.

A revolutionary new app, that takes a stage mentalism effect and brings it into an app on your phone.

Walk up to a spectator and hand them a prediction. With your back turned, they then use THEIR phone (That’s right, their own phone) to color in a picture at random.

Only to have your prediction match perfectly. Picasso is SO clean.

There are no special props, extra sleight of hand, and it’s practically self-working. Perfect for bars, streets, stages or even perform it on a video call.

This app is fully customizable and can be done with your own templates, stickmen, and color labels. Giving you the ULTIMATE prediction tool.

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