The Shark by Christopher Ballinger

Just below the surface of any deck… waiting to strike.

A card completely changes while trapped between two other cards. The change is visual, instant, angle-proof, and happens in plain sight. The card can is instantly examinable and can even be signed.

The Shark uses a utility gimmick that will open up a sea of possibilities.

Instructional DVD Covers:

Standard Shark Routine – A card trapped between two others visually morphs into the spectator’s selection.

Great White – Uses the Shark gimmick to turn an entire deck blank.

Megalodon Vanish – The perfect, visual ending to an ambitious card routine. The signed selection instantly vanishes and appears in the spectator’s hand.

Dorsal Force – A new way to force a card which simultaneously vanishes the card from an examinable deck. The selection can be found at any location.

Hammerhead Change – A change that is so clean, it will take a few moments for your audience to realize it has happened.

Cage-Dive Change – A card changes in the spectator’s hand without you touching it.

Megamouth Change – A flash change that starts clean and ends clean.

Bonus Material:
Quantum Flux – The original handlings for the Shark Gimmick where cards transpose in the spectator’s hands.

The shark is an undetectable gimmick that allows for visual changes without tricky sleight of hand or awkward gimmicks.

There’s no palming, ditching, magnets, strings, pulls, bad angles, forcing or complicated sleights. Just strong, visual magic like your audience has never seen.

Running Time Approximately 82 min

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