Viewed ESP Prediction by Richard Osterlind presented by Simone Turkington

“I have performed Viewed ESP Prediction hundreds of times and it never fails to get a great reaction. The secret is very cool and Simone’s teaching will help you learn this in no time. I HIGHLY recommend it.”-Shaun Dunn

“Osterlind has created a great effect here that falls between a drawing prediction and an ESP matching effect. With Simone’s great teaching, I picked this up in just a few minutes and I can’t wait to try it out!” -Dee Christopher


  1. Please, Can you upload Ephemera by Dennis Kim?

  2. Also, it would be awesome if you could upload Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes (pdf).
    Thank you!

  3. hi there
    can u upload Semi Automatic Card Tricks 10 volume pdf ?
    it would be very great if you do that
    many thanks

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