Aldo Colombini – Knock-Outs

Knock-Outs by Aldo Colombini :

Ten new packet tricks with regular cards and totally impromptu.

THE FIRST HOTEL MYSTERY (Nick Trost): Two Queens are placed side by side and four Kings are added to each Queen to form two three-card packets. At the end, the Queens and the Kings are found in separate piles.
ALTERNATING CURRENT (Norman Houghton): Four cards are placed face down and four face-up cards are placed on top. The cards magically alternate: Face up and face down.

One thought on “Aldo Colombini – Knock-Outs”

  1. Hey, thanks for the work you’re doing. I was wondering if it would be possible to publish any of these:
    Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table (book),
    The Classic Force by Paul Green,
    The Pass by Xavior Spade,
    or The Expert at the Classic Pass by Akira Fujii.
    Thanks in advance!

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