Bill abbott – Penguin Live Online Lecture(VIP)

"The greatest compliment I can give about the material of Bill's is that I use it. Not only do I use it, I use quite a bit of it A LOT. I don't mean I use it toying around with my magical peers at meetings or conventions, but that I use it in paying circumstances during my formal shows and on the Las Vegas strip" -Paul Vigil

"Bill's objective is to entertain his audiences, use methods that work under fire and he takes the responsibility of making magic fun very seriously. Bill’s advice, is advice I think everyone should pay attention to." -Bill Malone

"Bill's theory on performing in a cocktail environment is worth ten times the price. I have been working cocktails for over 15 years and I still learned some very valuable information from Bill that I will apply directly to my craft." -Richard Sanders

"It has become increasingly clear that Bill thinks long and hard about staging, presentation and creating professional pieces that are memorable. Professional secrets worth ten times the asking price!" -Cody S. Fisher

What will he teach?

Bill will be teaching a ton of 'every day carry' for impromptu and bar magic and also his go-to stand-up routines using the same props/effects and how they play onstage powerfully as well. "My philosophy is a disciplined approach to "less is more"; using similar props, routines and effects in any and all venues and any audience I'm performing for."

Mental 24/7 - Impromptu Killers:

Bar Shot- A guessing game escalates into a stunning whisky shot production! Up close, surrounded, anytime, anywhere.

Ashes Feng Shui- The quickest way to elicit a strong primal response unlike any other effect. This reputation-maker is the simplest way to guarantee jaws will drop.

Ultra-Mental Mingling- A three phase killer using only an invisible deck. Multiple effects that build to a scream inducing conclusion.

The Name- The real work on the most versatile & bulletproof personal mind reading technique available.

Stand-Up - Epic Workers:

Dicey- Three dice, a Starbucks cup & a three phase mind reading spectacular for any size audience.

Weird Ass Psychic Power- You have never seen a serial number divination like this. Ever. As deceptive as it is entertaining.

Princess & The Pea- Using an ancient fairy tale as the premise a spectator divines the exact card that was randomly and secretly selected by a spectator before the performance even began.

First Crush- A powerhouse of direct mind reading. All the subtleties and knowledge after decades of performances will bring you up to speed and closer to the appearance of real mind to mind communication. There does not seem to be any other explanation.

Who is he?

Recently Named Canadian Magician of The Year! Bill Abbott has performed over 5000 shows in 11 countries. Bill is also creator of original magic illusions. And you may have seen his tricks on America’s Got Talent, The Disney Channel, Netflix, NBC, FOX & The Steve Harvey Show. BAM (Bill Abbott Magic LLC) is an internationally recognized production company that equips, instructs, motivates and inspires thousands of professional performers around the globe.

Most recently Bill has partnered with hotelier Richard Kessler to create a one-of-a-kind boutique magic show experience within St.Augustine’s most luxurious hotel the Casa Monica Resort & Spa, called the Magic Hideaway.

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