Bold Assembly – Ben Train

This looks good. Too good. Our initial feedback was that it was a deceptive trailer that “must have” edited out a critical move. Not so! The name is appropriate, because this is bold! It’s so beautiful and simple and effective that we think you will use this right away. Based on an idea by Daryl, Ben Train has refined the technique into quite simply one of the finest assembly routines we’ve ever seen. A steal at just 12 dollars.

You show the four aces and deal them to separate spots on the table, where they are covered with a few random cards. With a light touch, the aces vanish one-by-one, leaving no trace behind. They are found together in the same pile, and everything is 100% clean.

All you need are your two hands and any pack of cards. Ben leaves no stone unturned as he teaches all of the moves and bits of routining that turn this into one of the most fair and beautiful card assemblies we’ve ever seen.

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