Calen Morelli Cambio de Camisa

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Imagine walking until you show someone your shirt. You flip 360 degrees, and now you’re wearing a completely different shirt.

DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli is direct, visual magic at its best. It’s simple, easy to do. The visual impact of the effect translates into any language and any culture – it’s real magic.

The shirt at the end is completely normal. The jacket is completely normal. And the jersey is shown front and back before and after the change.

DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli can be done with any shirt, at any time. DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli gets ready in less than seconds. It is without a doubt the quickest , most practical change of clothes ever conceived . You can wear the gimmick all day comfortably, without difficulty.

DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli comes with everything you need and a 45 minute DVD of detailed instruction by Calen Morelli. The DVD contains performances and multiple applications to stimulate your creativity. There are no gimmicky shirts. Wear your own shirt – whatever you want.

There is no letter. There are no coins. No silly accessories, or magic wands. It’s only you. The focus of attention is on you. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. They will remember you forever. DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli is the perfect opening for any act and situation. DRESSCODE – Calen Morelli is practical, easy, and provides a lightning fast restore

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