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  • The Darkest Corners by Ben Hart

    England’s Ben Hart has burst onto the scene with an impressive finals-showing on Britain’s Got Talent, sold-out theater tours across the UK, and a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now he has released his debut collection of original magic, The Darkest Corners. The book is filled with creativity and wisdom, earned from hundreds of performances.

    You’ll learn Hart’s signature piece, in which a signed silk appears in a peach. You’ll learn a trick with a real Venus Flytrap, and the best lottery prediction we’ve ever encountered. You’ll learn several effects you can perform… over the radio. And you’ll learn how to make an egg appear from a scrap of paper.

    More than the tricks, there is real knowledge in this book tucked away in essays and personal statements. Ben gives advice on how to structure and develop a stage show, and how to use camera projection not only to present magic in a large theater, but to take advantage of the blind spots you choose not to film.

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  • Shibin Sahadevan – Progressive Divination

    You will be able divine the exact date of birth of a spectator, their star sign and give them a perfect personality reading which is always confirm to be positive statements.

    No writing
    No Stooges
    No peaks
    all are just verbally gained information’s.

    A perfect effect for the ice breaking moment when you approach a spectator.

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  • Carny Cartomancy by Lewis LeVal

    Become an INSTANT EXPERT at reading playing cards with the Carny Cartomancy system!

    CC can be performed with ZERO MEMORISATION, yet you will be able to instantly provide a detailed meaning or interpretation for every card in the deck. Once you understand how the system works, it will stick with you forever.

    You can use Carny Cartomancy for:

    General use – Single card readings to fill gaps in routines or effects.

    Outs – If you perform a psychological force and it fails, Carny Cartomancy can be used as an out.

    Propless Cartomancy – No deck? No problem. You can provide readings using a deck imagined by your spectator.

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  • Eric Lewis – A Choice of Miracles

    A Choice of Miracles by Eric C. Lewis – Martin's Magic Collection

    ERIC LEWIS CHOICE OF MIRACLES OOP MAGIC Charlie Miller Bern Levante Harbin Zens

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  • Ryan Plunkett – Distilled 2020

    Distilled (Ryan Plunkett) - magic

    Ryan Plunkett’s Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of practical and professional material, plucked straight from his working repertoire. Like a fine whiskey, this collection of ten routines was distilled and refined slowly and carefully, over time.

    Ryan Plunkett, a founding ensemble member and resident magician at the famous Chicago Magic Lounge, performs this material every night for sold-out audiences. He teaches clever and intriguing versions of classics like card-through-handkerchief (“Paper and Silk”) and his version of ACAAN (“Any Card at Our Numbers.”) Then there are more unusual plots, like “Fan Mail,” in which a free selection matches a card found in a piece of fan mail, and “Gravity Deck,” a strange vanish of a pack of cards wherein the spectator actually feels the weight of the deck diminish.

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  • Patrick Page – The big book of magic

    The Big Book of Magic by Patrick Page

    This is a wonderful magic book from Patrick Page an accomplished master magician and illustrated beautifully by Eric Mason. In fact the book is so good that Patrick Page was expelled from the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) because some felt that too many secrets were exposed. He was later reinstated once people realized that writing good magic books is really in the interest of all.

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  • Mark Elsdon – ZOOMentalism

    ZOOMentalism - Mark Elsdon - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    While the title may contain the word ‘Mentalism’, it’s important to point out that that the 16 professional-quality routines included in this e-book are suited for any performer from magicians to mentalists and even motivational speakers and trainers. They are powerful enough for any professional Zoom magic show, while also being practical and direct enough to perform casually in a video call with friends and family.

    The best part about the material in this e-book is that every effect has been carefully structured for maximum audience participation. No more awkward moments where one person watches a magic trick and everyone else checks their phone or tunes out. Most of the effects have multiple, or even all, the audience members involved.

    In addition to the innovative routines included in ZOOMentalism, there is also a complete chapter from Zoom Magic Show Pioneer Gideon Livnah on the essentials for conducting a successful online magic show and providing maximum entertainment and connection.

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  • Dani DaOrtiz – Cartomagia Semiautomatica 1,2,3,4,5

    Semiautomatic Collection - Gkaps

    In this book the entire collection of “Semiautomatic Cartomagia”, published by Dani Daortiz during the last 10 years, is compiled. All the numbers together in one book.

    In addition, the tricks have been updated, increasing new photos, corrections or some modifications in the explanations of the games.

    Almost 40 Semi-automatic routines, one hundred percent DaOrtiz.

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  • Unknown Mentalist Rasik Deck

    Rasik Deck by Unknown Mentalist :

    A Shocked Duchess became Si Stebbins’ Karma (Destiny). If Si Stebbins would have learnt the Karma Deck this would have been the result. The Rasik Deck is the surprising result of applying the Karma Deck principle to the age old Si Stebbins stack. And added to this is a novel method of using existing suit systems to create a random suit sequence. So the final end result is a fabulously refreshing stack with many rich possibilities and multiple potential. This is flexible enough to either fit well in your existing Karma Deck bouquet or stand out as a fully independent stack by itself. The word Rasik has its origin in the ancient Sanskrit language. It means “connoisseur”. And, in the true tradition of the Karma Deck, this too is a deck for the ‘connoisseur’ of stack magic.

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  • Unknown Mentalist Deckcelence

    Deckcelence by Unknown Mentalist :

    Deckcelence by Unknown Mentalist

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