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  • Unknown Mentalist Amazers With Karma Deck

    Unknown Mentalist - Amazers With Karma Deck,Magic Librarires

    Five elegant routines. Simple and self-working. Long lasting lingering impact. No forces. Novel and refreshing presentation themes, patter pieces and scripting bits.

    • JUNE — Performed using participant’s month of birth. Participant chooses two cards related to her birth month this year and the next. And you have predicted both.
    • U — Performed using participant’s first name (NOT a spelling effect). Participant chooses two cards related to his first name and you have predicted both.
    • TRYST — You show a participant your prediction in advance and she successfully transmits it telepathically to her partner. Includes an exciting alternative presentation.
    • TWIST — A baffling variation of TRYST which doubles the odds and still hits bullseye.

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  • Matt Mello – Cards and Numbers

    For the ‘Any Card at Any Number’ lovers, Cards and Numbers will most certainly be something you’ll want to add to your arsenal! The spectator can cut the deck as many times as they like, box the cards, and put them in their purse or sit on them. They then go through a quick imaginary process, where the spectator selects a truly random card and random number. With no forcing involved, and the performer never needing to touch the deck, the spectator can remove the cards, count to whatever number they chose, and find the card they selected!

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  • Carlos Vinuesa – Numbers,Cards and Time

    Numbers, Cards... and Time! by Carlos Vinuesa,2019 New arrival

    This book gathers together a part of my history with magic, in particular with card magic. Inside you will find a selection of what I consider to be some of the best and most personal material I have developed; in particular, you will discover practical and elegant approaches to the Card and Number effect, my sequence Back to the Future (“Ascanio Prize, Close-up Magician of the Year in Spain” 2010) -including my favorite version of Collectors and version of the Camel Race-and some other neat ideas…

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  • Andreu – Numerical Oracle


    An interesting experiment of PRECOGNITION, this is NUMERICAL ORACLE by Andreu

    Four  spectators  are  invited  to  participate  in  an  interesting  experiment  of precognition.

    Two of them are asked to say out loud personal numbers, while the other  two choose  numbers

    completely  unknown  to  the  mentalist  or  the audience.

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  • Andreu – Tribal Telepathy

    Andreu – Tribal Telepathy (official pdf) – erdnasemagicstore

    A female, sexy spectator challenges the mind performer, to read her mind immediately…

    The mentalist just smiles and tells her it doesn’t really work that way, in fact he invites her to have a tea and then he explains her more about the way in which mindreading works.

    After some talking, the performer proposes an experiment in telepathy.

    He takes out 2 small writing pads, 4 color markers and 3 cards, explaining they have around 70 different words on them in different colors. They are used for mindreading as the words can be imagined or visualized without any difficulty by the spectator.

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  • Magical Arts Journal – Vol 1

    This is the second issue of the magazine, Magical Arts Journal – published by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer. It was published September, 1986 – and the original cover price was just $5!

    20 Pages – with 2 editorial essays, 3 informative essays on working in magic, 4 great effects, and 2 inspirational essays on the art of magic.

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  • Steve Pellegrino – Koran’s Medallion Reminted

    Koran's Medallion Reminted by Steve Pellegrino :

    Koran’s Medallion has amazed people for decades, but many magicians and mentalists have avoided presenting the routine because of the straight-forward method. In this manuscript Steve Pellegrino tackles those issues so you can be confident presenting the routine and maximize your audience reaction if it’s currently part of your repertoire.

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  • A. Bandit – A Secret Has Two Faces

    This multifaceted book is the latest collaboration between Glenn Kaino and Derek DelGaudio, who work together as the conceptual performance art duo A.Bandit to make magical art. A.Bandit is an experimental performance art group started by conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and magician Derek DelGaudio. Together they have exhibited and performed their work in venues that span a diverse range of cultural activities. The book introduces their pioneering work in the fields of art and magic, along with interviews and stories from noteworthy practitioners from both fields. It will be a generous access point into the normally secret practice from which A.Bandit operates. The book itself will contain several secret elements and magical features that will distinguish it as a type of performance in and of itself. (less)

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  • Adam Kordecki – THINK

    THINK is 43-pages of direct, pure mind reading, filled with helpful advice, subtleties, and insights from an experienced performer. Versatile, mind-blowing, and fun to perform – once you’ve mastered THINK, it can be tailored to your own performance style, and you’ll always have a piece of mentalism that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

    Adam Kordecki has released something of tremendous power and ability with ‘THINK!’ Well written, clearly explained and beautifully produced, this book teaches one of my all-time favorite pieces of propless mentalism and is sure to be a welcome addition to your direct mind reading arsenal. Highly recommended! – Jerome Finley

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  • Marko – La Magia de Paul Rosini


    Una selección de los 40 mejores efectos de cartomagia del repertorio personal de este gran mago que fue Paul Rosini.

    Todos los juegos están explicados e ilustrados con suma claridad.

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