Paul Virgil – The Doors or Deception

Doors of Deception - magic

Paul Vigil is the talked about name on the underground scene. A student of Johnny Thompson, Paul is your favorite magician’s favorite magician. All of his material is entirely worked through, and he creates and performs with an intensity that is almost electric. He favors powerful, multi-phased routines that are classical in nature and nearly every trick he does could be classified as a closer.

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Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager (PDF)

Goat’s Grimoire is a stunning limited-edition softcover. It features a series of fantastic, eye-opening drawings by renowned Latin American artist Gonzalo Carrera Graniel which were commissioned exclusively for this book.

Only 200 of these volumes will ever be printed.

So what are you waiting for? Get “Goat’s Grimoire” today, and start taking your performances to the next level…and beyond!

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Pablo Amira – Mental Rubik

1. Rubik Opener: A fantastic routine from my professionalrepertoire, with audience interaction and a prediction to startyour act in a credible and powerful way.
2. Thought-of-Color: Your participant THINKS in one of thecolors, then you can solve that thought-of-color using ablindfold!. No billets, no preshow.
3. Rubik Choice: A modern test of clairvoyance. Yourparticipant selects a color from “color cards” in a “double bind”manner, and you are still able to reveal the unknown colorusing the cube! A hands-off colored miracle that adds visualelements to your act.Preferred Method and Extra Ideas.
4. Triple Rubikction: A fun triple prediction using your Rubik’scube in a new and simple manner. No gimmicks, no secretwriting!5. Modern Aura: A new and fun reading system using anyungimmicked Rubik’s Cube6. TOR: Three participants onstage, thinking in a color.You can READ THEIR MIND. No electronics, no peeks.

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Robert Domenech – Eureka Moment

“The Eureka Moment” is a collection of 6 thought-provoking demonstrations from Robert Domenech.


 Within the virtual pages of this e-book you will find routines that range from the simple to the bold and daring.
While each routine is described in full detail (including color pictures and even a video), please note that this is NOT a book for beginners!

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The Marketing Minded Mentalist


“I had the pleasure of seeing David Thiel present his workshop “The Marketing Minded Mentalist” at MindVention. I was also privy to getting one of the very first copies of his book. Let me just say this – If I had this material 40 years ago I would have made many thousands of dollars! Everything David states in the book is right on. If you get this material, and apply it, you WILL succeed. There is nothing else I can say!”

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Will Ayling-Knowing the rising cards

This book is entirely dedicated to the classic Rising Card effect. An encyclopedia-style collection of methods, from gimmicks to handlings.

Some of the topics include: Thurston Rise, De Kolta Rise, Sybil Rise, Psycho Rise, Card Box Rise plus much, much more!

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The Magic of Johnny Thompson – 2 Book Set

Johnny Thompson is one of the most respected minds in magic and a living legend. He was our Guest of Honor this year at The Session, and he BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN with his inimitable magic, as well as fantastic anecdotes about Vernon, Miller, and nearly every other important figure in magic. What makes Johnny unique, to us, is that he is a master of many trades: he had one of the most iconic stage acts of his era, a sterling close-up repertoire, and a distinguished career as a trade-show magician. In later years he became THE consultant for magic television shows.

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