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BH Concepts by Joe Rindfleisch

If it’s elastic Joe Rindfleisch has flexed, twisted, and stretched it into some of the most impromptu visual magic you can perform. BH Concepts is no exception. Joe is going to teach you a core utility move that you can use to perform some of the most baffling and visual rubber band magic yet. This is Joe Rindfleisch’s BH Concepts


Band Vanish
What if you could do a retention pass with a rubber band? One of the cleanest vanishes of a single rubber band you can do, and thanks to the BH Concept it’s practically self-working. You remove a rubber band from your wrist and very cleanly place it in your waiting hand. Almost immediately the band vanishes without a trace.

The Surreal Switch
A mind-boggling transposition where different colored bands swap hands. It’s so good it can be done in slow motion. Two rubber bands of contrasting colors are wrapped around your hands. A yellow around your left and a blue around your right. The bands are shown to be wrapped around their respective hands on both sides. Then as you slowly move your hands down the
rubber bands visually swap hands. The best part is there are no quick moves or funny noises. The swap is smooth and silent.

The Yellow Band
An Open prediction done with Rubber Bands. The magician has a wrist full of blue rubber bands with one yellow rubber band in the mix. They explain that the yellow rubber band is tied to just one of the blue rubber bands. The audience member is given a free and genuine choice as to which blue rubber band they would like to take. No matter what they choose it is the only blue band tied to the single yellow band.

Rubber Band Man
A Rubber Band is placed around a dollar bill, and with both of the performer’s hands firmly
gripping each end of the bill, the rubber band vanishes. A beautiful vanish that happens at the
fingertips. This effect is a great way to segue from money magic to rubber bands, or the other
way around. The vanish is crazy visual and super fair.
These four routines could have easily been their own downloads, and are a great addition to
your rubberband repertoire. Whether you are an elastic master or a rubber band novice, these
tricks are easy to learn and will astonish your audience. Take your rubber band magic to the
next level with BH Concepts.

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Joseph B Directly At Your Number Demo

As you can see from the performance, this is a very straightforward card at number prediction. The spectator cuts a totally random number of cards from the deck and the magician shows a prediction.
In the end, the predicted card is exactly at the spectator’s number! This is a perfect effect for anyone who wants a quick and powerful trick!
Can be done with a borrowed deck of cards!
It is almost impromptu!
NO Gimmick
NO Breather
NO Force
Download Now!

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Card to Paper Wallet by Hans TrixerWolfgang Riebe Mixed Media

There are so many versions of the Card in Wallet – yet NONE AS UNIQUE as this one!

A freely signed and selected card appears in a paper wallet that happens to be a sheet of paper openly folded into the shape of a wallet right in front of the spectator!

Forget leather wallets! Forget trick wallets! No duplicates, just plain powerful magic with a regular deck and a sheet of A4/US letter paper that is folded into a wallet. The ‘simplicity’ of the wallet and they fact that the spectator checks everything themselves makes this effect mind-blowing.

Original concept by Hans Trixer and developed and marketed further with permission by Wolfgang Riebe.



The video instructions include:

– A full performance of the entire routine
– A FULL, clear explanation on how to perform the trick
– Card sleight difficulty level – 5 out of 10
– INCLUDES PDF with artwork to print wallet immediately
– 20 YEARS of refinement explained
– Logical EASY TO FOLLOW routine
– Can be done IMPROMPTU!
– Every move FINELY TUNED
– Perform this routine ANYWHERE
– A small card trick with MASSIVE impact!
– MAXIMUM entertainment
– GLOBAL appeal
– BONUS FOOTAGE of Hans Trixer sharing his Hindu Thread Routine

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Stroop Test by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis

“Absolutely fantastic. Super commercial, engaging, easy to do and instant reset. Superb!” – Chris Congreave

“Stroop Test ticks all the boxes. Captivating, engaging and magical. The method is devious, making this a magician and audience pleaser.” – Joel Dickinson

“I’ve been looking for a good Stroop Test routine for ages and I finally found it! This is commercial, it makes sense and is going straight in my close-up and online sets!” – Luca Volpe

“A clever method hidden within an interesting presentation. Win-win.” – Manos Kartsakis

“This is exactly the kind of magic I love. Clean, smart, strong, simple and very practical.” – Haim Goldenberg

Predict the future using a simple psychological experiment that your audience won’t see coming. Created by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis, this effect blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time. This is The Stroop Test.

Here’s what happens:

A set of cards is introduced that have the names of the colors printed on them. Each of the words is printed in a different color than what it reads. A spectator is asked to choose a number, and the magician deals down that many cards. The color on the card is shown to match a prediction the magician made before the trick even started.

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Flaming Coffee by SansMinds Creative Lab

Most people need a cup of coffee to get themselves going in the morning. But what if you can kick it up a notch and add some heat to your morning.

Everyone loves a fire wallet because fire naturally draws people’s attention. The SansMinds Creative Lab has modernized it into your daily cup of coffee.

Super easy to do and extremely pocket friendly. You can carry it anywhere you go.
Your morning conversation will never be about boring first world problems again.

Grab your Flaming Coffee now! The perfect opener to fire up your day.

Disclaimer: Flaming Coffee is intended for those 19 years of age or older. Use, operation, and performance of Flaming Coffee is understood to be at your own risk. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge consent and understanding of this message.

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The Heinous Collection by Karl Hein Vol 1

Zaubertricks | The Heinous Collection Vol.1 von Karl Hein | online bestellen

This DVD contains the wickedly deceptive false shuffles and cuts that Karl Hein uses throughout his professional performances. V1 includes 10 false shuffles & cuts, varying in degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced. All video has detailed and easy to follow instructions with close-up multi angle views of the moves and finger positions. All of these false shuffles and cuts can be done in the hands without the need of a table. You will learn how to do false dovetail shuffles with a bridge, overhand shuffles, one-handed shuffles and flourish cuts.

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