Docc Hilford – Shame

The DEVICE is a secret gimmick that performs all the sleight-of-hand moves necessary in advanced mentalism – And it’s EASY TO DO.

The DEVICE can secretly and unseen:

• Switch billets.
• Read any information instantly.
• Steal a billet for use later.
• Completely remove a billet from a locked box.
• Load a billet into a closed container as a prediction.
• Create specific spirit writing on a folded and initialed billet.

And lots, lots more…
The best feature of the DEVICE is that it’s disguised as an everyday object. So even in play, it’s invisible.
And when you easily remove the DEVICE from the object, it can be left behind!
The DEVICE is a DIY project.
With a couple of common items, you can make The DEVICE in less than half an hour.

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