Espresso by Chris Beason

“Espresso is very good! The method is simple but very clever.” -Aldo Colombini

“Espresso is a perfect moment of ‘strange’ that will leave your coffee house consorts speechless.” -Erik Ostresh

“I hate coffee, and I usually hate coffee shop magic… but I might become a java junkie just for this one effect! Needless to say, this trick is HOT!” -Kyle Jarrard

You’re sitting at a coffee shop with a potential friend/mate/client. You each buy a coffee, only to realize that you got iced coffee instead of the hot coffee that you ordered! (The spectator can verify that it’s ICE cold.)

Fortunately, with a snap of the fingers (and a little help from the Espresso’s clever method), the lid is taken off to see the steam BILLOW out! The same coffee is now PIPING hot and can be sipped at your (or your spectator’s) leisure.

With a set-up that requires NO outside props and can be done at the coffee shop in less than a minute, Espresso is an effect you’ll learn and always have with you for that perfect moment when you need to blow someone away.

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