Flip Balm by Seth Race(VIP)

"A brilliant compilation of organic effects, simple direct and magical." - Nicholas LawrenceCreator of Smooth and Chap Switch

"Flip Balm is super visual and simple!" -Dan HaussCreator of Redline and Chap Slick

"Flip balm is a practical and versatile gimmick. It’s so fun to use!! It’s flippin awesome!!" -Chris HanowellCreator of Lip Service

Perform transpositions, transformations, color changes, and even vanishes with this gimmick specially designed by Seth Race for the lip balm that already lives in your pocket. You’ll learn multiple highly visual routines that are great in real life and on social media. Get ready to get wrecked with Flip Balm by Seth Race.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a tube of lip balm to perform an observation test. The cap of the lip balm repeatedly jumps from one end to the other before the magician takes the cap off and places it in their pocket, only for the cap to reappear on the tip of the tube of lip balm not once but twice.

In addition to the Flip Balm effect, you’ll learn a color change, how to transform a tube of lip balm into a dollar bill, a multiplying lip balm effect, and even a vanish that is perfect for Instagram and Tik Tok. Flip Balm comes with a real tube of lip balm so it’s ready to go right out of the box. You’ll even learn a handling of the incredible Nicholas Lawrence effect Chap Switch, where the lip balm and a dollar bill change places, taught with full permission from the creator. Flip Balm is an incredible utility device that works not only with the included lip balm, but also many major brands so you can create your own effects with props you already own. This project features 7 effects and enough bonus ideas to keep your audiences entertained for many performances. Add an incredible lip balm utility device to your everyday carry with Flip Balm by Seth Race.

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