Ghost Ink by Taiwan Ben(VIP)

GHOST INK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Taiwan Ben

Ink manipulation and morphing effects are very popular among magicians because of how visual and impossible they are. The problem is that many of these gimmicks often require precise execution, ideal lighting conditions or the perfect angles. While they're great magic tricks for social media videos, they're not as practical for in-person close up magic.

"Ghost Ink" by Taiwan Ben solves that problem. It is a hyper visual moment of pure impossibility that was created to thrive in the real world (as well as online). All you have to do is focus on your presentation and the simple-to-use gimmick handles all the rest.

  • Easy to use and durable
  • Precision-made to last countless performances
  • No threads or magnets to break
  • Resets instantly

Use Ghost Ink for all types of effects from predictions to hypnosis and, of course, just direct visual ink manipulation.

"Ghost Ink is the type of super visual effect you will fool yourself in the mirror! The precision gimmick itself is unbelievable that you cannot resist doing it again and again!"Alan Wong

"Ghost Ink presents the best visual effects on your ESP card mental magic!"Rex (Creator of "Watch This")

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