Gravity by Joao Miranda

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Built from the ground up with the close-up worker in mind, Gravity Reel is more than a reel: it’s a tool for your imagination.

This utility and design patent-pending reel was designed from the ground-up by Joao Miranda and his extraordinary team in Portugal, with the consultation of IT expert Tom Wright (who has performed invisible thread magic for over 15 years in real world situations).

Here are some of the main features of the Gravity Reel:

1) Double motor system which allows the performer to have a giant HOOP of IT anytime, allowing for true miracles to be performed. If you prefer to use a single thread instead of the hoop system, the fact that you have a SECOND thread ready to use is reassuring! (With exclusive permission from Surya Kumar and James George).

2) Program saving and play: you can record and save UP to 3 different programs so the Gravity Reel does all the work for you!

– With a push of a button, the motors reproduce every single movement you recorded.

– Combining the record and play with the HOOP system you can create many amazing and unique effects: imagine for example, making a water bottle fall at your command, and then have the thread automatically retract to your pocket!

– You start and end clean, every time, with absolutely nothing to be discovered.

3) Vibration feedback recording: in addition to programming the tension and movement of the motors, you can ALSO program the vibrations, so that you can cue yourself at any part of your routine!

– For example at the end of a routine, if you want to make a bill levitate, jump in a glass and then fly automatically to your waiting hand –you can do so easily. Thanks to the vibration recording you can buzz yourself at each moment (when the bill starts to jump in the glass, and another vibration when it flies to your hand) allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

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