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Lewis Le Val – Opia

Opia by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

We all know that ESP stands for ‘Extrasensory Perception’. In this case, it could also stand for ‘Even Stronger Presentation’. Never before has telepathy with ESP cards looked and felt as REAL as it does with Opia, a new offering from Lewis Le Val.

Opia is the intense feeling of invasiveness and vulnerability we experience as we stare deeply into the eyes of another. Not only can we see into their soul, but they can also see into ours. Just like when you face two mirrors together and it creates an endless reflection that goes both ways, Opia causes the same effect between two minds. 
“Opia is absolutely brilliant. One of the most concise and strongest representations of Le Val’s thinking on mind reading he has ever written.” – Dee Christopher.
Whilst beautifully simple in execution, the thinking behind Opia is beyond words! All you will need to perform Opia is five ESP cards (or business cards). Here is a basic outline of what happens:
– The concept of Opia is introduced, and the five ESP symbols are explained in the most captivating fashion.

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