Mark Elsdon – Simplimental

Presented by, and featuring material created by, renowned magician, mentalist and TV consultant Mark Elsdon, the array of mind-tricks on ‘Simplimental’ comprise real-world, professional-level material that’s sure to amaze any audience.

In ‘Wordgames’ Mark will reveal a little known but devastatingly simple, impromptu mental principle that will absolutely delight you. With ‘Ye Olde Prediction’ Mark weaves together an interesting principle with an interesting prop and an interesting typographical curiosity to create a brilliant ‘card at predicted number’ effect.
‘The Other Ring Thing’ is a beautiful, completely impromptu method for divining the which hand conceals a finger ring.
‘Cubicle’ sees your spectator somehow locate a matching set of ESP symbols – an outcome that you’ve somehow predicted!
‘Hands Off Mind Reader’ is an inexplicable revelation of a thought of card.
The ‘One Second Design Dupe’ is a very clever two-person system that will allow you to perform genuine miracles.
‘Insider’ creates a stunning, modern day miracle with ‘UNO’ game cards.
And then there’s ‘Rock,Paper, Win’ where you predict exactly how the famous finger game will end.

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