NO-PRINT by Mickael Chatelain VIP Francais

Performed in TV show by Kamel le magicien, NO PRINT by Micka?l Chatelain is NOW AVAILABLE !

One more time, Micka?l proposes an IMPOSSIBLE effect, so MAGIC, so ORGANIC ! 
Modify the value of a bill under the spectator’s eyes ! NO PRINT is so VISUAL, really EASY and NEW, always in your pocket ready to perform in the restaurant, to your friends, at the shop cashier the effect is SO CLEAN… Your spectators turns crazy, just believe me !
All tricks with money have a really really STRONG effect on spec’ and you will verify this again with NO PRINT, you will leave a magic feeling to your audience !
We supply the special gimmicks to prepare your own bills (euro and dollar) for the trick. A one time preparation is needed and will take about 10 minutes only. Video instructions are included as well.

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