Pura Magia Vol 3-1


01. Diagnostico
02. Arriba y abajo
03. Olfato
04. El triángulo mágico
05. La cerilla en el canto
06. Predicción en la cajita de cerillas
07. Almas gemelas
08. Cosa de ases 1er truco
09. Cosa de ases 2° truco
10. El paсuelo magnetizado
11. Desorden
12. Desafío la pala
13. Enjabonado
14. Adivinando los colores
15. El lápiz a través del billete

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01. Las cápsulas telepáticas
02. El as a la carta
03. El último mohicano
04. Una oportunidad entre cuatro
05. Sigue al líder
06. La tapicería del sr.King
07. El fular ucha
08. Puntos cambiantes
09. Un nudo con una sola mano
10. El as simátrico
11. Las dos cartas
12. Separando los colores
13. La varita más pequeña del mundo
14. El dedo mágico
15. El anillo en el cordón
16. Unión instantánea
17. Bonus. Mi amigo el enano

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01. El desfile de los reyes
02. Las dos pajitas
03. La producción de los cuatro ases
04. La moneda dentro de la botella
05. La voz emotiva
06. El cinco interactivo
07. El ascensor en miniatura
08. El anillo que sube
09. El ocho bailarín
10. Las monedas acróbatas
11. Los signos del zodiaco
12. Feliz cumpleaños
13. Las cerillas que traspasan paredes
14. El adivino telefónico
15. La pila de monedas
16. El tacto
17. El bolígrafo
18. La chaqueta del fakir
19. El ascensor
20. Los signos del zodiaco II

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1$TNR – One Dollar Torn And Restored by Carl Irwin(VIP)

1$TNR - One Dollar Torn And Restored by Carl Irwin Instant Download

Any Paper Bill, Borrowed and Signed...
Any Denomination (American)...
Any Time...
Magic in the spectator's hands...
Give the bill back and end clean...
Instantly repeat with another bill at a different table, different room, different street corner, with new spectators.

1$TNR is a visual solution to torn and restored presentations that boasts of a practical balance between visual magic and economical methods.
This download will teach approaches to the torn and restored plot using paper money, playing cards, and note paper (Post-It Notes), all of which can be signed and returned to the spectator. Carl demonstrates, step by step, how to create the necessary gimmicks in mere seconds. The gimmicks are built to last many performances and the handling is accessible, automatically resets, and has wide ranging application beyond torn and restored routines.

***BONUS video with ideas for Plastic Currency!

If you want a TNR presentation that satisfies the above working magician's wish list...
the buck stops here!

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John Carey & Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) – Stealth 2.0 (VIP)

Stealth 2.0 By John Carey & Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) Instant Download

John Carey & Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) – Stealth 2.0 (Acann)

The magicican ask the spectator to shuffle the cards.
The spectator now deals out 5 cards to the table.
The spectator now have to think of any of the cards and place it on the table.
The rest of the cards is added up together.
Lets say the total of the 4 other cards is 25,Then the magician now opens up a blue deck of cards and take them out of the box.They have been on the table all the time.The spectator now counts down to the number 25 in this case.
The card they are thinking about are at the right number number in the blue deck.
You can name the card before turning it over.
In this version by Lars La Ville , the spectator can think of any card.
You also know which card the spectator are thinking of.

Bonus effects by Lars La Ville
You can go from Dai Vernon Poker Routine into Stealth 2.0 also.
You ask if there were 5 players in a game of poker, in which position the spectator wanna sit.
You now deal the winning hand - a royal straight flush to the spectator.
Now you say you wanna repeat this.But this time you deal a bad hand to the spectator.
Then you say , ok lets try something else with your hand , and now can perform Stealth 2.0

Bonus routines, setup by Lars La Ville.
This effect is inspired from John Carey´s routine – Stealth.This is just my variation and I changed it, so you in this version, the spectator can think of any card in the hand, and you can name the card before it´s turned over in the blue deck.
Original released October 2020

Running time: 27 Min

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Badge Holder By Jota(VIP)

BADGE HOLDER (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JOTA

JOTA presents five powerful effects, ALL IN ONE ROUTINE!

  1. An extremely visual transformation
  2. An incredible transportation
  3. A shocking appearence
  4. An exact location
  5. An impossible prediction


First you give the spectators the possibility to freely choose a card that after being remembered is returned to the deck and shuffled several times.

Then you give it to them to hold in their hands and show that you are wearing a badge around your neck with a lucky bill inside.

With empty hands you magically transform the bill into their card!

It could end here, but no! You take the deck that they had in their hands all the time and you tell them that your lucky bill does not disappear but travels.

And with a simple riffle it appears in the middle of the deck.

When spreading the cards, despite having been mixed, they are in perfect order and the bill is located exactly in the position where their card should be.

As a final punch, you tell them that it is your lucky bill because the day you found it had something written, and when you open it, you show the message matches with the card they have chosen.

  • Ideal for close up or social media
  • You can customize it with your name, foto or corporate logo
  • It is easy to do
  • Resets in seconds
  • You can carry it in your pocket or wear it around your neck
  • Extra mentalism idea included

JOTA includes an online tutorial where you can learn every detail, many variants and different ideas to also use it for amazing predictions. y

English and Spanish tutorial

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Pro 4 Wallet by Gary James(VIP)

Pro 4 Wallet (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gary James

The Pro 4 Wallet offering four distinct outs, any of which can be made to seemingly appear in the same (identical) compartment. Add an envelope and double faced cards and you can quite easily increase this to eight outs. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. Also built in to the new design is a great tunnel system that leads one compartment of the wallet into the opposite side. The Pro 4 Wallet comes with video link showing the workings and some routines/ideas possible with the Wallet.

Note: The Pro 4 Wallet has a back up facebook group dedicated to providing ideas for using this product.
Contributions and suggestions which make use of several other commercially released items from the likes of Mark Elsdon, John Archer, Gary Jones, Mick Wilson, Bry Watson, Joel Dickinson, Richard Morrell, Mark Thoroid, Grant Mitchell, and Phil Shaw, to name but a few.

"An outstanding bit of thinking and a very well engineered and top quality prop. Endless, is the word that describes the potential of this wallet."
- Mick Wilson

"Smart bit of kit."
- Mark Elsdon

"The Pro 4 Wallet opens up so many possibilities for improving and innovating ideas for magicians and mentalists."
- Jon Allan

"At last! A four way out wallet that looks and feels great. Perfect for my Komedy Killer routine too!"
- John Archer

"A great utility item to have in stock,ready for a routine that needs a 4-way out and more, I've already thought of a fab way to use this in my virtual shows."
- Nicholas Einhorn

"The pro 4 wallet is a simple, yet brilliant progression of the classic Himber wallet, opening up loads more possibilities."
- Chris Congreave

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Star system by Benoit Campana & Mathieu Bich(VIP)

StarSystem by Benoit Campana & Mathieu Bich Instant Download

StarSystem is a revolutionary method to memorize a stack of 52 cards in a very short time. You can use any stack you want, Tamariz's, Aaronson’s or even your own !

The memory work you will have to do is usually less than an hour. If you follow our step by step method you will be able to memorize a stack of 52 cards with almost no memorization and in a very short amount of time.

StarSystem uses a unique approach inspired by world championships memory techniques. Whats makes StarSystem unique is the small memory work needed and the fact that you will know the position of each card in your stack as well as which card is after any other one...

If you already know one stack of 52 cards, StarSystem will help you to easily learn more than one stack.

You will also learn 3 very cool tricks including a very straightforward Any Card at Any Number, and a smart principle to secretly communicate the selected card to any contact in your phone without talking or even touching your phone.

- Memorize any 52 cards stack in less than an hour (with only 20 min of memory work)
- 1h55 of video + Super detailed 80 pages PDF (in English & in French)
- Memorize the cards and their position in multiple stacks with no extra work
- No drawing of any kind, no need of any deck of cards
- No revising even after weeks without practicing…

Comes with: Online videos (1h55) + Detailed PDF in English and in French (79 pages)

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Bajo el Sombrero Carlos Adriano

Bajo el sombrero. Apuntes desde mis zapatos - Carlos Adriano - Libro

The new book by Carlos Adriano is here: «Under the Hat. Notes from my shoes»! A tour of his magical philosophy and his personal vision of working with children. A work that deeply explores the magician without neglecting magic. Thoughts, experiences, routines, reflections… in 160 full color pages. What is hidden under the hat? The magician, the character, the clown, the entertainer, the artist, the one who goes on stage, the one who entertains the public… I watch him intrigued, attentive, expectant, taking notes from my shoes. In the talk-presentation, the author will have some mates –and you can have some tea– while he tells us how he has managed to create this magical project and how his professional career is consolidating and making his way internationally. On October 28, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Parenthesis of oblivion. Magic and Tea, at Calle Sombrerería 24, (SOMBRERERÍA!!! I couldn’t find a more suitable place), Lavapiés, Madrid. Forewords by Kayto, Luis Albornoz and Daniel Garber. Illustrations by Juan Luis Rubiales.

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